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Welcome to Sutcliffe Farm Supply Our company has been in business for over 18 years. I was raised on a farm and worked long hours and I put that into my business. I pride myself in selling quality products that will last. We work hard and we want to work hard for you too.
We offer a variety of farm supplies. Please take a look at our store and if you have any questions please contact us.
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Drag Harrow$unspecified
the drag harrows have so many uses that we can't list them all. it's built with heavy 1/2' x 4' tines and 2' heavy seamless draw bar, these are work horses. they can easily be reversed to allow for le..
 Farm Equipment
Dirt Scooper$unspecified
this sub compact dirt scoop digs, carries, dumps, and spreads in forward and reverse. category 1 pins on category 0 spacing.
 Farm Equipment
Middle Buster/ Sub Soiler Combo$unspecified
this middle buster/ sub soiler combo can be used for a multitude of chores. planting, cultivating and ditching are just a few of the great things the combo can do. category 1 pins on category 0 spacin..
 Farm Equipment
Single Bottom Plow$unspecified
this sub-compact plow is ideal for areas where deep tillage is required. share is replaceable. category 1 pins on category 0 spacing.
 Farm Equipment
Tillage Disc$unspecified
this sub-compact disc is ideal for small gardens and food plots. all notched blades offer better penetration. category 1 pins on category 0 spacing.
 Farm Equipment
Landscape Rake$unspecified
this sub-compact landscape rake is great for clearing trail, driveway maintenance and numerous other chores. five forward and five reverse settings. category 1 on category 0 spacing.
 Farm Equipment
Box Blade$unspecified
this box blade is ideal for driveway maintanence, snow removal, dirt, gravel spreading and more. heat-treated blades allow for long lasting durability. adjustable shanks allow for deep ripping. catego..
 Farm Equipment
Grader Blades$unspecified
these compact blades are ideal for applications such as driveway maintenance and snow removal. reversible, heat treated blades allow for long last durability. they can be adjusted to five settings for..
 Farm Equipment
Rotary Cutter$unspecified
this sub-compact rotary cutter is built to last. supplied with category 1 pins and category 0 spacing, this is the perfect unit for your sub-compact tractor. gear box with shear bolt is rated up to 40..
 Farm Equipment
3- Point Spreaders$unspecified
3-point spreader feature a seamless one piece hopper with a 900# capacity (depending on the product), available in both steel and corrosion resistant poly. this pto driven spreader includes an in-hopp..
 Farm Equipment
3-point Hitch Mover$unspecified
the heavy duty 3-point hitch mover has a multitude of uses, from moving gooseneck trailers, ball hitch wagons on the farm to moving boats at the lake. these hitch movers cover it all. comes with a 2- ..
 Farm Equipment
Universal Skid Steer Mount$unspecified
this skid steer mount allows you to easily hook any attachment to your skid steer loader. simply weld this mount to your loader bucket, bale mover, forklift, or an endless variety of other custom atta..
 Farm Equipment
Bale Spears$unspecified
there are a lot of different type of bale spears and they can serve all your bale moving needs from the heavies to the lightest. (the descriptions of each bale spears is in the same order as the pict..
 Farm Equipment
Boom Poles$unspecified
these boom poles are a great tool for farmers and ranchers. they can assist with loading, lifting, and pulling. comes in a heavy duty one or a medium duty boom pole. features include: -heavy duty ..
 Farm Equipment
Carry Alls$unspecified
carry alls are a great companion for your moving needs. a variety of platforms can be constructed for your moving needs. features include: -1,000 lbs. capacity. -pre-punched legs for easy platfo..
 Farm Equipment

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