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Baby Genesis Brain

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Los Angeles, California
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Here is Baby Genesis next chapter, and this is showing her having some hard work in her hand as I mention earlier. We are having high hopes and faith that she is going to pull this through with all those help from the Doctors and Nurses. In the area of her nursing some are a bit weak but some are very strong in their work. They have a strong control in her recovery where by some easily lose that control. Tonight mark the 12/12/2012 there is a nurse that is Genesis nurse who is pulling back all those children from some down turn.
She is a hard worker I like her, seem to have a lot of experience. I do not want to shout because just the another night there was another nurse who done a great job on Genesis and me and my big mouth saying she is doing a good job and just after she got off shift the baby condition dip bitterly. Some of the nurse who do such good job I really want to say something but now nervous that the next nurse come on shift will not control as well. Please keep in mind some of these picture are graphic this is some of her last result, and when nurses are not strong in controlling their job. It is of most important for each nurse to have strong control of each baby for the health setting and most of all people trust: in the work which can cause second opinion form financial support. When Genesis first came to CHILDREN HOSPITAL her condition was a " D " very terrible from result of former Hospital. But Children Hospital pull her out which I gave a ( A ) grade for then but they need to maintain such position. Genesis condition is falling a bit but these nurses are strong or rather most of them. When I left Children Hospital I will give a grade of the work done on Genesis. Last week UCLA got a grade of ( F ) that Hospital I do not want to go and that is not good it fall into second oppinion for that Hospital existing.
NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD and If I was working there: quickly ask for a transfer.Children Hospital the Doctor communication and comforting of people in public they are ( A ) For informing ( A ) For handling equiptment it is ( A ) to be at work on time ( A ) Loyal in informatiom ( A ) Worker to worker social static ( C ) Hygiene at work place ( A ) and most of all my baby final result ( ? ) well that's enough you get the picture. Just some prayer along with their work and Genesis should be a result of A. Well I must say at about 2:00am to 3:00am the nurse was not controlling her work well so Baby Genesis seem not too promising from 4:00am now 7:05am 12/13/2012 morning for the rest of the day I just do not know what her setting will be.
Children Hospital 4650 Sunset Blvd# 13 Los Angeles, CA90027 (Ph#323-361-2531) I want to say something positive but I need promising evidence to give a setting of optimistic words.


Today from the haul back for my Baby Girl Daniels I awaits the result to see her condition. It feel like a person who bought a lotto ticket and heavy in waiting to hear the win. Ancious to see how well the Hospital work force control her condition. Her condition controlling the hospital work force or our work force controlliong her condition? I am also working to help control her condition so it is not only nervous to see the result but hoping the result improve rapidly. The world know that UCLA Hospital knock a " F " in performance that is not good a months a go,
and deeply hope Children Hospital does not fall there.
California Hospital is not doing too good in grading hitting like " D or C " in grade performance which need a lots of improvement and assistance from other profesional Hospital; this is shameful a bit. One can easily improve in these condition; Are we holding a firm control on this situation?. Shift 12/18/2012 6:00pm to 7:00am so sad to say but this playing of setting the undertaker took that good benefit which is a valuable credit. I as part of this team in parental setting firmaly say this is one of the down for Baby Daniels and hopefully the next shift
can make up for our lost credit in their play setting they will hold. Next shift 7:30am 12/19/2012 hoping that there are some strong players in this shift our passing batton to them is a " D ": Hopefully they can switch to batton " A " we are sorry for such pray in Jesus Name they can end off strong since this is not good for country repitation or any Hospital. This is not the end of Baby Daniels shift some more playing shift left. Prone to say last night was more crucial than today WHY? she was younger and more fragile. So far our team had made an " A " but fall a bit just need to work a bit to restore such batton, and the baby physical make up will show it. Bye for now Albright Newton F said if you lost in one way you lost in 7 to 70 different ways, and excuses are credit to go to hell. If Baby Daniels does not make it this is not good for them all hospital in California need urgent upgrade in workers setting. Meaning we are working and spend money and not providing suitable result meaning we are not capable of maintaining what we have. I am a writer and Author of few books so most naturally this will be in some of them that is soon to publish. If only I can summon the best of the best to make this Hospital have a grade of " A " with Baby Genesis WHY? I just need California to hit the first place in health and work performance. Where ever I am at truly like it to be the first runner UP in work performance.
In Hospital and Work performance California rank in the
5 to 6 position and not too settling for me. IF ONLY WE CAN PULL THIS THROUGH FOR GENESIS I AM SURE OUR RANKING WILL BE SECOND OR THIRD IN THIS COUNTRY. But if the next team performance is the same like what we did last night or worst I am sure Hospital ranking here will fall even worst in ranking. One thing I can say to be the smartest in a class, Chief Executive Officer, President or First Hospital in work performance is pressure or stress, but it bring along with it strong benefit.
From last time that day team did a great performance to keep the baby out and breathing. After she was under water needed to breathe because of that lost praise God the day shift help gave her a win which gave her breathing space, and no penalty was impose on her.

