No limit to the amount of items you can advertise!
  Place unlimited different regular ads!
  Place unlimited different photo ads!
  Place unlimited different HTML ads!
  Place unlimited different ads for personal use!
  Place unlimited different ads for business use!
  Free spam protection!
  Free hosting for your images!
  15% discount on all feature ad purchases!
  Free advanced reply blocking features!
  Full and advanced account management features!
  Edit your ads at any time, in real time!
  Online logging of your replies in your account area!
  Free fully-automatic ad renewals!
  Free automatic and manual bulk ad renewal tools!
  Insert PayPal instant purchase & donate buttons!
  Link to your own shopping cart if you have one!
  Link to your website if you have one!
  Create your own categories for your ads for free!
  Organize your ads into your own categories!
  Optionally generate your own free product catalog if you have lots of ads!
  Auto-generation of your own free website listing just your ads!
  All ads you place are free - there's no 'cost per ad'!
  Get a FREE Photo pack with every ad - worth $4.99 for each ad!
  Upload up to 12 images to each ad!
  Enter HTML into your ads to make them REALLY stand out!
  No final transaction fees when you make a sale!
  SMS alerts - receive notification of replies to your ads via your cell phone!
  Add a PayPal shopping cart to your ads/catalog
  Specify shipping costs with your PayPal buttons
  Optionally specify different locations for each ad
  Affiliate advertisers can remove locations from ads
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