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SpyGadgets4sale, providers of high-tech spy gear, surveillance gear, GSM security cameras, biometric secure devices, Nanny cameras, hidden spy cameras and counter surveillance gear. We offer a section dedicated to surveillance articles and spy gear tips on our website.
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Telephone Scrambler$930.00
telephone scramblernew generationtelephone scrambler set with built-in digital audio recorderup until recently high grade telephone voice scrambler were expensive and bulky but, the new portable telep..
 Counter Meausre Surviellance Gear
Cell Phone Scrambler$800.00
cell phone scrambler voice encryption unit(keep your cell phone conversations private)the cell phone scrambler works by converting human voices into non-interpretable analog noises and then transmitti..
 Counter Meausre Surviellance Gear
Pen Style Professional Rf Audio Bug Detector$275.00
high quality professional pen style portable bug detector will detect different types of radio transmitting equipment. the visual bar graph indicator indicates bugging device and strength of signal or..
 Counter Meausre Surviellance Gear
Teddy Bear With Hidden Camera$240.00
teddy bear nanny cam with hidden camera product descriptionthis is a teddy bear surveillance system, with a high quality ccd camera built inside, the camera''s virtually hidden. this teddy bear nanny ..
Professional Wall Audio Spy Listening Monitor$145.00
high sensitive wall listening monitor with audio recording main features: - this spy audio gadget works by amplifying audio vibrations. when people are talking their voice creates a audio w..
 Audio Bugging Gear
Spy Bug Transmitter With High Power$120.00
high power bugging transmitterthis bugging transmitter microphone has a high autonomy of 60 hours. plus, the range of up to 1000 meters and its high sensitivity is able to catch even the slightest whi..
 Audio Bugging Gear
Wireless Audio Bug And Receiver Spy Kit$120.00
highlights: completely wireless kit with transmitter, receiver and covert ear piece virtually undetectable ear bud discreet receiver inside wallet uses walkie talki..
Protect Your Home Or Office$100.00
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Walkie Talkie Set Uhf/fm Transceiver$100.00
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Ac Adapter Hidden Hd Spy Camera$80.00
in this age of electronics, everyone has a variety of adapters and chargers plugged into nearly every electrical outlet. no one will look twice at what appears to be a standard ac adapter. but, it''..
 Hidden Spy Cameras
Tissue Box Spy Camera 4gb Internal Memory$68.00
finally you can become one of the exclusive few to own this awesome spy gadget! <span style="font-family: calibri; font-size: medium; ">
Gsm Remote Audio Bug$65.00
this audio spy bug with voice activated call back function is a two way gsm bug which can call you designated phone from anywhere in the world when it detects sounds around its vicinity. this i..
 Audio Bugging Gear GSM Tracker
Micro Wireless Audio Transmitter$60.00
description:micro wireless audio transmitter this is a professional audio transmitter and receiver. once launched, the product can collect audio wireless voice signal trans
 Audio Bugging Gear
Full Band Detector Bug Detection Camera Anti Spy$50.00
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 Counter Meausre Surviellance Gear
Smoke Detector With Hidden Spy Camera$50.00
<span style="font-size:12.0pt; font-family:"arial","sans-serif";mso-fareast-font-fa
 Surveillance Gear

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