I registered but I didn't receive my login details

I registered but I didn't receive my login details

If you didn't receive your registration email when you registered it means that either you provided an invalid email address during the registration process, or you have some kind of spam filter in place that's incorrectly marking the registration email as spam and either deleting it or moving it to a "junk mail" type folder.

The first thing you should do is use the account lookup page linked below so you can enter your email address to have your login details re-sent.

If our system can't find you, you'll need to contact us giving your full street address and zip code along with other details that you provided during registration so we can lookup your account and change your email for you.

If your email address is found but you still don't receive the registration email, you should adjust your spam/junk mail settings being sure to whiltelist all email from the "usfreeads.com" domain if you have the facility to do so to ensure that email reaches you without getting incorrectly caught by your spam filter.