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"Earth's Axis Tilt Recorded In Ancient China"

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Let’s start with the amazing research–you most likely never heard of– by the late official Australian government astronomer George Dodwell, into what is called “the obliquity of the ecliptic”, the angle between the plane of the Earth’s equator and plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, which today is approximately 23.5º.In 1936 Dodwell made an amazing discovery! From measurements taken by ancient scientists and his own meticulous study of ancient megaliths, he found that the axial tilt of the Earth had incrementally changed over thousands of years!He happened to discover that “sun corridors” inside ancient megaliths all over the world in ancient times used to catch the sunlight at its most Northern position (summer solstice) dead-center on the back walls of these corridors, but not anymore so in modern times, proving that the tilt of the Earth in relation to the Sun had changed!Here is for example the temple of Amon Ra at Karnak Egypt.He checked all available past measurements and their accuracy, by famous astronomers and mathematicians like Thales, Hipparchus, Eudoxus, Ptolemy and Pythagoras, etc., examining hundreds of data, many of which were very ancient. He found these data correlated, giving a consistent pattern of history quite different from Newcomb’s Formula of a much smaller constant decrease in angle over time.Rather than random departures from Newcomb, the actual historical data from antiquity show a consistently decreasing angle of tilt. The obliquity appeared to have initially changed dramatically, most likely from a virtual 0º to a new tilt of 26,5º, which then began to gradually narrow down to our present 23.5º tilt. (See next Fig.)What Does Dodwell’s New Curve Prove?When you catch a gyroscope slowly correcting itself from a sudden initial wider angle to a lesser angle than when you first found it, it proves that it must have been struck by some sort of heavy impact before you found it, whether physical or magnetic! Mind you, this has nothing to do with speed or slowing down! Earth’s gyroscope didn’t slow down anymore since the change from a former 360 days- to our present 365¼ days’ year!As the line in the graph above is vertical at 2345 B.C., therefore our planet on or just before 2345 BC must have gotten radically tipped over, probably from a small or even 0º tilt to 26,5º. Since then, over a period of 4225 years, Earth’s tilt (obliquity) gradually evened out to a permanent 23,5º ever since 1880 AD. This 4225 years lasting correction ending in 1880 AD, indicates that some kind of sudden radical change in Earth’s condition took place in or around 2345 B.C.Therefore our planet, having been knocked off balance like a spinning top, must have suffered some sort of great cataclysm then, which is not reported, given credence or even mentioned by today’s orthodox historians, as if nothing ever happened!Both mainstream academics who are supposed to scour the human record to report on what truly took place in our past, and surprisingly even so-called “alternative” historians like Shoch, Hancock & others, all act as if 2345 B.C went by without a bump! But how could it have! Dodwell said,“The data from the ancients regarding the tilt of earth’s axis definitely show a recovery from a disturbance. We can speculate about the nature of the disturbance, but the data compel us to accept the fact that whatever its cause the disturbance is an historical fact.”So what did happen around 2345 B.C?! Is there something found in the human record perhaps? In the geological record? Did the ancients ever mention some big change, event, or disaster? Do you know?Here is the answer from Chinese records...2 similar versions. Last year 2013, I sat next to a professor of ancient Chinese language and his son in law who is also a top BeiJing scholar. I mentioned this historic event about emperor Zhuan Xu fighting a half man snake monster in ancient China. Both of them confirmed this story which resulted the Earth being tilted....causing Noah's flood in Yunnan South China. Heaven in the Eyes of Ancient Chinese People It is said in the ancient times, Gong Gong (a half man and half snake monster) and Zhuan Xu (a god) had a hard fight for control of the heaven, with Zhuan Xu emerging as the victor. Exasperated by failure, Gong Gong went to the northwest corner of the earth and knocked down the Buzhou Mountain, which was one of the eight pillars supporting the sky. As a result, the northwest sky collapsed and the southeast earth sank. Subsequently, the sun, moon, and stars in the sky all slid to the northwest, while the water and silt on the earth flowed to the southeast. Gong Gong is an ancient god in charge of flooding, and is said to have a human head with red hair and a body of a snake. Many ancient books depict Gong Gong as a very cruel and irritable character who often wages wars against others. In Huainanzi ( 《淮南子》Huáinán zi ) , the war between Gong Gong and the emperor Zhuan Xu ( 颛顼 Zhuānxū ) is recorded. According to Huainanzi, Gong Gong started a war against Zhuan Xu because he intended to supersede Zhuan Xu and become the emperor. The fierce war ends with Gong Gong’s failure. Out of rage, Gong Gong runs up onto Mountain Buzhou ( 不周山 Bù zhōushān ), one pillar of heaven. After this clash the whole world becomes slanted. George Dodwell's calculations showed before 2345 BC, the Earth had no tilt....which fits in the timeline 120 yrs earlier 2470 BC which records the combat of ZhuanXu (Jesus) vs Gong Gong (snake man). The "no tilt" earth then violently titled 26.5 degrees after 2465 BC. ZhuanXu (Jesus) would had informed Noah to build the ark and supplied men to help him in Yunnan. 