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Easy FanPage Design | Fan Page Design Just Got Easier
Attention Offline Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Small Business Owners...

Justin WheelerDear Internet Marketer,

Hi, it’s Justin Wheeler and I’m here to tell you about my formerly top-secret WordPress plug-in and how you can start using it right away to create Facebook fan pages that generate more sales, more clients, and more email opt-ins—for your business or your customers! (More on that in a moment…)

This isn't yet another “magic bullet,” but an extremely powerful tool for making serious cash…especially if you’re one of a select few who can act fast.

But first, I want you to know that I’m NOT a Silicon Valley software geek...

I’m a British Internet marketing consultant living in Peru who helps big and small businesses around the world make more money online. And the big thing for them right now (for every online and offline business, in fact) is social media—especially Facebook.

My clients are clamoring to be on Facebook because their customers are there, their prospects are looking for businesses there, and their competitors are already there.

So I started creating and selling Facebook fan pages for my clients at $197+ a page. And they’re quite happy to pay that because they quickly make that money back and more.

In fact, one client is on track to make an extra $60,000 purely from our social media efforts. Others are excited about the closer relationships they’re developing with their customers and the opt-ins to their email list soaring.
What they don’t realize is that I'm so successful at creating stylish fan pages they can bank on is because I have a secret weapon--the simple WordPress plug-in I mentioned before that makes it a breeze to create brand-new, business-boosting Facebook pages... in 15 minutes or less.

You’ll be amazed when you watch the demo and see what you can do by harnessing the flexibility of WordPress to the popularity of Facebook. And in a minute, I’m going to show you how you can add it to your marketing toolbox...

But first, you need to know that it wasn't always this way…

Creating a Decent Fan Page Used to Be a Pain.

When I first started, I saw the incredible potential from all the traffic Facebook was getting, but I struggled to find a way to make Facebook profitable. Individual pages weren’t set up for selling. And fan pages sucked—you were very limited in what you could do with them and it was hard to create anything attractive or even useful.

With the amount of time and work it took, and how unfriendly they were for business purposes, it was almost more trouble than it was worth.

In fact, fan pages used to scare a lot of people away—and rightly so. The good news is things have changed…a lot. But there are still plenty of misconceptions held over from earlier times…

  • You had control over very little of the page—basically, you could change your profile pic and your tabs—so your fan page looked just like every other fan page instead of reflecting you and your business
  • There’s was no incentive to “Like” your page--everyone got the same content whether they were a fan or not because there was no way to deliver bonuses or discounts only to those who clicked the “Like” button
  • You could add a few feeds from blogs and social media sites, but Facebook pretty much dictated where those were going to go…usually hidden away in a tab many visitors would never see
  • The only opt-in boxes you could easily add (with the help of a Facebook application) was those institutional gray ones—which aren’t going to do much to catch anyone’s eye and attract sign-ups
  • It was hard to get traffic to your fan page because it was buried in a tab on your personal profile and there was no easy way “to carry it around with you” on the Internet…so for many businesses, their page pretty much became a Facebook dead zone
  • Since there was no real tracking mechanism for fan pages, it was hard to tell what was or wasn’t working, so you were pretty much left to throw spaghetti at the wall and guess what you should change
  • Any customization had to be done with the dreaded Facebook Markup Language (FBML), which was a nightmare to use, hard to change, slow to update and extremely limited in what you could do—and forget using it to create a page that actually DID anything (like make you money)

So with all these downsides, you either struggled to make something of Facebook, or you ignored it. And since Facebook was still growing and coming into its own, it wasn’t that hard to do. But a lot of things have changed…

Facebook Has Turned Marketing Upside Down.

Facebook constantly trades places with Google as the most visited site in the world and may completely wrest the top spot away this year. More than 500 million active users—and more than half visit the site daily. (How many websites do you visit every single day?!)

Your friends, customers, prospective customers and clients are ALL active on Facebook—shouldn’t your business be?

And—finally—Facebook changed the way they made pages. Instead of the limited FBML stuff, they now use something called “iFrames”...which is just a geeky way of saying you can put almost any kind of web page content on them.

Now, all the complications are gone. You can customize more than 2/3 of the page. It’s easier and less confusing to work with. And there are so many more options for putting your fan page to work for your business.

