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USFreeads is proud to introduce "Catalogs" - a new feature and selling tool which is free to all premium members that is designed to drive more traffic and more sales from your advertising on USFreeads!

One of the many features that's included with a premium membership is the automatic generation of your own product catalog that lists just your items away from other sellers on USFreeads.

Your catalog is maintenance free as it's content is dynamically generated via the ads you place and the categories you create, and it acts as both an integrated and independent sales channel to get more people looking at your ads, and your ads only!

Your product catalog is automatically linked from all ads you place so anyone browsing any of your ads can easily see the other items you're advertising away from other sellers on USFreeads. Each catalog also has a built-in search feature that allows users to search just your own ads!

Product catalogs are accessible via your ads on USFreeads and because each catalog has a stand-alone URL, you can also link to your catalog from other websites to send people directly to your catalog of organized items for sale.

There's no programming needed and you can setup your entire catalog via a few mouse clicks in your account area. You can even add PayPal buttons to your ads or enter HTML code so you can turn your catalog into an online store!

All ads you place on USFreeads automatically display a list of your personal categories that you've created for your catalog which will also show the number of ads you have in each category, so anyone viewing any of your ads can quickly jump to your own categorized list of ads in your catalog and see what other kinds of items you're offering without having to search through thousands of other ads placed by other advertisers.

In your account management area, you can also browse ads which you've placed in the categories which you setup making it easier for you to locate specific items. You can setup 10 different categories for your catalog, each containing 5 different sub categories and you can assign new and old ads to your personal categories at any time.

If you're a reptile specialist selling a range if reptiles and equipment, you might create your own personal categories for your catalog as follows:

Boa Constrictors
Corn Snakes
Rat Snakes
Equipment & Supplies

In each category you create, you can also create up to 5 sub-categories.
The following example shows how many different sections you can have if you only had 6 categories and around 5 sub-categories in each:

Boa Constrictors
 - Common Boa
 - Hog Island Boa
 - Red Tail Boa
 - Colombian Boa
 - Argentinean Boa

 - Ball Python
 - Reticulated Python
 - Burmese Python
 - Carpet Python

Corn Snakes
- Amelanistic
- Snow
- Hypomelanistic
- Piebald
- Bloodred

Rat Snakes
- Texas
- Black
- Yellow
- Everglades
- Gray
- Monitor
- Gecko
- Bearded Dragon
- Iguanas
- Chameleon

Equipment & Supplies

- Vivariums
- Food
- Heating & Lighting
- Health
- Books & Literature

The categories that you setup form the structure of your own catalog which is separate to any other advertisers or catalogs on USFreeads. You can edit all logo's, text and descriptions that appear in your product catalog.

The image above shows the parts of your product catalog which you can edit from your account management area. You can enter a description for your catalog (and each section!), upload your own logo, create your own categories, and configure which of your ads appear in which of your categories.


Nunnys Nu 2 U
I'm getting up in age and getting rid of my collections. Great Fashions Orders normally ship within 72 hours from order placement and can only be shipped to the US
Bob's Mini Mall
Welcome to our Mall In Bob's Mini Mall you will find Electronics, Tools, Toys, Housewares, Perfume and Make-Up, Health & Beauty items and more.
As Seen On TV Products
Welcome To The As Seen On TV Products catalog. You will find many products you have seen advertised on television. We offer a huge selection of infomercial products online. Many celebrities ...

eBay offers something similar with their stores and charge anywhere between $6 and $300 per month, with insertion and completion fees for each item on top of the monthly fee.

USFreeads offers product catalogs free for all premium members and it's not an extra that you have to pay for to be added to your account, and catalogs have no setup fees, monthly fees, listing fees, or completion fees!

Having a product catalog on USFreeads is just one of the many amazing selling tools we provide our advertisers.

Best of all, you can sign up right now for a free, no obligation trial to see how everything works. You can place classified ads, create a catalog, receive SMS notifications of replies to your ads, and have unrestricted access to all premium features and benefits so you can fully explore the wealth of features which are included with a premium membership.

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