120 years later in 2345 BC, underground water which flowed towards southeast had built up so much pressure that it burst and flooded large section of Yunnan around Fuxian Lake. "Mega Ancient City sunk in Fuxian Lake"Hard evidence of Noah's flood location...Fuxian Lake stretches out through Chengjiang County, Jiangchuan County and Huaning County in Yunnan Province, about 60 kilometers to Kunming City, spanning an area of 212 square kilometers.The lake is ranked third largest in Yunnan, right after the Dianchi Lake and the Erhai Lake. Also the deepest lake in Yunnan, it is 155 meters deep at its greatest depth.One day, Geng Wei, a specialized diver, found a strange phenomenon under the lake. He discovered many stone materials, including flagstones and stone strips with thick moss above them, could be seen.Geng Wei believed the stones might be from a remote time. However, why were they underwater? Where did they come from? With these questions, Geng remember a mystical legend about the lake . Local people often said residents could see a city-like silhouette under the lake from the nearby mountains on a fine, calm day.Was it the ancient city mentioned in the legend? In order to explore this riddle, Geng dove into the waters some 38 times to carry on surveys. He finally wrote a report to notify related official departments and experts in Yunnan Province of his findings.Archaeology under the LakeTo unveil the mystery, a Chinese submarine archaeology team stationed in Fuxian Lake also became involved. Members had discovered lots of blocks scattered on the lake bottom. With the advanced use of detectors, they saw stones that formed a wall seen on a sonar display along with various flagstones. High stairs appeared in front of them. Flagstones covered with moss seemed to reveal an ancient sunken city.The team members found the scope of the site under Fuxian Lake was extremely big, and the traces of construction were everywhere. After several days of observation and analyses, experts estimated the scope of the area is between 2.4 square kilometers to 2.7 square kilometers. Where is it from?Some experts speculate the site might be the ancient city of Yuyuan, which disappeared mysteriously many hundreds of years ago.Han Shu (a classic Chinese historical writing covering the history of the Western Han Dynasty, 206 BCE-9 CE), once recorded that Yuyuan City was north of Fuxian Lake.Was the site under the lake the city recorded in Han Shu? To determine this point, the researchers first tried to determine whether the site's age tallied with history. They needed to find items that correlated with human life. After a half-month's survey, earthenware was spotted by inspection team members.The experts believed that, from this earthenware, the site was possibly from the Warring States to the Eastern Han Dynasty. However, in order to find a more exact time, they had to find a subject that could be used for carbon 14 testing.A City of Han DynastyAfter failing many times, team members finally found some shells attached to blocks. Through a test for carbon 14, an accurate time was discovered-the item was 1750 years old. This result proved the site was sunk during the Han period. However in the Tang Dynasty, there were still records about Yuyuan City remaining on land. Therefore, the lost city is not Yuyuan.Another GuessSome experts believe that, from the structure of the under-lake construction, it is extremely similar to the construction styles of the ancient Dian Country, a country with a high level of civilization. After BC 86, it mysteriously disappeared.But the second expedition yielded evidence contradicting this assumption: the buildings were made of stone, while both the cities of Dian and Yuyuan were constructed largely from wood and clay. This indicates this city constructed solely of stones was far more ancient more like >4000 years old. A Large City That Was Never DocumentedSonar surveys have shown that the architecture complex at the bottom of Fuxian Lake covers approximately 2.4 square kilometers (10.8 million square feet), larger than the capital of the Han Dynasty. People cannot help but wonder why such a large city left no trace in historical records.Pyramid More Advanced Than Egyptian In the remains under Fuxian Lake, one of the structures resembles a pyramid. This pyramid seems to be more advanced than the Egyptian pyramids, as the stones are ornamented with various designs and symbols. Divers took a look at the first building which was 19 meters high and 90 meters long. It appeared to be built in pyramidal shape for a higher civilisation and possibly a sacrificial alter. Sonar mapping revealed another 30 measurable and sizable “pyramids,” as well as nine buildings with similar scale of the one discovered. These resemble Mayan pyramids with flat tops for performing activities. There is also a round building like a colosseum 37 meters wide at its base.