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 Under $15 specialize sin Handcrafted Custom Jewelry, Non - Handcrafted Custom Jewelry, Custom Bridal Jewelry for all occasions, Wedding, Bridal, Bridesmaid Gifts, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day. We have vast collections of Victorian / Vintage Style, Genuine Pearl Sets, Genuine Crystals, Freshwater Pearl Beaded, Swarovski Crystal Necklaces, Jewelry Sets, Earrings, Bracelets, Chokers.
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Under $15

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Letter A Fully Embedded W/ Cubic Zircon Pendant$4.99
une232 alphabet necklace letter a fully embedded w/ cubic zircon pendant carved shimmering cubic zircon alphabet 'a'pendant sparkling fully embedded with cubic zircon, very cute and beautiful acce..
Multicolored Crystalsdicependant Holidayclub Gift$4.49
une284 dice pendant multicolored crystals dice pendant holiday club gifts best clubs gift holiday gifts designed as carved shimmering silver frame dice pendant fully embedded with colorful crystal..
Holiday Event Gifts Very Cute Key Pendant Necklace$4.49
une279 holiday event gifts very cute key pendant necklace all kinds of gift for someone special very cute pendant silver framed key pendant with sapphire stone embedded on the top dangling pen..
Gifts For Birthday Holiday Wedding Gifts$4.49
une278 find creative gifts for birthday holiday wedding gifts all kinds of gift for someone special very cute pendant silver framed embedded with sapphire crystals with dangling at bottom elegant ..
Multicolored Crystals Ball Round Pendant Holiday$4.49
une281 multicolored crystals ball round pendant holiday christmas gifts best holiday gifts for carved shimmering silver frame round pendant fully embedded with colorful crystals pendant sparkling ..
Employees Sparkle Sapphire Shine Pendant Necklace$4.49
une280 holiday gifts for employees sparkle sapphire shine pendant necklace best holiday gifts for employees carved shimmering silver frame dressed sapphire rhinestones fully embedded in oval sha..
Musical Note Diamante Pendant Fully Embedded With$4.99
une285 musical note diamante pendant fully embedded with cubic zircon musical note diamante pendnat full encrust with tiny cubic zircon accented in silver plated chain. carved shimmering silver fr..
Best Holiday Clubs Gifts Silver Purse Pendant Uni$4.99
une286 best holiday clubs gifts silver purse pendant unique gifts find gifts for any occassion on fashion jewelry for everyone exclusive holiday gifts are an important way to show appreciation. je..
Long Necklace Glass Beads Champagne$4.75
une335 jewellery long necklace glass beads champagne fun wear summer day jewelry! the all time wear multifaceted round beads in champagne color is the heart wish of any female. we bring you the ul..
Beads W Gold Beads Spacer 88 Incheslong Necklace$4.75
une336 multicolored beads with gold beads spacer 88 inches long necklace this magnificent can wear two or three stranded necklace features multi colored beads with golden beads spacer long necklac..
Green Peridot Glass Beads Fun Wearing Necklace$4.75
une330 green peridot glass beads fun wearing necklace chic elegance fun and always in a party mood or to freak and hang out. the green peridot glass beads long fun wear necklace jewelry too classy..
Fashionable Black Multifaceted Long Necklace$4.75
une333 fancy fashionable black multifaceted long necklace we bring you the classy!necklace for this summer season. the multifaceted round black and glass beads long necklace gives all the cool i..
Pink Multifaceted Round Glass Bead Necklace$4.75
une329 shopping beach necklace pink multifaceted round glass bead necklace this classy multifaceted round beads in pink rose color glass beads necklace is being adorned as the summer wear and fun ..
Blue Sapphire Long Necklace Summer Necklace$4.75
une328 summer long blue sapphire long necklace summer necklace this summer brings forth blue sapphire color glass beads long chain summer wear necklace by us. the blue sapphire glass bead necklace..
Murano Amethyst Nugget Brown Crystals Necklace$4.99
une341 designer murano jewelry amethyst nugget brown crystals necklace cute dazzling and sophisticated the speckled amethyst square murano glass pendant necklace accented with amethyst stone nugge..

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