But you could still spend hours cobbling together all the pieces to make one.

The good news is now there’s an even better way…using a program you’re probably already using to make websites and blogs!

WordPress... Nearly every business and marketer I know uses WordPress because it’s simple for us to use, simple for our clients to use and for virtual assistants too. So, I started brainstorming—what if you could take advantage of all that for Facebook and…

  • Set up a fan page as easily as writing a blog post, make it look stunning without a lick of design or coding knowledge, and update it in a snap
  • Hook up to Google analytics so you can test and track results like any other website…and glean customer insights that’ll pay dividends for years to come
  • Tap thousands of available WordPress plug-ins to deck out your page with features that impress your clients, friends and colleagues—and amp up your sales, clients and email list

And the more I thought about it, the more I realized...

Wordpress + Facebook = An Internet Marketing Dream Team

Since my eyes glaze over at the first sign of HTML code, I hired someone to create a WordPress plug-in that would make it a cinch to craft amazing Facebook fan pages that will bring you more sales, more clients and more opt-ins.

As it turns out, this plug-in is perfect for me, my clients and anyone doing Internet marketing...

Don't just take my word for it…

“Have already done my first fan page
and have only 6 more to go…”

Michael Atma & Company

Just got this product myself and can't believe how easy it is to set-up. Have already done my first fan-page and have only 6 more to go. At this price don't even hesitate because this is a hot area right now and the sooner you get a handle on it the better!Michael

Who Can Benefit From Simple
& Speedy Fan Page Creation?
Offline Marketing Consultants Michael and I are both “offline” marketers who have added fan page creation onto the list of services we offer—which some offliners are charging as much as $500 for…
Affiliate Marketers. Tap Facebook’s massive traffic to sell more of the products you’re promoting, build lists with giveaways, and more…
Business Owners. Brick and mortar retailers, home service providers, service professionals—whatever your business, you can take advantage of fan pages to…

  • Put yourself in your customers’ path—they’re already going to Facebook—once you’re there too then it’s super convenient for them to tell friends about you and for you to sell more products or services directly to them
  • Offer specials and discounts to those who “Like” your page, reinforcing their loyalty and excitement about your business AND getting them buzzing about your business
  • Turbocharge your email list sign-ups…after people see you on friends’ profiles or during a Facebook search…then are wowed by all the devoted fans and glowing comments…and eagerly become new customers and clients

Now you can do all this and much more…

Put the Potential Profit
of Facebook on Full Throttle

Normally, I’d start telling you all about Easy FanPage Design. But I think the demo video says it far better than I ever could. So check it out below…

In short, Easy FanPage Design marries the new flexibility of Facebook pages with the power of WordPress so whatever you can have on a website, you can have on your page.

Easy FanPage Design offers you…

  • Powerful design options like changeable background colors, customizable tabs to give you the exact look and layout you want for your page in a heartbeat
  • Plug-and-play Like & Reveal feature (this is so cool—you should definitely watch the demo video to see this)…it’s dead simple to show visitors all new content after they click the “Like” button…so you can offer special content and rewards to your true fans
  • Design failsafes—like automatic image resizing for a picture-perfect fit and avoid annoying scroll bars—so you CAN’T make your page look bad, even if you try!
  • Comment section for your fan page—encouraging customers and clients to talk about how happy they are…and convincing prospects to follow in their footsteps
  • A simple way to add feeds from your blog and social media accounts…which keeps the content on your fan page fresh and prompts them to follow you on those sites as well (giving you more ways to stay in front of your customers and prospects)
  • Attractive opt-in boxes for your page, instead of the ugly gray ones, to nab more sign-ups for your email list
  • Commenting on other Facebook Pages and blogs around the Internet with your fan page—linking your comments right back to your page for more backlinks and traffic—and filling your funnel with new leads and customers
  • Invaluable insights from tracking and testing conversions on your fan page, so you know exactly what to tweak to boost your results even more
  • One-click dynamic content options—such as adding an accordion layout (click the question and see the answer), which is great for FAQ sections and gets visitors more involved in your page
  • The opportunity to apply any WordPress feature or plug-in to your fan page—if you can do it on a WP site, you can do it on your Facebook page!—to create a stand-out page that will keep visitors coming back for more
  • Easy-add sales pages and squeeze pages to overlay the rest of your Facebook page…focusing their attention on taking action…and sending your sales and opt-ins soaring

Simply install onto any website running WordPress 3.0 or above, using any WP theme and start creating impressive, business boosting fan pages in minutes. (Easy FanPage Design is like a ghost—it won’t affect the other pages on your website or blog and no one (besides you) will even know it’s there.