(Above photo: showing sonar mapping of the Chinese lake where multiple pyramids were discovered)One of the large, high buildings has three floors, a 60-meter wide base and lots of small steps linking the floors. Another is even larger, with a 63-meter wide base standing five floors and a total 21 meters high. A 300-meter long and 5 to 7 meter wide rock road connects the two buildings. ..Enigmatic CarvingsOne stone has attracted particular attention. On the top right of the stone is carved a small circle surrounded by seven radial lines, resembling the Sun. On the left side of the stone is carved a similar circle, but with only four radial lines.According to experts, a Sun-shaped intaglio [type of carving] on a stone is very rare. Such suns with four radial lines were found on bronze drums from the Spring and Autumn Period (722-481BC). However, the symbol on the stone is believed to be even older than that far more than 1,800 years old.The investigation team also found on the stones some carvings resembling masks. The flat cheeks and indented teeth of the masks do not match the facial characteristics of human beings.Other marks found at the site include "0" and "1" signs and seven holes carved in a neat design in the stones. Some simple line drawings were also found, one of which resembles a human face. On some other stones were carved signs looking like Roman numeral "1" and the English letter "y" arranged in a row.Experts admitted it is not yet possible to decipher these symbols. I will decipher these code symbols in future emails. Other Riddles within Fuxian LakeAlong with the discovery of the sunken city, Fuxian Lake has taken on mythic proportions, almost as unfathomable as a Greek fable. Only parts of the secrets in the body of water have unfolded. Legends have prevailed for more than a 1,000 years.Pegasus in Fuxian LakeOn October 24, 1991, a man named Zhang Yuxiang was fishing on the tranquil lake. Suddenly, he and others claim that a shining disk sprang out of the lake as a big fog formed. The disk vanished in the air. The boat was tossed by sudden waves. This strange phenomenon shocked Zhang and other people with him..According to " Cheng Jang Fu Zhi", a book in the region of Emperor Daoguang, a horse-like animal lived in the lake. Its body was pure white with red spots on its back. Sometimes it rapidly flew out of the water. Does the Pegasus really exist in Fuxian Lake?There are many legends local people recall. An ancient fable had a description of "people who sank together with the old city and now live underwater." And some people once said, "when diving, they have spotted mummies standing in the lake."Fuxian Lake to Undertake Underwater Archaeological SurveyAn underwater archaeological survey, focusing the attention of world archaeologists, will be carried out on the bottom of Fuxian Lake, Yunnan Province. An investigation team, formed of experts from the National Museum of Chinese History, Yunnan Museum and Fujian Museum, has lately begun to make preparations for this underwater survey. Fuxian Lake lies in Chengjiang County of Yuxi City in central Yunnan Province. At an altitude of 1,750 meters, waters with a depth of 153 meters, Fuxian is the second deepest lake in the province. An old story goes that an unknown old city of ancient "Yunnan Kingdom" had sunk deep at the bottom of the Fuxian Lake millennia years ago....Noah's Flood ?Coincidentally, in the same Yunnan Province, the Miao tribe has the oral account of "Nuah's flood" identical to the bible Noah's flood account. Do you know Noah has to build a huge boat and preached to the wicked sinners to repent for 120 years. Since he was building his boat and unable to travel far, he could only preach to a very limited region namely the wicked people in this city with Mayan pyramids' altars known for human sacrifice. The bible says in Ezekiel 2:18 that God cannot destroy a wicked person if a prophet has not warned him beforehand. God must warn him to repent before judgement. Hence, Noah's flood judgement was localised to around this city.Thus, based on archeology evidence, bible doctrine, Miao oral accounts, the famous Noah's flood mentioned in bible was actually in Yunnan China targeting this "super Mayan pyramid city" at lake Fuxian around 2345 BC. Miao tribe in Yunnan, South China, where 10 million population still recite in oral tradition of Genesis story up to Noah's flood identical to Bible accountWatch this clip at 46 min [please contact me for website address] areaPreview YouTube video Ancient Chinese Worshipped Jehovah of BibleAncient Chinese Worshipped Jehovah of Bible
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