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Alphabetical Dog Breed/Group List

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If you can't find the breed that you're looking for, have a look in the "All Others" category as there are many popular breeds that do not fit into one of the groups below.

Some of the breeds below fall into more than one group.


 Ads: Category Name: Group:
0  Affenpinscher  Toy Group
1  Afghan Hound  Hound Group
0  Aidi  Livestock Guardian
0  Aidi or Atlas Sheepdog  Herding Group
0  Ainu Dog  Spitz Group
7  Airedale Terrier  Terrier Group
11  Akbash Dog  Livestock Guardian
46  Akita  Working Group
3  Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog  Molosser Group
9  Alaskan Husky  Spitz Group
8  Alaskan Klee Kai  Spitz Group
30  Alaskan Malamute  Working Group
0  American Bandogge  Molosser Group
12  American Bulldog  Molosser Group
17  American Eskimo  Spitz Group
3  American Foxhound  Hound Group
15  American Hairless Terrier  Terrier Group
1  American Indian Dog  Spitz Group
1  American Lo-Sze Pugg  Toy Group
3  American Mastiff  Molosser Group
108  American Pit Bull Terrier  Terrier Group
19  American Staffordshire Terrier  Terrier Group
1  American Tundra Shepherd  Herding Group
1  American Water Spaniel  Sporting Group
2  Anatolian Shepherd  Working Group
0  Anglo-Francais  Hound Group
0  Appenzeller Mountain Dog  Herding Group
1  Ariegeois  Hound Group
12  Australian Cattle Dog  Herding Group
1  Australian Kelpie  Herding Group
97  Australian Shepherd  Herding Group
4  Australian Terrier  Terrier Group
1  Austrian Pinscher  Terrier Group
0  Azawakh  Hound Group
0  Barak  Hound Group
0  Barbet  Working Group
1  Basenji  Hound Group
0  Basset Artesien Normand  Hound Group
0  Basset Fauve De Bretagne  Hound Group
24  Basset Hound  Hound Group
41  Beagle  Hound Group
2  Bearded Collie  Herding Group
0  Beauceron  Herding Group
1  Bedlington Terrier  Terrier Group
17  Belgian Malinois  Herding Group
1  Belgian Sheepdog  Herding Group
0  Belgian Tervuren  Herding Group
0  Bergamasco Shepherd Dog  Herding Group
0  Berger Picard  Herding Group
14  Bernese Mountain Dog  Working Group
45  Bichon Frise  Non Sporting Group
1  Black & Tan Coonhound  Hound Group
0  Black Forest Hound  Hound Group
0  Black Russian Terrier  Terrier Group
1  Blackmouth Cur  Hound Group
0  Bleus de Gascogne  Hound Group
15  Bloodhound  Hound Group
3  Bluetick Coonhound  Hound Group
3  Boerboel  Molosser Group
11  Boglen Terrier  Designer Pups
1  Bolognese  Toy Group
25  Border Collie  Herding Group
3  Border Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Borzoi  Hound Group
102  Boston Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Bouvier des Flandres  Herding Group
129  Boxer  Working Group
2  Boykin Spaniel  Sporting Group
1  Bracco Italiano  Sporting Group
0  Braque dAriege  Sporting Group
0  Braque dAuvergne  Sporting Group
0  Braque du Bourbonnais  Sporting Group
0  Braque Dupuy  Sporting Group
0  Braque Saint Germain  Sporting Group
0  Braques Francais  Sporting Group
0  Brazilian Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Briard  Herding Group
0  Briquet Griffon Vendeen  Hound Group
9  Brittany  Sporting Group
0  Bruno De Jura  Hound Group
2  Brussels Griffon  Toy Group
2  Bugstons  Designer Pups
41  Bull Terrier  Terrier Group
1106  Bulldog  Non Sporting Group
23  Bullmastiff  Working Group
19  BullShihtz  Designer Pups
8  Cairn Terrier  Terrier Group
1  Canaan Dog  Primitive Group
0  Canadian Eskimo Dog  Spitz Group
15  Cane Corso  Molosser Group
0  Caravan Hound  Hound Group
0  Carolina Dog  Hound Group
1  Castro Laboreiro  Livestock Guardian
4  Catahoula Leopard Dog  Herding Group
0  Catalan Sheepdog  Herding Group
13  Caucasian Ovtcharka  Livestock Guardian
18  Cavachon  Designer Pups
44  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  Toy Group
41  Cavapoo  Designer Pups
0  Cesky Fousek  Sporting Group
0  Cesky Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Chart Polski  Hound Group
3  Chesapeake Bay Retriever  Sporting Group
157  Chihuahua  Toy Group
7  Chinese Crested  Toy Group
0  Chinese Foo Dog  Spitz Group
25  Chinese Shar pei  Non Sporting Group
0  Chinook  Spitz Group
11  Chiweenie  Designer Pups
10  Chorkie  Designer Pups
35  Chow Chow  Non Sporting Group
0  Cimarron Uruguayo  Molosser Group
0  Cirneco dell Etna  Primitive Group
0  Clumber Spaniel  Sporting Group
