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Killzone: Liberation [psp]$unspecified
sony's original shooter franchise sets its sights on psp with a new perspective on the futuristic action. instead of retaining the playstation 2 version's first-person perspective, the developers opte..
 Internet video games
Totally Spies! Totally Party [ps2]$unspecified
alex, sam, and clover, the stylish secret agents from beverly hills, must battle ten villains by winning a series of mini-games. based on the animated series created by france's marathon production ..
 Internet video games
Phineas And Ferb [nintendo Ds]$unspecified
the hit disney channel cartoon about a pair of brothers who go on imaginary backyard adventures comes to gamers for the first time in phineas and ferb. players can guide the siblings as they visit a n..
 Internet video games
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection Playstation 3$unspecified
more than 40 games originally made for sega genesis are re-created for play on the high-definition consoles in sonic''s ultimate genesis collection. highlights include six original sonic the hedgehog ..
 Internet video games
Tenchu: Shadow Assassins [wii]$unspecified
from the creators of original tenchu, a forefather of the stealth-action style, tenchu: shadow assassins is designed just for wii. players may master as many as 17 ninja weapons in the game, each with..
 Internet video games
Girl Time [nintendo Ds]$unspecified
girl time turns the ds into a do-it-all pda, doing everything from keeping track of important dates, to offering horoscopes and dating advice. player can use the diary function to keep track of all th..
 Internet video games
Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine [nintendo Ds]$unspecified
competitive cooking comes home with iron chef america: supreme cuisine, a collection of action-oriented culinary puzzles based on the food network television series. as in the show, players compete to..
 Internet video games
R.u.s.e. [xbox 360]$unspecified
set during world war ii, r.u.s.e. is a real-time strategy game that emphasizes gaining the upper hand through deception rather than brute force. this is accomplished by playing "ruse cards" earned dur..
 Internet video games
Nba Ballers: Chosen One [playstation 3] Ps3$unspecified
midway's arcade-style take on playground hoops continues with nba ballers: chosen one. once again players will compete in a one-on-one, a two-on-two, or a one-on-one-on-one match against some of the n..
 Internet video games
Dead Space [xbox 360]$unspecified
hostile aliens and claustrophobia rule the day in dead space, a survival horror game in the vein of the classic film alien. dead space takes place in the distant future when earth's lust for raw mater..
 Internet video games
Falling Stars [ps2]$unspecified
falling stars is a role-playing game aimed at young children with a plot that centers on an epic journey in the battle of good versus evil. gamers take control of a spirit, embodied by a young girl na..
 Internet video games
Kingdom Hearts Ii [ps2]$unspecified
the surprising collaboration between disney and square enix returns in this follow-up to 2002's sleeper hit, kingdom hearts. players will guide an older and more powerful sora along with unlikely pals..
 Internet video games
Dead Island [ibm Pc Compatible]$unspecified
a tropical island resort becomes a place of nightmares after a mysterious epidemic turns the majority of inhabitants into bloodthirsty zombies. as one of four playable characters, your goal is to comp..
 Internet video games
Divinity Ii: The Dragon Knight Saga. Xbox 360$unspecified
divinity ii: the dragon knight saga is an enhanced compilation of 2009's divinity ii: ego draconis, the "flames of vengeance" expansion, and all previously released downloadable content. the remastere..
 Internet video games
Motogp 10/11 [playstation 3] Ps3$unspecified
capcom's motorcycle racing series returns for another season of high sides, road rash, and pinned throttles in motogp 10/11. developer monumental games has updated the physics and added an entirely ne..
 Internet video games

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