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Guitar Picks- Pick For Fun$13.50
most guitar players, beginners and professionals, watch their left hand fingers when learning a new song. there is also a time to make sure the right hand is doing it's job. when you watch our gemst..
 Guitar Tone Accessary - Gemstone Picks Guitar Picks
Guitar Picks -quartz Is Ready$15.00
because of a terrific amount of luck we found some great pieces of bulk quartz chrystal and after performing our magic we offer you quartz crystal picks at the same price as all our other gemstone gui..
 Gemstones Guitar Picks
Guitar Picks - They're Gems$12.50
we have never felt comfortable calling our picks stone picks. they are gemstone picks. it's like calling a jaguar and automobile. our gemstones picks come in all four major shapes and thickness..
 Guitar Accesories Gemstone Guitar Picks
Guitar Picks - Creation Speaks$12.50
creation has allowed us the opportunity to make a musical accessory that dramatically creates a voicing from your guitar. it is called a gemstone guitar pick. the picks are real gemstones found in a..
 Guitar Accesories Gemstone Guitar Picks
Gemstone Picks - A Miracle Of Nature$13.00
from our planet, from creation, gemstone guitar picks are a privilege to use. besides what was just described they will not absorb any vibration and it forces the acoustic guitar top to resonate long..
 Guitar Accessaries
Guitar Picks - Try Gemstones$14.50
why try gemstone picks? our quality control is the best in the world, we stock all four major shapes, we carry the world's largest inventory and selection and we're proud that many of our raw materia..
 Guitar Accesories Gemstone Guitar Picks
Gemstone Picks - Resonate More$13.50
our gemstone guitar picks (the world's largest supplier) have a beautiful taper that glides across your strings effortlessly. it increases the sustain and allows you to actually pick faster. open ch..
 Guitar Accesories Guitar Picks
Gemstone Guitar Picks - Hardness$15.00
the hardness of our gemstones will not absorb vibration and therefore allows the guitar to resonate longer. thinner picks give you brighter sounds where thicker picks will not only be louder without ..
 Guitar Accesories Gemstone Guitar Picks
Making Gemstone Picks$12.50
the process of making a gemstone guitar pick out of a rock specimen is tedious and long. a slice of rock is cut and then tumbled many, many times to make it smooth before itís shaped, beveled, and th..
 Guitar Accesories Gemstone Guitar Picks
Jazz Guitar Picks$12.00
do beautiful stones make beautiful tones? absolutely! our selected stones of various hardness, thickness, and shape, all create their own guitar voice. from quick sharp riffs to chord soft warm jazz w..
 Guitar Accesories Gemstone Guitar Picks
Guitar Picks - Gemstone Thickness$14.50
different thicknesses of gemstone guitar picks will definitely give your guitar a different voice. on an acoustic guitar a thinner pick will give you a brighter sound and a thicker pick will give you..
Guitar Picks$14.50
gemstone guitar picks for the guitar player still searching for a variety of tones. rip into a sharp riff as the undisputed lead player or chord to a soft warm rhythm of smooth jazz with the right ge..
Guitar Picks$14.00
what does 7,900 picks of inventory really mean? variety & opportunity. if you are looking to explore new tones for any acoustic (or electric) guitar, try a gemstone pick. different gems with differe..
Gemstone Guitar Picks - Try Soon$15.00
buy our gemstone guitar picks- if youíre looking to explore new tones for any acoustic (or electric) guitar, try a gemstone pick. different gems with different thicknesses, shapes, and hardness will a..
Guitar Picks - Try The Best$13.50
we did not become the world's largest supplier of picks overnight. in fact, it has taken many years and skilled hands to make it happen. we waited to launch our website until we were capable of offe..

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