36  Cockapoo  Designer Pups
23  Cocker Spaniel  Sporting Group
5  Collie  Herding Group
10  Coton de Tulear  Non Sporting Group
0  Curly Coated Retriever  Sporting Group
0  Czechoslovakian Wolfdog  Working Group
53  Dachshund  Hound Group
19  Dalmatian  Non Sporting Group
0  Dandie Dinmont Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Danish Broholmer  Molosser Group
0  Dingo  Primitive Group
71  Doberman Pinscher  Working Group
12  Dogo Argentino  Molosser Group
22  Dogue De Bordeaux  Molosser Group
13  Doodle  Designer Pups
0  Drever  Hound Group
1  Dutch Shepherd  Herding Group
1  English Cocker Spaniel  Sporting Group
0  English Coonhound  Hound Group
1  English Foxhound  Hound Group
6  English Setter  Sporting Group
4  English Shepherd  Herding Group
9  English Springer Spaniel  Sporting Group
0  English Toy Spaniel  Toy Group
0  Entlebucher Mountain Dog  Herding Group
0  Estrela Mountain Dog  Livestock Guardian
0  Eurasier  Spitz Group
0  Field Spaniel  Sporting Group
1  Fila Brasileiro  Molosser Group
0  Finnish Lapphund  Spitz Group
1  Finnish Spitz  Spitz Group
0  Flat Coated Retriever  Sporting Group
4  Fox Terrier  Terrier Group
4  Fox Terrier (Wire)  Terrier Group
486  French Bulldog  Non Sporting Group
91  FrenchBo  Designer Pups
13  Frenchton  Designer Pups
0  Galgo Espanol  Hound Group
1  German Longhaired Pointer  Sporting Group
8  German Pinscher  Working Group
0  German Seidenspitz  Toy Group
187  German Shepherd  Herding Group
20  German Shorthaired Pointer  Sporting Group
2  German Spitz  Spitz Group
4  German Wirehaired Pointer  Sporting Group
4  Giant Schnauzer  Working Group
0  Glen of Imaal Terrier  Terrier Group
168  Golden Retriever  Sporting Group
110  Goldendoodle  Designer Pups
1  Gordon Setter  Sporting Group
72  Great Dane  Working Group
26  Great Pyrenees  Livestock Guardian
1  Greater Swiss Mountain Dog  Working Group
0  Greenland Dog  Spitz Group
1  Greyhound  Hound Group
0  Groenendael  Herding Group
0  Hamilton Stovare  Hound Group
0  Harrier  Hound Group
42  Havanese  Toy Group
0  Hokkaido  Spitz Group
6  Hovawart  Working Group
0  Ibizan  Hound Group
0  Iceland Sheepdog  Herding Group
0  Inuit Sled Dog  Spitz Group
2  Irish Setter  Sporting Group
2  Irish Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Irish Water Spaniel  Sporting Group
1  Irish Wolfhound  Hound Group
8  Italian Greyhound  Toy Group
31  Jack Russell Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Jagdterrier  Terrier Group
0  Jamthund  Spitz Group
29  Japanese Chin  Toy Group
3  Japanese Spitz  Spitz Group
0  Japanese Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Kai  Spitz Group
2  Kangal Dog  Livestock Guardian
0  Karelian Bear Dog  Spitz Group
1  Keeshond  Non Sporting Group
0  Kerry Blue Terrier  Terrier Group
0  King Shepherd  Herding Group
0  Kishu  Spitz Group
1  Komondor  Working Group
1  Kooikerhondje  Sporting Group
0  Korean Jindo  Spitz Group
0  Kuvasz  Livestock Guardian
0  Kyi Leo  Non Sporting Group
70  Labradoodle  Designer Pups
188  Labrador Retriever  Sporting Group
0  Laekenois  Herding Group
0  Laika  Spitz Group
0  Lakeland Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Lapponian Herder  Herding Group
0  Large Munsterlander  Sporting Group
1  Leonberger  Working Group
8  Lhasa Apso  Non Sporting Group
4  Lhasapoo  Designer Pups
1  Llewellin Setter  Sporting Group
1  Lowchen  Non Sporting Group
0  Lurcher  Hound Group
17  Maltchi  Designer Pups
746  Maltese  Toy Group
25  Maltezu  Designer Pups
6  Maltipom  Designer Pups
67  Maltipoo  Designer Pups
0  Manchester Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Maremma Sheepdog  Herding Group
1  Maremma Sheepdog  Livestock Guardian
4  Mastador  Designer Pups
36  Mastiff  Working Group
0  McNab  Herding Group
0  Mexican Hairless  Toy Group
1  Mi Ki  Toy Group
0  Middle Asian Ovtcharka  Livestock Guardian
1  Minature Bull Terrier  Terrier Group
52  Minature Schnauzer  Terrier Group
13  Miniature Pinscher  Toy Group
42  Morkie  Designer Pups
0  Moscow Longhaired Toy Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Mountain View Cur  Hound Group
0  Mudi  Herding Group
4  Neapolitan Mastiff  Molosser Group
2  New Guinea Singing Dog  Primitive Group
0  New Zealand Huntaway  Herding Group
19  Newfoundland  Working Group
0  Norbottenspitz  Spitz Group
0  Norfolk Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Norwegian Buhund  Spitz Group