On the 12/20/2012 the night shift was having a good
play time but after 3 to 4:00am in the morning Genesis team began to lose and about 5:00am she is under water and losing naturally penalty will impose on her, and yes it did "SeiSURE"; " BRAIN"; " LUNG " " BLOOD " and " WIND " is now holding her under water. This tag team is very strong for our team and proven so far to have it way with our Hospital team who is desperately
fighting to keep her a float. While out sider is oblivious to this happening genesis and her Hospital is not only fighting for her but for the country, and that the next team holding her under water is now proven to have a bright feature in this country. This is not good now as I stand watching her underwater she need to breathe hand, feet, and eyes is fight in evrey ways to get relief, and up on that another huge needle was shove in her hopefully to keep her alive.
If she can stay under water for 4 day with out dead she can win this game, but I can say she is one of the world most powerful player, but the opposite players is so mighty. Doctor Lisa and the team is performing well except some of her team members is not so strong which dreadful affect her coaching power. 1:16pm 12/21/2012 Baby Daniels is still under water, and nothing I can do to help but pray hoping she stay strong and live "THIS IS NOT A STORY THIS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW ON THIS DAY MARK THURSDAY/21/2012 1:25PM in the afternoon and so far she does not look like she will be coming from under that water soon.
It is 5:15pm now on the 12/21/2012 and the Nurse on duty partially get Genesis head a bit out of the water just enough for her to breathe. Not only her but another little Nurse very beautiful that all I can say I do not know her name but they work; well it is time for me to say bye for now and hope the next team play a powerful win shift: Genesis need it. Christmas greeting to all Albright Newton F say bye.

BABY DANIELS: 12/24/2012

Well since the last time Baby Genesis or Baby Daniels was out of water until 12/22/2012 where she was doing a bit OK in the sence she was taking breast Milk a bit gain in that area but as time progress we will see how good we hold her up. So far good kicking until; 11:00pm shift team for 12/22/2012 we seem to lost control, and that was devastated to us on Genesis team quickly our team was struck with losing penalty that is: feeding infection which quickly dip her under water and she is still trying to get a breathing air. well it is 4:37pm on the 12/24/2012 and she is desperately trying to get her breathing momemthum health back. Not only that but the (PCO2) is also a killing factor like a sprain ankle on her foot or broken arm and playing basket ball. We can't seem to get the healing treatment she need here. This is not good so now where do we stand? PCO2 IN THE BLOOD; BRAIN, LUNGS, GAS IN STOMACH, FLUID IN THE BRAIN,and FOOD DEFECT, and BACTERIA in LUNGS. So now we seem to have time to play this winning game seriously we are loosing here no doubt about it. She is under water no doubt; let say each offences is ( 1 foot deep) you do the Maths we have to work hard and no space for much more errows
we are feeling it here in many ways, but we will pull this winning victory through. Today shift 12/24/2012
from: 6:30am until 4:55pm she is doing her best to surface here but need much more power here this PCO2 is not: "WHERE IS THE DEFENCE AGAINST THIS PLAYER'S?" PCO2.
Shift team from: 12/24/2012 done a nice work but need a little bit pull through, so she left shift team: 12/25/2012 in a winning posistin.

