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Binaural Beat MP3s for Sleep

Binaural Beat MP3s for SleepBinaural beats are certainly not a new concept, but many people are not
only using them to help with sleep; it can also help with other aspects
of your life. So what are binaural beats? They induce brainwave patterns
that the brain naturally goes through everyday, but using these sounds
helps to put yourself in the mental state you want it in. This means
that when it is time to sleep, your natural brainwave pattern should be
in delta, which is basically the slowest range at 1Hz to 3Hz per second. Therefore, brainwaves have four distinctive categories, alpha, theta,
beta, and delta. There are many artists who have created special
binaural beats sleep music which induces delta waves. Beta occurs during
your waking activity, the time you are at your busiest and most alert.
The brainwaves range for beta are 13Hz to 40Hz. Therefore, if you are
sleepy during the day and need to be more alert, listening to the beats
can actually alter your brainwaves and help you feel more alert. Alpha brainwaves constitutes an awakened mind that is in a relaxed
state. Often alpha binaural beats will be used for meditation purposes
because it is the state when you are most creative and can visualize in a
much sharper way. Often artists and writers will listen to music with
alpha beats in order for their mind to be in a more creative pattern,
the beats here are 8Hz to 13Hz. Lastly, there is theta brainwaves, which
deals with dreams, creativity, and is often the place where you feel
most perceptive. The binaural beats are at 4Hz to 7Hz and many people
are very interested in this state so they use music and sounds with the
theta rhythm to take their mind to this level. One aspect to keep in mind about binaural beats sleep is that it is
not magic or a way to hypnotize yourself, it is simply bringing your
mind or brainwaves into a slower state where it should be before you go
to sleep, which is the delta state. People have been successfully using
beats to alter their brainwave pattern to work more effectively, be more
creative, sleep more soundly, and help with deeper levels of
meditation.The best way to take advantage of the beats is via a
headset so that you can block out all other noise around you. This way
you take full advantage of helping yourself prepare for sleep. For
instance, you might make yourself a cup of chamomile tea, put on your
headphones and listen to delta binaural beats sleep for thirty minutes
or until you feel very relaxed and then go straight to bed. This will
help you continue your mind in that brainwave pattern and fall asleep
quickly. Binaural Beat MP3s for Sleep
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