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Premium Membership Information

Classifieds USFreeads Premium Memberships

Register for a premium membership today and enjoy all the following features, benefits and tools to help you make more sales!

  No limit to the amount of items you can advertise!
  Place unlimited different regular ads!
  Place unlimited different photo ads!
  Place unlimited different HTML ads!
  Place unlimited different ads for personal use!
  Place unlimited different ads for business use!
  Free spam protection!
  Free hosting for your images!
  15% discount on all feature ad purchases!
  Free advanced reply blocking features!
  Full and advanced account management features!
  Edit your ads at any time, in real time!
  Online logging of your replies in your account area!
  Free fully-automatic ad renewals!
  Free automatic and manual bulk ad renewal tools!
  Insert PayPal instant purchase & donate buttons!
  Link to your own shopping cart if you have one!
  Link to your website if you have one!
  Create your own categories for your ads for free!
  Organize your ads into your own categories!
  Optionally generate your own free product catalog if you have lots of ads!
  Auto-generation of your own free website listing just your ads!
  All ads you place are free - there's no 'cost per ad'!
  Get a FREE Photo pack with every ad - worth $4.99 for each ad!
  Upload up to 12 images to each ad!
  Enter HTML into your ads to make them REALLY stand out!
  No final transaction fees when you make a sale!
  SMS alerts - receive notification of replies to your ads via your cell phone!
  Add a PayPal shopping cart to your ads/catalog
  Specify shipping costs with your PayPal buttons
  Optionally specify different locations for each ad
  Affiliate advertisers can remove locations from ads

  No limit to the amount of items you can advertise
There are no limits to the amount of different item you can advertise with a premium membership.

  Place unlimited different regular ads
There are no limits on the amount of different regular (text only) ads that you place.

  Place unlimited different photo ads
Every premium member ad has a free Photo Pack. Photo Packs are worth $4.99 for each ad and there is no limit to the amount of different items you can advertise with photo's.

  Place unlimited different HTML ads
A premium membership allows you to create your ads in HTML with our easy to use HTML editor. It works just like a word processor!

  Place unlimited ads for both personal use & business use
A USFreeads premium membership allows you to place as many different ads for both private and business use as you require.

  Free spam protection
USFreeads is serious about protecting your privacy and security and we give you powerful, easy to use spam controls.

 Free hosting for your images
With each premium member ad comes a free Photo Pack allowing you to upload up to 12 images for each ad. We'll even host the images for you!

 15% discount on feature ads
Premium members save even more money by receiving a 15% discount on all feature ad purchases!

 Full account management features
Login to your account 24x7 to makes changes, update your info, place new ads, edit existing ads and order upgrades and extensions at any time.

 Automatic & bulk ad renewal tools
Having trouble keeping up with the amount of ads you have to manually extend each month? Premium members have the tools to renew ads automatically and in bulk!

 Insert PayPal purchase, donate & subscribe buttons
With a couple of clicks, you can set your ads up to allow purchases, subscriptions and donations through PayPal.

 Link to your own shopping cart
If you have your own ecommerce website, your ad can also include an 'add to cart' link on your own server!

 Link to your website
Have your own website? Link to it from your ad to get more people to visit your website to get more info on what you're advertising.

 Create your own personal categories
This popular tool allows you to create your very own categories in which to place your ads. Please click here for more information about this time saving feature to help get your ads organized.

 Auto generation of your own product catalog
Premium members have product catalogs automatically generated showcasing all their ads and categories away from other USFreeads advertisers.

 Auto-generation of your own website
Your product catalog comes with it's own stand-alone URL allowing you to link to your own website/catalog from other websites ensuring visitors see your ads, and your ads only!

 No cost-per ad
All ads you place are FREE! Your premium membership subscription allows you to place each ad without charge!

 Upload up to 12 images
Each ad placed by premium members includes a free Photo Pack allowing you to upload up to 12 images to each ad. This alone is worth $4.99 for every ad you place. If you place 10 ads, that would normally cost $49.90. 100 ads? That would be $499.00. Premium members get it all free!

 Enter HTML into your ads to make then really stand out!
Premium members can create ads with tables, colors and formatting with our easy to use HTML editor. Don't know HTML? No problem, our editor works just like a word processor! Do know HTML? You can enter raw HTML code or copy and paste HTML from your favorite editor.

 No final transaction fees
Unlike eBay and other websites, there are no transaction/seller fees payable to us when you sell!

 SMS alerts
Receive SMS text messages to your cell phone notifying you of new replies to your ads for free!

As a special introductory offer, you can sign up today and receive specially discounted pricing on the cost of your premium membership!

  Regular price:$14.95/mo
  Special offer price:$9.99/mo


Try our fantastic premium membership free of charge for 3 days! You get full access to all the benefits listed above for 3 days without charge.

If you're not already registered with USFreeads, click here for more information and to setup your trial subscription and start enjoying USFreeads today!

If you're already a member of USFreeads but haven't upgraded to a premium account yet, click here to login to your account and click the "Premium Account" link on the left to view the current promotions, trials and offers for premium memberships!
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