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Welcome to RWR Innovations Personalized Books for Kids and other personalized products. We offer over 100 unique personalized children's books, NameTrains, persoalized music CDs, certificates and other products. Each personalized book comes with a free personalized Birthday Chronicle. Free shipping for all personalized books.
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Geezerhood - A Humorous Look At Life$7.95
what to expect from life now that you're as old as dirt. if the bags under your eyes are larger than your shoes, if your wife has more hair on her face than you do on your head, if you both can sle..
 Books Non-personalized
How To Confuse The Idiots In Your Life$7.95
few things in life bring greater satisfaction than confusing idiots. this book is filled with great ways to do just that. in addition, you can explore the art of answering stupid questions and stu..
 Books Non-personalized
Some Things Are Worse Than Being Older Than Dirt$7.95
ben goode returns to one of his favorite topics: geezing. in this classic work of humor you can learn how to maintain a good attitude after the world has hurled your decrepit body, or the body of ..
 Books Non-personalized
The Disgusted Driver's Handbook$7.95
a must read for anyone trying to stay sane while driving on today's idiot infested roads. discover the answers to such questions as "why otherwise pretty stupid people get behind the wheel and become ..
 Books Non-personalized
How To Make People Think You're Normal$7.95
good reasons to buy this book: if this book is in your hip pocket when a dog bites you, it could save your tattoo. it contains humor for people who are so smart, normal people don't understand ..
 Books Non-personalized
If Life Was Fair, Horses Would Ride Half The Time$7.95
if you have seen more than a few sunsets, you may be starting to suspect that life is not fair. this book provides more evidence. this latest in a series of futile efforts by ben goode to solv..
 Books Non-personalized
The Fine Art Of Worrying$7.95
people today are worried. we worry that the economy will go into the tank, causing us to get laid off from our job as quality control tester at the dental floss foundry. the official guide for worry..
 Books Non-personalized
A Liar's Guide To Fishing - Humorous Book$7.95
if we are to understand the urge in man to fish, we must dig down through the strata of dirt and rocks and compost deep into the earth, back to primitive man to find our clues. after getting a loo..
 Books Non-personalized
Dr. Ben's Bogus Diet Breakthrough - Humorous Book$7.95
dr. ben's bogus diet breakthrough is the diet and exercise revolution for people who are definitely not serious. not following through on dr. benís bogus diet and exercise breakthrough will get yo..
 Books Non-personalized
Quickies In The Kitchen - 30 Minute Meals$12.50
featuring over 100 quick-fix recipes that are both tempting and satisfying, quickies in the kitchen will leave you wondering why you ever spent so much time cooking. whip up a delicious meal..
 Books Non-personalized
No-bake Cookies, Bars And Pies$12.50
just when you thought you had baking down to a tee, we made it even easier by eliminating... the baking! these delicious recipes make preparing homemade treats easy, fast and oven-free! treat you..
 Books Non-personalized
Dips, Tips & Poker Chips - Delicious Recipes$12.50
let dips, tips & poker chips be your next pocket ace for any poker party! you'll find pages jam packed with recipes, poker tips and party ideas for card players of all skill levels. for the beg..
 Books Non-personalized
Cooking With The 14 Super Foods - Simple Recipes$12.50
the concept of super foods is based on the simple idea that some foods are just radically better than others for promoting our health and longevity, protecting against disease and providing energy. ..
 Books Non-personalized
Campfire Cooking - 6 Ways To Prepare Campfire Favo$12.50
you'll be the most popular camper in the wilderness after preparing these delicious and easy-to-prepare meals and snacks designed just for the campsite. use a pie iron to make mouthwatering barbec..
 Books Non-personalized
103 Uses For Your Turkey Fryer - Recipes & Ideas$12.50
chances are, your turkey fryer sits empty and unused in the corner of your garage or basement until turkey day rolls around once a year. well, it's now time to dust it off as you discover the 103 n..
 Books Non-personalized

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