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Free Trial Offer!

Register today for our premium membership and receive not only the features and benefits shown below such as the ability up upload up to 12 photo's to each ad and enter HTML to make your ads come ALIVE, but you can also take advantage of our free, 3 day trial to see if it's right for you!

  No limit to the amount of items you can advertise!
  Place unlimited different regular ads!
  Place unlimited different photo ads!
  Place unlimited different HTML ads!
  Place unlimited different ads for personal use!
  Place unlimited different ads for business use!
  Free spam protection!
  Free hosting for your images!
  15% discount on all feature ad purchases!
  Free advanced reply blocking features!
  Full and advanced account management features!
  Edit your ads at any time, in real time!
  Online logging of your replies in your account area!
  Free fully-automatic ad renewals!
  Free automatic and manual bulk ad renewal tools!
  Insert PayPal instant purchase & donate buttons!
  Link to your own shopping cart if you have one!
  Link to your website if you have one!
  Create your own categories for your ads for free!
  Organize your ads into your own categories!
  Optionally generate your own free product catalog if you have lots of ads!
  Auto-generation of your own free website listing just your ads!
  All ads you place are free - there's no 'cost per ad'!
  Get a FREE Photo pack with every ad - worth $4.99 for each ad!
  Upload up to 12 images to each ad!
  Enter HTML into your ads to make them REALLY stand out!
  No final transaction fees when you make a sale!
  SMS alerts - receive notification of replies to your ads via your cell phone!
  Add a PayPal shopping cart to your ads/catalog
  Specify shipping costs with your PayPal buttons
  Optionally specify different locations for each ad
  Affiliate advertisers can remove locations from ads

Looking for a comparison? No other services can compare with what we offer and the prices we offer them at, but as a guide Yahoo! charge as much as $49.95 for a single classified! Our premium membership gives you many more benefits than Yahoo! and you can advertise as many different items as you like, all included for just $9.99 per month and you get a free no-risk trial and numerous free tools and features thown in for free so you can't possibly lose!

How our trial works:
  1. Start our fast registration process by clicking here
  2. Provide your registration details
  3. Setup your subscription
  4. Registration complete - you can now use USFreeads as a premium member!

If you like our service and would like to continue using it, there's nothing further for you to do. Our system will automatically charge you for your first month after your trial period has expired so you can continue using USFreeads uninterrupted. There are no minimum periods and you can cancel at any time.

If for any reason after "test driving" our system you decide it's not for you, you can login to your account and cancel at any time before the free 3-day trial expires which will turn your account into a basic free account without being charged a cent.

We don't make it hard or awkward to cancel your membership like other services do - cancellation is an easy, instant online process.
With over 1,000,000 advertisers and growing by the minute, you know you're in safe hands.

 Setup fee's:$0
 Cost per ad:$0
 Cost to add photo's:$0
 Cost to add a link:$0
 Cost to add HTML:$0
 Cost to add PayPal buttons$0
 Final transaction fee's:$0
Regular pricing for our fantastic premium membership is just $14.95/mo with no cost per ad, but sign up today for the special price of only $9.99/mo and save $4.96 per month!
We offer a no obligation free trial so you can test out USFreeads and get a feel of how it works and you can cancel at any time if you decide it's not for you!

Click here to sign up for our free 3-day trial!

We advertise across all major search engines to ensure our advertisers receive a huge amount of exposure!

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