This is way easier to understand if you just watch the demo. But I warn you, once you see just how amazing Easy FanPage Design is, you’re not going to be able to resist!

So What’s the Catch?

There’s no “catch.” It’s obviously not cheap to develop a great piece of software, create the infrastructure to support it for the long haul, and stay on the bleeding edge of Facebook features and technology. (That’s why so many end up failing miserably on the last two points.)

While I may seem quite adventurous for living in Peru, I’m still a practical Englishman at heart. And it’s simply common sense that the more enthusiastic users of Easy FanPage Design we start out with, the more we can invest in continuing to make this the easiest and best tool out there for creating and profiting from Facebook pages.

So, it’s worth my while to make you a compelling offer over and above the enormous potential for you to tap into Facebook’s hordes of traffic for yourself or others. Remember—other Internet marketers and offline consultants are selling fan pages anywhere from $197 to $500 and businesses using them have made as much as $60,000 from their social media efforts.

And as Michael said earlier, he couldn't believe how easy it is to set up a great-looking page with Easy FanPage Design…and that the time to get in on this is NOW, not later.

By this point, you might be worried this will cost an arm and a leg. But in a moment, I’ll tell you how to get the Elite Developer version for less than the cost of a Single-Site License on other WP plug-ins…

But Wait, There’s MUCH More!

You know how some software and plug-ins pretty much say “Thanks for buying—see ya!” as soon as they send your receipt? Then, aside from a few brief installation notes, they leave you completely hanging as to what to do with it. And you’d better cross your fingers that you don’t need any support.

I’ve always hated when companies did that to me, so I refuse to follow in their footsteps.

That’s why—when you invest in Easy FanPage Design today—you’ll get the WordPress plug-in and License as well as…

The FanPage Training Center—The Center includes 5 videos and one PDF on installing the plug-in, designing your fan page and more (new videos to help you make the most of your fan page are being added all the time)

Members Support Room—The plug-in has been tested extensively, but just in case issues arise, we have a support area where you can post and get answers, see solutions to previous questions, and read FAQs

Live Person Support Desk—If you just need personal assistance ASAP, my team and I have your back and will personally answer your questions within one working day! (How often do you see free human help with software these days?!)

100% WP Compatibility Guarantee—Isn’t it annoying when WordPress releases a new version and your plug-ins suddenly stop working? I guarantee that’ll never happen with Easy FanPage Design. We will send you free updates to keep it working with the latest and greatest version of WP absolutely free for the rest of your life!

Full Version Upgrade—I’ve got a lot of cool features planned as we go full throttle with Easy FanPage Design in the year ahead, but I don’t want our terrific early supporters to miss out on those, so when you buy now, you’ll automatically get the latest and greatest versions of for one full year. (After that, the occasional upgrades will be offered to you at a special owner’s only discounted price!)

Bottom line—you’ll get any help you need so you get the most out of your investment for a long time to come.

Finally, I’m going to help you take your pages up a notch with the…

FanPage Graphic Library Bonus

Fabulous FanPage Graphic Library. (Valued at $127) I’ve had our design team put together a series of graphics to make your fan pages look like they were crafted by a high-end designer. You get…

  • 7 stylish themes--including editable profile pictures and several relevant photos—for the following industries:
    • Chef, Catering and other food service
    • Engineering and Architecture
    • Legal and other professional
    • Photography and Video
    • Gardening, Horticulture and Landscaping
    • Mechanical and Automotive
    • Medical and Health Care
  • 14 user-friendly icons—to visually signal cues such as buy, contact, info, home, order, sale and supportSleek banners for the same 7 themes (being added shortly)
  • And more graphics will be added monthly!

And YES, these are all PSD files so you can edit them to your heart’s content.

Save Up to 57% & Get Unlimited Installations
…But Only for a Few More Days

In just a few days, the investment for the Elite Developer’s License will climb to $297.

