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1) Don't tell them what they are made of. Make something up. It's pretty obvious that they are made of hosts protonselectrons and virus neutrinos. But this is too logical and too realistic. Two organisms in their atoms. How else would they be alive if their atoms were not alive! Give them something illogical like photons, antimatter, parallel universes, particles fleeting in and out of existence, big bangs, and so on and so on, and don't forget to pretend you have done experiments you can manipulate to your advantage. They always fall for that one! (Because most don't understand the difference between Theory and Fact - there are lots of theorists having a lot of fun in science! Some even become science fiction writers!)

2) Don't tell them that just like in Microbiology and Biology protons are the head and the electron the tail, even sperm have head and tail, HOW OBVIOUS IS THAT? And yes, you are right, cats and dogs and horses and humans in the womb and many bacteria and viruses and so on and so on have heads and tails. Yes, we are drowning in heads and tails! The proton and the electron are telling us - We are meant to be together!!! That is why there is a strong magnetism between us with positive and negative charge!!! But some scientists cannot take the hint. This is truly unbelievable!

3. Don't tell them that the neutron/neutrino is an infected protonelectron by virus neutrino, just like a bacterium or a human cell is infected by a virus and can remain within it for long periods. Is too obvious! Too true! Give them lies, give them lies, give them sweet little lies. And above all don't tell them that a star is just host protonselectrons infected by virus neutrinos (a neutron pregnant with the neutrino!) Where did you think evil came from, and rape and sex and heat and the fever of poor host protonselectrons in stars? FROM VIRUSES! Thankfully a star also produces host protonselectrons that did not become pregnant with the neutrino otherwise this universe would be even worse than it is (and is pretty bad). Did you know why a star explodes? For the same reason that chicken pox blisters and bacteria explode and you sneeze, because virus neutrinos made their copies using the host and now they are ready to burst out to infect more hosts and generate more evil! But give them theories, give them theories, give them sweet little theories, and watch in disbelief as "they" believe things that cannot be proven, and especially if they excite the senses like bangs and whimpers. It happens in science and in religion (but you must have the art of sounding convincing!) And if scientists have a degree, well they will certainly believe the lies with that!

4) Don't tell them that dark energy particles are just hosts constantly creating new matter through particle division just like bacteria and human cells reproduce through cloning and generate life. In fact without cloning there would be no species of any kind and no life because cloning builds the bodies of all species at the atomic and cellular level and it is this power of the host that viruses use to make copies of themselves through infection (= sex!), and to control the host. This is too true! Give them sex, give them sex, give them sweet little sex and end their lives with aging and death (because sex is host versus virus and viruses always destroy the host). But some scientists rather die fucking than surviving with cloning. They may find losing the war against viruses alright as long as there is plenty of sex in sight. NOW IS IT REALLY ALRIGHT TO AGE AND DIE, BECOME EXTINCT, AND LOSE A WAR TO A NON-COMPLEX ORGANISM LIKE A VIRUS? Have fun, destroy viruses (or they will destroy you!) Sending a virus to the electric chair will give you more of a high than sex! There is an ocean of viruses that could be destroyed!

5) Don't tell them that they can see dark energy particles, it is darkness! All clones of each other and that is why it all looks the same. Got it? Just like identical twins look the same or the cells of your skin look the same. Yes cloning equals harmony and happiness and ORDER! And may I add POWER! That is why viruses hate cloning because they are no match for that!

6. Don't tell them that there is a war going on between hosts and viruses, between asexual and sexual reproduction. Give them lies, give them lies, give them sweet little lies and watch humans become extinct!

7. Don't tell them that aging and death is a viral disease. Make up lots of lies about it. You don't want them to know THAT, do you? And please don't tell them that viruses are everywhere and that is why everywhere you go and everywhere you look you see lies, disease, ignorance, aging and death, extinction -make up lies!

8. Don't tell them that solids, liquids and gases are all made of hosts protonselectrons and neutrons/neutrinos YES! live organisms. It means that a rock is alive but it cannot move because it has too many protonselectrons and neutrons/neutrinos and that liquids and gases can move because, yes, you guessed it, they have less organisms and you also guessed it, humans are made of solids, liquids and gases. Yes our bones are alive just like the water that we drink, the air that we breathe and the solids that we eat! That is why we are alive!

9 Don't tell them that humans are born ignorant because viruses erase their memories to control them, that is too true! And that they love drugs because drugs are full of viruses! The more solid the drug the more neutrons/neutrinos it has. Fact. Chemistry. So simple, but tell them lies. (Why do you think people on drugs become really horny and evil? Yes they are full of viruses in their heads, and viruses want sex and sexual diseases to keep making copies of themselves! And they also want more mentally ill, ignorant children born from drug addicts that can only think of fucking around without a condom!

10. Don't tell them that science is full of lies and that they respect science just like religion, but both are full of lies. Where do we come from? What is our destiny? The truth is very simple: everything in this universe is hosts and viruses and viruses are non-complex (just like sperm) and use the complexity of the host to make copies of themselves and also to control the host! Eggs versus sperm, bacteria versus viruses, dark energy particles versus light matter particles, protonselectrons versus neutrinos. HOST VERSUS VIRUS, HOST VERSUS VIRUS, HOST VERSUS VIRUS ........ GOT THAT? Is that simple. You see it in astronomy, in particle physics, in microbiology, in biology, in human sociology and so on. Our destiny? Extinction if we worship viruses. Immortality if we worship hosts. (Don't forget that our atoms survived the explosion of a star and have been around for many billions of years in different shapes and forms, so immortality - the preservation of human memory and body functions is within our grasp with the enzyme telomerase opposed by apoptosis). BUT DON'T TELL THEM THAT! IS TOO TRUE!

NOTE: The code for the human genome was found to have large fragments that were directly derived from viruses (February 2001), and some scientists are marvelling at the role viruses play in evolution (YOU MEAN THE ROLE IN DISEASE, AGING AND DEATH, IGNORANCE, AND YES! EVIL?) One thing such scientists have failed to understand: VIRUSES ARE NON COMPLEX AND THEY USE THE INTELLIGENCE OF THE HOST TO DO THEIR DIRTY DEEDS. This is clearly seen in the neutron/neutrino of atoms: virus neutrinos controlling the intelligence of the host protonelectron of the neutron. Stop giving viruses credit for nothing. They are just a bunch of wretched beasts that like to fuck everything (or shall we say infect everything?), and destroy everything. Accept the fact that without the power of cloning of hosts like dark energy, bacteria, human cells and so on, there would be no life and no intelligence!

Host dark energy particles versus virus light matter particles from disintegrated neutrinos = Host proton heads electron tails versus Virus Neutrinos = The Neutron/Neutrino Origin of Species = The Neutrino aging and death of species.
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