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Welcome to RWR Innovations Personalized Books for Kids and other personalized products. We offer over 100 unique personalized children's books, NameTrains, persoalized music CDs, certificates and other products. Each personalized book comes with a free personalized Birthday Chronicle. Free shipping for all personalized books.
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Ten Unique Recipe Books - Make Your Own Personalizeed Gifts..$12.00
gifts in a jar cookbooks feature recipes to make your own gifts. this series includes 10 unique titles to create easy, homemade gifts your family and friends will enjoy. gift tags are included wit..
Games For The Car$9.70
are we there yet? this is one question that won't be heard with games for the car. this book not only keeps children entertained, but encourages creativity, sharpens thinking skills and is just plain ..
Dinner And A Movie Cookbook$4.00
dinner and a movie is the cookbook that combines thrilling, romantic, adventurous and dramatic classic movies with a main dish recipe to complement the movie theme. use this book to create great me..
Dad - Tell Me One More Story$16.00
you were there from the start, watching over my steps... through storms and high tides when the wind threatened to knock me down and the waves washed over my feet: through sunny days and low tides, wh..
Class Treats, Bake Sales And Birthday Parties$11.00
''mom, i have to take treats...'' you'll never need to dread these words again! this book is packed full of: individual treats kids will love - arranged by seasons and holidays for mom - great fun ..
Christmas Journal$16.00
with room for holiday recipes, memories and photos, this journal is sure to become a family keepsake filled with holiday traditions. includes a place to keep track of cards sent and received each ..
Master Mix Series Cookbooks$12.00
four different cookbooks, four different master mixes! each master mix includes 51 delectable recipes to make from 1 master mix. to prepare a quick homemade cookie treat, start with a few cups of ..
Making New Friends Book For When You Move$18.90
we live in a highly mobile society. it's perhaps hardest on the children who are moved from school to school and are repeatedly faced with the necessity of losing old friends and making new ones every..
I Love You All The Time Board Book & Huggable Bear$19.99
a pre-school children's book that shines a new light on the familiar message of unconditional love. charming verse and touching illustrations assure children that the grown-ups in their lives love th..
The Newlyweds Cookbook$10.50
the newlyweds cookbook provides easy and delicious solutions to dinners with cooking instructions for him and her. the newlyweds cookbook is full of recipes just for two - cooked by two! the direct..
Chocolate Is Cheaper Than Therapy$10.50
chocoholics unite! you've always known the cure for any serious ailment was a sweet chocolate treat and now there is a cookbook to support the theory! just turn to any page of this fun-filled book for..
Pet Journal For Your New Kitten$11.00
our new pet baby book for your little kitten. the perfect place to store photos and record those precious memories of your new family member for safe keeping! the early days of choosing your k..
Gift Certificates For Our Products$unspecified
want to give a personalized gift but don't know which one: have all the information you need: have the time to place your order? why not give a gift certificate? gift certificates f..
Cardlets - Never Be Caught Cardless Again.$7.00
it has happened to everyone. just as you are walking out the door with your beautifully packaged gift in hand you suddenly remember, oh no!, you forgot the card! well, fret no more. with cardlets..
Mcgruff And Me In Be Smart Be Safe Personalized Ch$15.95
"be smart, be safe" with this ingenious safety book where mcgruff teaches your child school safety and crime prevention tips. story starts with your child receiving the following letter from mcgruf..

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