But right now, you can get the Elite Developer License for just $147. That includes a premium license that…

  • Gives you permission to install Easy FanPage Design on as many of your own sites and create as many of your own fan pages as you wish
  • Allows you to install Easy FanPage Design on an unlimited number of client sites (Note: Unlimited installation is only available if you buy now. After the special offer expires, the number of client sites that are included will be limited.)
  • Includes exclusive features that will multiply the value of your investment (we’re keeping them under wraps for now and will announce and release them as soon as this special offer ends)

Of course, not everyone needs the high-octane version, so we offer two other licenses as well. The Multi-Site License is the perfect choice for affiliate marketers or anyone who wants to install it on a bunch of their own websites.

The Single-Site License is designed for entrepreneurs and bloggers who have just one website to install the plug-in on.

If you sell just one fan page for $197 like I do, the plug-in will have paid for itself and you’ll still have cash left over. And remember—I’ve actually made 5 fan pages in a single hour before.

So you could easily recoup the investment in the Elite Developer’s License many times over in a single afternoon—or even make a full-time business out of creating Facebook pages for others. It’s totally up to you.

But no matter what you do, it’ll be fast and easy and look professional.

If you’re eager to jump on this right now, go ahead--click here right now and go straight to the Add to Cart button for the license you want.

“You can be the knight in shining armor…”

John Spangler

WOW, Justin, great job, working with my offline clients this plugin is FANTASTIC!!!I have already made an extra $500 and that is only from one client!!!If you don't jump on this now, you are CRAZY because you WILL make money if you take action, but selfishly if you don't that leaves more money on the table for me hahaha!!!Seriously, take action and start promoting your ability to help these local businesses get a Facebook fan page because most of them have zero idea how to do this and you can be the knight is shining armor - what a WIN WIN.Plus your support is 2nd to none - how do you do it- did you clone yourself- you are so quick to respond to my questions, thank you again for this great WSO!!!

“We have sold 12 in a week for clients…”

Wah Bhatti

I got a review copy from Justin and have now upgraded to developer license…I run an outsource service and normally give all this kind of tech stuff to my guys. I found it easy to build a cool fan page all by myself :) and we have sold 12 in a week for clients…Upgrading to developer was a no brainer…so thanks again for helping me build my business…

By the way, Wah charges about $300 for each of those fan pages…

On top of everything else, and regardless of which license you choose, it is 100% safe to try it today...

My 100% Money-Back, 30-Day Guarantee

Try Easy FanPage Design for 30 Days. If you don’t love it, just ask and I’ll give you all your money back.

With the Training Center, Members Support Area, Live Person Support Desk, the 100% WP Compatibility Guarantee, free upgrades to any new versions in the next year, and the fact it’s powered by the same WordPress you use every day—Easy FanPage Design is practically foolproof to use and will pay dividends for many years to come.

The risk is all mine, the benefit is all yours. But I feel 100% safe making that guarantee because I’m 100% sure that you’ll love it. I know it because others who are already using it love it.

See for yourself what they’re already doing…

“This seriously blows everything else out of the water…”

Karen Weir, Crazy Foxes Marketing

My business is getting internet traffic for local businesses and there is no doubt that Facebook is fast becoming THE place that local business must have a presence. In efforts to make creating Facebook pages as simple as possible, we have been purchasing and testing every fan page product that we can get our hands on. We've tried many, and there are some really good products out there, but when it comes to a complete and total solution, nothing compares to the Easy Fan Page Design plugin.This thing is "stupid simple" to use, which means we can create unique, customized pages in record time.We can easily teach our non techie clients how to update and maintain their page or quickly and easily provide maintenance and updating as an add on service. Marrying Facebook and WordPress is a work of genius and an internet marketer's dream come true.There are other WordPress products for Facebook, but we have not found one as complete as this, and that was before we got our hands on a copy of the latest version! This seriously blows everything else out of the water.Karen.

“This is by far the BEST fan page plug-in yet...”

Tony Hullett, TCH Hosting

This is by far the BEST fan page plugin yet. I actually have purchased a few fan page systems for WordPress but none of them come close to this one. The ever growing options in this plugin is unmatched in the WordPress fan page area.Great job guys and keep up the great work. I cant wait to see what is in store for this plugin in the futureTony.


