Product Catalogs

Product Catalogs

One of the many features that's included with a premium membership is the automatic generation of your own product catalog that lists just your items away from other sellers on USFreeads.

Your catalog is automatically generated and includes all the categories and sub-categories that you setup to organize your ads, as well as displaying each of your ads with thumbnail images alongside them.

Your catalog is maintenance free as it's content is dynamically generated via the ads you place and the categories you create, and it acts as both an integrated and independent sales channel to get more people looking at your ads, and your ads only!

Your product catalog is automatically linked from all ads you place so anyone browsing any of your ads can easily see the other items you're advertising away from other sellers on USFreeads. Each catalog also has a built-in search feature that allows users to search just your own ads!

Product catalogs are accessible via your ads on USFreeads and because each catalog has a stand-alone URL, you can also link to your catalog from other websites to send people directly to your catalog of organized items for sale.

For more information on Product Catalogs, please login to your account and click the "Product Catalog" tab.

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