How do I change the fonts in the JavaScript feeds?

How do I change the fonts in the JavaScript feeds?

You can change the fonts in the JavaScript content feeds by creating your own style sheet and tweaking the code that you entered into your webpage.

The names of the elements you should have in your stylesheet are as follows:

- This defines the font for the category names.
- This defines the font size and color of the count of ads in each category.
- This defines the clickable titles of the ads that appear on your pages.
- This defines the text style which displays what category you're viewing.
- This style defines the font style for the bolded ad titles.
- This style defines the font that appears on text that appears in any areas not covered above.

Once you've created your own CSS stylsheet and added it to your page, you can tweak the code that calls the JavaScript from our server by adding "&style=0" to the end of the URL.

For example, if your code currently looks like this:

<script language="javascript" src=""></script>

You'd change it to this:

<script language="javascript" src=""></script>

Changing the code which calls the remote content script as described above instructs our systems to ignore our default stylesheets so the content can take on the appearance of your site by using your own stylesheet.