From now until April 26th, the prices will be:

  • Developer License: $147 (a $150 saving)
  • Multi-site License: $97
  • Single License: $47

So if you plan to use this with clients, you really want to jump on this NOW!

Here’s what you get exclusively with Easy FanPage Design when you sign-up today…

  • The Easy FanPage Design Plug-in for WordPress which makes it “stupid simple” to create stunning and profitable Facebook pages in mere minutes
  • FanPage Training Center, with a growing array of videos and documents to ensure you tap every powerful feature for your fan pages
  • Member Support Room to get immediate answers to previously asked questions and fast answers to new ones, anytime—day or night
  • Rare! Live Person Support Desk—yes, a real human (either myself or one of my tech-savvy team members) is just an email away if you ever need us…and we guarantee a response within one working day.
  • 100% WP Compatibility Guarantee—I promise you’ll never have to worry about your Easy FanPage Design plug-in breaking when WordPress issues one of their (many!) new versions because we will issue you free compatibility updates…forever!
  • Full FanPage Version Upgrades—Get in now and you’ll still get the cool new features I have planned because you’ll get free upgrades to new versions of Easy FanPage Design for an entire year. (And after that, you’ll get a special, owners-only discounted rate)
  • Fabulous FanPage Graphic Library—Themes, images and icons you can use to make a custom fan page that looks like you spent a fortune…use them as is or tweak and edit as you wish because the PSD files are included!
  • My personal 100% Money-Back, 30-Day Guarantee—if you don’t love Easy FanPage Design for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund every dime. It’s that easy.
  • Special Discounted Rates…and an unlimited Developer License…but only until April 26

Simply choose the “Add to Cart” button for the License you want below. After you check out, you’ll instantly get the file to upload to WordPress (and directions how to do it—it’s very easy) as well as your log-in information for the FanPage Training Center, Member Support Center, Graphic Library and more!

Best of all, if you start now, prospects and customers could be visiting your new Facebook fan page within the hour! (That’s assuming you’ll watch the training videos your first time around—some folks find they don’t need to do that.)

You know by now if you want this. I have shown you how easy Easy FanPage Design is, covered many ways you can profit from fan pages, and made it incredibly to thank you for getting in early. I threw in a graphics library to give your page professional pizzazz. And I even showed you how some people just like you are already using it to grow their businesses.

Claim Your Copy of Easy FanPage Design Now...

Discount Page

Now you’re probably chomping at the bit to get started with this plug-in and I have several fan pages to make for clients before tea-time, so I’ll end this letter here. After all, there’s nothing left to do but decide and get started!

Thank you for your time. I hope to share this amazing plug-in with you at this Special price. If not, perhaps we can work together in the future.

Justin Wheeler &

Anders Jacobsson

P.S. At more than 57% off on the Developer License, you could just add this plug-in to any WordPress site—even ones you want to flip or sell to a client—and practically double both the price you charge AND the actual value they’re receiving, since their website is now integrated with the most popular social site on the Internet!

P.P.S. This really is a one-time only deal, not a fake marketing gimmick. Get Easy FanPage Design at this price today and take all the time you want to think about how you want to profit from it. Because if you wait until you’re ready, you’ll have to pay way more. Granted, I still think it’s quite worth it at that price.

But if you even think you might use this, it just makes sense to get it now since you’ll get all the bonuses that make it a snap to create impressive fan pages in 15 minutes or less, the unlimited site installations (for the Developer License), and my personal guarantee so it’s fully risk-free. Try it for a full 30 days. If it doesn't perform as promised, you get every cent back. So choose your License now:

Single, Multi-site or Developer.

P.P.P.S. Still reading? You know 500 million people are already on Facebook—with more than half going there every single day. More than 70% of U.S. Internet users are active Facebook members…and 70% of their total users are outside the U.S. Everyone, everywhere is going to Facebook—including your customers, clients, prospects and competitors…

Are you not even going to TRY the easiest way yet to put your business and offers in front of them AND get your best chance to go viral, as they share you with all their friends and family?

If you’re struggling to grow your business, things won’t change if you don't change. So don’t get left behind. Take advantage of the massive popularity of Facebook and instantly leap ahead with Easy Fan Page Design.Get it now!

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