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Tea-cup Babies - For you to love. pets
Pee-wee - Adorable Teacup Peek-a-pom Puppy$1,100.00
if you are looking for a very sweet, friendly dog then pee-wee is the one for you! he has the absolute best temperament we have seen. he is social, smart, and a very happy puppy. he is currently estim..
Harley - Adorable Toy Pomtese Available$1,100.00
harley is the most beautiful toy pomeranian maltese mix ever! he is so sweet, playful, and loving - you never get tired of being with him. he's well socialized with all ages of 9-10 lbs fully grown. h..
Duce - Toy Maltipo Puppy Available$1,300.00
duce is unbelievably fluffy and cute. he will be about 6-7 lbs full grown. perfect hypoallergenic tan fur coat. he is happy, playful and loves to give kisses and cuddle. we provide a one year health g..
Tanner - Beautiful Toy Maltese Available$1,600.00
tanner is such a great maltese puppy. his personality is just so funny and cute that you will absolutely adore him in every way! he has a beautiful coat of hypoallergenic fur that makes him completely..
Shakur - Toy Gorgeous Maltese Puppy Available!$1,600.00
shakur is the perfect toy maltese puppy for you! his gorgeous hypoallergenic coat makes him perfect to cuddle with on a relaxing day at home. he’ll enjoy you taking him out for a stroll down the sidew..
Ryker - Teacup Maltese Puppy Available!$2,400.00
hi, i'm ryker! i'm a teacup maltese and i will be probably about 5-6 lbs fully grown! i really love to be around people and play and cuddle. i need the perfect family who will love me and keep me heal..
Mya - Teddy Bear Face Toy Maltese!$1,500.00
mya is the most friendly, smart, attentive, loving, calming puppy you will ever find! she is so amazingly kind and loves to play around while getting some exercise. she is estimated to weigh around 7-..
Francois- Cutest Toy Maltese Available$1,500.00
francois is a wonderful toy maltese that we are so happy to have here at urban puppies until he is adopted into her forever home. he is so adorable and so charming you can't help but to love him! esti..
Dallas - Gorgeous Teacup Yorkie 3/25/2015$1,600.00
dallas is such a sweetheart you will fall in love with him right away - as will everyone else! currently 5 months old and estimated to be about 4.5-5 lbs fully grown, he is well socialized and loves t..
Gemma - Cutest Toy Morkie Puppy Available!7/8/2015$1,500.00
meet gemma! the newest addition to our urban puppies nursery. she is currently over 8 weeks old and only estimated to be 7-8 lbs fully grown. here at urban puppies kennel we pride ourselves on raising..
Nutella - Beautiful Teacup Yorkie Puppy! 7/4/2015$2,200.00
only here at urban puppies can you find such a cutie pie like nutella! she is a loving companion and a true family joy. she is so happy and playful you won’t be able to resist her. she is estimated to..
Naomi - Teacup Maltipoo Puppy Available! 7/19/2015$1,500.00
naomi is such a sweetheart she might just give you a toothache! she is the perfect maltipoo pup and would make a great fit with a loving family. she enjoys a good, loving cuddle session just as much a..
Patches-micro Pomeranian Puppy Available 7/10/2015$4,500.00
oh how we love little patches! he is such a sweet puppy. he's content playing around on his own or cuddling with you in your lap while you work. he is currently 8 weeks old and is estimated to be abou..
Tammy - Adorable Toy Morkie Puppy$1,500.00
tammy is truly a unique and special puppy. she has a very docile temperament that is easy to love. she enjoys a good cuddle with you just as much as she loves playing with her fellow puppy friends. sh..
Miracle The Micro Pomeranian - Available & Ready T$4,500.00
you won’t find any puppy like miracle, she’s tiny, she’s perfect, she’s incredible! 2 months old and so small, she’ll steal your heart with one look! estimated adult weight is about 2-3.5 lbs. it trul..

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