CHRISTMAS DAY: 12/25/2012

Shift team: 12/25/2012 is playing and bright starting but mid day this team began to show much sign of weakness. Not in a positive setting for such fragile position 2:00pm Genesis in under water and so far is a losing position not good not good, let see as time goes how well this team play. Well Doctor LISA is going to change shift well not good for our team since we are losing and in a red setting. So the day is 6:00pm old Christmas day and testing from the doctor will tell the losing penalties of Baby Daniels are enduring. We need a good player and like now if only we were winning in this area of health. Every members now is under pressure which will cause us to be under so much stress.
Well the health and safety department, now what must I say in this setting? up and down in this setting; but "THE RESULT OF THE CHILD WILL SHOW IT ALL". Loyalty, Integrity, Reliability is my setting and that what our laws govern. We must play to the very finish line in every way honestly, and that where I fit in all the way. I deeply believe in us there is champ and will show up; I have been in the Army, Science , School, Soccer, Assembly, team; even dead for many days and pull through. We will pull this through so that this hospital get a good name no flimbsy name in a settlement. That is not only good for us to know but only for us as a character. The earth is changing rapidly and the setting of deadly bacterias is on the rise we must have the color for such characters. This little case will not prove stronger than us this 1000 years
"SHE MUST LIVE AND BE HEALTHY THAT IS AN " A " no less will do; if we fail. Failing is not a part of our SPANGLE banner we carry so team victory is no less accepted. It so much like dictatoring isn't it? yes it is because this little condition is controlling us that is the point. Well lets put her together in good health
is an " A " where ever in this hospital. Yesterday a man say UCLA is a good hospital in treatment for sick he do not seem to realize that UCLA HOSPITAL had an " F " last month in performance. This is: Albright Newton F speaking Children Hospital is the best that is my solemn belief in me and all my friends in (THE ASSEMBLY). My great grandpa was a bright figure in BUCKINGHAN PALACE ENGLAND, my great, great uncle also
mighty figure in THE WHITE HOUSE, and here Children Hospital is much, much more stronger.

Prepared by: Albright Newton F
Analization Scientist

Public Crime and Case Judgment
Date: 11/29/2012

Hello Public we; Need your help in judging this case.
It is not often the public is put to judge such case, for in this instant many turn another face. But in this are loyal family with child 1 day terrorise for the next 22 weeks until what is seen. Be advise no name or information will be given about this group of interest until the Judge do final judgment in this case. Or if the public force to get the Lawyers or Judge to do so.

Here is the next chapter of baby Genesis painful and chronic suffering, cause by many.
Even before Mrs.Merlene Daniels Genesis Mother was pregnant many people perform
In tireless attempting murder against me and Merlene. Albright and Merlene who at this point try to get many to do something but to no avail and baby Genesis pop up on the scene too were tormented until here these pictures show result of such acts. This picture and more show the direct result of specific group of people all join together in such acts for years.
What have I done? after 2 to 3 meeting and 3 to 4 police highlight against them they done it even worst. Police respond: Nothing we can do but you need to take out a civil law suite.

All this taking place at: 5411 South Broadway Blvd Los Angeles, CA90037

This dark hade of evil yet persist which now left in the eyes of the public to bring about justice
Since this setting concern criminal act done to minor and innocent as a whole a 100 Voters need to participate. 50 Votes and up must disagree so that the public may know who all done this evil acts.

100 Light votes need to vote either against it or for it;
If more votes goes towards agreeing for the criminal setting I. E that mean they walk without any touch or say any thing to them. But if they are in the red the judge will charge them to our satisfaction or imprisonment if the judge desire.

BLACK LIGHT: Against it


The public have 6 months to fully participate in voting to bring about those people evil and dark creation.

Voting begin at: 12 /06/2012 to 07/22/2013

Approved by: Albright and Merlene

"Here this case to be judge have nothing whatsoever with the Hospital Doctors or Nurses. In this setting the Hospital is trying to fixed something broken before reached the Hospital".
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