0  Norwegian Elkhound  Hound Group
0  Norwegian Lundehund  Spitz Group
3  Norwich Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever  Sporting Group
5  Old English Sheepdog  Herding Group
9  Olde English Bulldogge  Molosser Group
16839  Others  All Others
0  Otterhound  Hound Group
12  Papillon  Toy Group
0  Pariah  Primitive Group
0  Patterdale Terrier  Terrier Group
2  Pekapom  Designer Pups
0  Pekapoo  Designer Pups
6  Pekingese  Toy Group
1  Perro de Pastor Mallorquin  Livestock Guardian
0  Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen  Hound Group
1  Pharaoh Hound  Hound Group
0  Picardy Spaniel  Sporting Group
2  Plott Hound  Hound Group
0  Podenco  Hound Group
2  Pointer  Sporting Group
0  Polish Hound  Hound Group
0  Polish Lowland Sheepdog  Herding Group
0  Polish Tatra Sheepdog  Herding Group
45  PomChi  Designer Pups
1662  Pomeranian  Toy Group
66  Poodle  Non Sporting Group
4  Porkie  Designer Pups
0  Portugese Water Dog  Working Group
0  Portuguese Podengo  Primitive Group
0  Portuguese Sheepdog  Herding Group
6  Presa Canario  Molosser Group
1290  Pug  Toy Group
5  Pugapoo  Designer Pups
16  Puggles  Designer Pups
1  Puli  Herding Group
1  Pumi  Herding Group
0  Pyrenean Mastiff  Molosser Group
0  Pyrenean Shepherd  Herding Group
3  Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle  Hound Group
7  Rat Terrier  Terrier Group
1  Redbone Coonhound  Hound Group
3  Rhodesian Ridgeback  Hound Group
215  Rottweiler  Working Group
0  Russian Spaniel  Sporting Group
38  Saint Bernard  Working Group
0  Saluki  Hound Group
37  Samoyed  Working Group
0  Sarplaninac  Livestock Guardian
0  Schapendoes  Herding Group
0  Schiller Hound  Hound Group
1  Schipperke  Herding Group
12  Schnauzers  Non Sporting Group
10  Schnoodles  Designer Pups
0  Scottish Deerhound  Hound Group
4  Scottish Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Sealyham Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Segugio Italiano  Hound Group
2  Seppala Siberian Sleddog  Spitz Group
2  Shepadoodle  Designer Pups
11  Shetland Sheepdog  Herding Group
45  Shiba Inu  Spitz Group
16  Shichon  Designer Pups
1252  Shih Tzu  Toy Group
18  Shihpoo  Designer Pups
0  Shikoku  Spitz Group
1  Shiloh Shepherd  Herding Group
1  Shima  Designer Pups
14  Shorkie  Designer Pups
375  Siberian Husky  Working Group
0  Silken Windhound  Hound Group
3  Silky Terrier  Toy Group
1  Skye Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Sloughi  Hound Group
0  Small Munsterlander  Sporting Group
0  Snorkie  Designer Pups
2  Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier  Terrier Group
0  South Russian Ovtcharka  Livestock Guardian
0  South Russian Steppe Hound  Hound Group
1  Spanish Mastiff  Livestock Guardian
0  Spanish Water Dog  Sporting Group
0  Spinone Italiano  Sporting Group
0  Stabyhoun  Sporting Group
8  Staffordshire Bull Terrier  Terrier Group
6  Standard Schnauzer  Working Group
0  Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog  Herding Group
0  Sussex Spaniel  Sporting Group
0  Swedish Vallhund  Herding Group
1  Teddy Roosevelt Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Tenterfield Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Thai Ridgeback  Hound Group
0  Tibetan Kyi Apso  Livestock Guardian
3  Tibetan Mastiff  Livestock Guardian
2  Tibetan Spaniel  Non Sporting Group
2  Tibetan Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Tornjak  Livestock Guardian
0  Tosa Inu  Molosser Group
1  Toy Fox Terrier  Toy Group
0  Toy Manchester Terrier  Toy Group
60  Toy Poodle  Toy Group
0  Transylvanian Hound  Hound Group
2  Treeing Walker Coonhound  Hound Group
0  Tyrolean Hound  Hound Group
10  Vizsla  Sporting Group
0  Volpino Italiano  Spitz Group
15  Weimaraner  Sporting Group
0  Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)  Herding Group
98  Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)  Herding Group
0  Welsh Springer Spaniel  Sporting Group
2  Welsh Terrier  Terrier Group
42  West Highland White Terrier  Terrier Group
0  Whippet  Hound Group
6  White Shepherd  Herding Group
0  Wirehaired Pointing Griffon  Sporting Group
0  Wolfdog  Primitive Group
2  Xoloitzcuintli  Working Group
4  Yorkiepom  Designer Pups
12  YorkieTzu  Designer Pups
3  Yorkillon  Designer Pups
32  Yorkinese  Designer Pups
68  Yorkipoo  Designer Pups
2334  Yorkshire Terrier  Toy Group

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