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July 2014

The USFreeads affiliate program has been running since 2002, making it one of the longest running affiliate programs on the web.

As USFreeads has grown over the years since we started over 14 years ago, unfortunately we've been forced to spend more and more time dealing with the scammers who each month, try and use the affiliate program to gain money in deceptive and fraudulent ways.

Combined with the endless unwanted spammy affiliate ads and advertisers that a large percentage of affiliates refer to us which we've never wanted (USFreeads has always been a place for people to advertise their own products and services, not advertise other peoples products and services through affiliate programs), we've reached the conclusion that it's simply not worth continuing with the affiliate program for the time being and have decided to close the doors so we can focus on spending less time dealing with both the undesirable people and the undesirable ads which the affiliate program has unfortunately attracted at times, and instead focus our energy on making USFreeads bigger, better and more feature packed for buyers and sellers.

If we can figure out how to stop the influx of spammy affiliate ads being posted as a result of some of our affiliates advertising our services to the wrong crowd, we'll open the doors again, possibly through a third-party affiliate network instead of doing it ourselves so we don't have to invest the time and energy dealing with people attempting to gain commissions using deceptive and fraudulent means.

If you're one of our existing 40,000+ affiliates, while you can no longer access your affiliate management console we will continue paying commissions until the end of September 2014 for commissions earned until the end of August 2014.

In the meantime, it's very much "business as usual" for buying and selling things on USFreeads :)


Thanks for your support!
The USFreeads team