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Lego City Coast Guard Patrol$94.99
head out to the lighthouse quick with the lego city coast guard patrol! there's a couple stranded in a sinking dinghy and 3 sharks are swimming nearby! launch the submarine and helicopter from the coa..
 BAM Toys
Lego Elves Azari And The Magical Bakery$42.99
join azari firedancer, the fire elf, on her adventure through the forest to find the fire key at a very special bakery! order some delicious baked goods for azari and flamy the fox while they figure o..
 BAM Toys
Lego Architecture - Leaning Tower Of Pisa$44.99
the leaning tower of pisa has a trademark tilt that has seen it reproduced on postcards and souvenirs all over the world. now you can make this unusual building in lego bricks. construction was starte..
 BAM Toys
Lego Friends Heartlake Juice Bar$42.99
head down with andrea to the heartlake juice bar for a delicious fruity drink! decide where to sit and look at the menu card with all of its delicious fruit drinks, smoothies and sandwiches and order ..
 BAM Toys
Lego Technic Compact Tracked Loader$31.99
clear the ground with the compact tracked loader! this robust legoŽ technic model has all the features of the real-life machine, including a sophisticated, rear-hinged boom mechanism that provides ful..
 BAM Toys
Lego Architecture - Brandenburg Gate$44.99
facts architect ..........carl gotthard langhans architectural style..........classicism location, germany materials ..........sandstone year ...........from 1788 to 1791 ..
 BAM Toys
Lego Architecture - Flatiron Building$unspecified
create the flatiron building - a lego architecture landmark series version of the renaissance-style, wedge-shaped new york skyscraper. recreate the historic flatiron building skyscraper in lego bricks..
 BAM Toys
Brickstructures - Eiffel Tower$44.99
presenting the legoŽ architecture interpretation of one of the most iconic landmarks ever constructed – the eiffel tower! designed and built by french entrepreneur, gustave eiffel, the original 324-me..
 BAM Toys
Lego Technic Mining Truck$42.99
climb aboard the gigantic mining truck! the awesome scale of this massive vehicle has been captured in this legoŽ technic model, featuring huge wheels, detailed engine with moving piston and transmiss..
 BAM Toys
Lego Architecture Trevi Fountain (21020)$59.99
"interpretation of real-world architectural landmark, the trevi fountain! collect the entire lego architecture landmark and architect series sets booklet included with details on the design, architect..
 BAM Toys
Lego Star Wars Clone Troopers Vs. Droidekas$unspecified
watch the horizon from the clone commander's command station! use his electrobinoculars to spot 2 droidekas advancing on their position. help the clone trooper repel the rolling droids with a hidden f..
 BAM Toys
Lego Star Wars Corporate Alliance Tank$31.99
build the great battle of geonosis where the separatist forces are advancing on the jedi knights and their clone army with the lego star wars corporate alliance tank droid! help the clone troopers to ..
 BAM Toys
Lego Architecture - Villa Savoye$79.99
build a legoŽ brick model of this famous modernist-style country house residence! situated on the outskirts of paris, france villa savoye was designed by le corbusier in the 1920s as the perfect embod..
 BAM Toys
Lego Architecture - Big Ben$39.99
presenting the big ben clock tower, one of the world's most instantly recognizable landmarks. standing at the northeast corner of the palace of westminster in london, england, the big ben clock tower ..
 BAM Toys
Lego Friends Emma's House$84.99
build and customize your dream family home with a modern edge! legoŽ friends emma's house shows off all the creative skills of emma's family. prepare a tasty meal in their state-of-the-art kitchen, us..
 BAM Toys

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