My payment through WorldPay is being declined and I don't know why

My payment through WorldPay is being declined and I don't know why

If your payment through WorldPay is being declined and you don't know why, the first thing to do is to give your bank or card issuer a quick call to ask why its being declined as that should straighten out the issue immediately.

We use RBS WorldPay for card payments who are based outside the USA, and some card issuers automatically block payments outside the USA unless you call them to verify the payment is genuine, and a quick call to your card issuer is all it takes to correct it and then the payment should go through.

If you're upgrading to a gold membership, feature ad or photo pack, after contacting your card issuer you should wait a few minutes and then re-upgrade and the payment should go through without any problems.

If it's a premium membership payment that is being declined, after contacting your card issuer the payment will be re-attempted 24 hours from the last attempt and should go through.

If after contacting your card issuer there are no issues there, you should login to WorldPay and check your details as declined payments can also be caused by the card details you entered becoming invalid due to the card becoming out of date or cancelled, or a typo being entered in the card or address details you provided when you initially setup your subscription.

Please follow these steps to login to WorldPay and check/update your details as necessary:

1. Go to the WorldPay login page here
2. Enter your WorldPay username and password.
3. Once logged in, click your "Agreement ID" to view the details of your subscription.
4. Click the "Change Payment Details" button at the top.
5. Enter your new card details and click "Submit".

Once you've done the above, WorldPay will attempt the next payment with your updated card details and your subscription will carry on without any problems.

If you no longer have your username and password to login to WorldPay, you can follow these steps to have them emailed to you:

1. Go to the WorldPay password reminder page here
2. Enter your subscription ID or transaction ID in the box and your email address in the "Email Address" box. (Note that the subscription agreement ID or transaction ID can be found in the email you received notifying you of the failed payment)
3. Click "Send Reminder" and your Username and Password will be emailed so you can login and update your details..

If you login and check your card details but everything seems fine, please contact your card issuer as they'll be able to tell you what is stopping the payment from going through.

If you continue to have problems, please do not hesitate to contact us as we're always happy to help.