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Speeding Ticket Defense Fight

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Speeding Ticket Defense Fight article that will help you beat your speeding ticket!




Did you get a speeding ticket in the USA by radar, laser, or pacing?
DON'T PAY YET - at least not until you read how easy it is to get your case dismissed...

"If You Can Print A Page And Read It
Out Loud, Then I Guarantee You Can
Beat Your Speeding Ticket And Save
About $851 (Fines + Insurance Hikes), Thousands Have Already Proven It!*"
"5 Easy Steps To Win That Cops,
Prosecutors, And Judges Don't Want
You To Know... But Can't Stop!"
"Even If You Were Speeding,
Even Without Using A Lawyer
*(See Rock Solid Proof Below)
If You Want The Scoop Then Click The "Play" Button Below
(Turn On Your Speakers) For A Very Special *Audio* Message...

By Jeff Mulligan

"Now You Can Beat The Huge Speeding Ticket
Cash-Machine... With Their Same System!
(100% Legally, Ethically, And Easily)"
Prosecutors, cops, and judges don't want you to read this page because they can't ignore case precedent law (that allows you to win)... they have to play by the rules.

They want 96% of the people who get speeding tickets to continue to just blindly pay, like herded sheep... and they want these people and you to mindlessly fork out, on average, $851 for just one ticket.

$851 is way more than your fine, right? Well, you can't just look at the fine costs! That would be naive...

You have to figure in the higher insurance rates that you will get slapped with on top of the fine. The amount of money sucked out of your wallet from the insurance bandits is nearly five times more than the cost of your ticket (keep reading to see my shocking statistics further below).

If you don't have time right now, click here to print this letter and read it as soon as you can, because it's as if someone pasted several hundred dollars right on your computer screen... if you just click away, they're gone!

If you keep reading, you can easily...

Keep Your Hard-Earned Cash (You Don't Pay The Stiff Fine)
Stop Your Insurance Rates From Soaring (Save About $233 A Year!)
Keep Your Driving Points Intact (Your Record Stays Clean)
Avoid Going To Driving School (Unless You Enjoy 10,000 Yawns)

"Friend, If This Info On How To Beat Your
Speeding Ticket Doesn't Convince You 100%
When You See It, Then You Keep It Free!"
It's a great feeling to be instrumental in improving people's lives. And I know, there's a lot of junk out there trying to come off as good sound info, but this bogus info will give you only one thing... a good sound whoopin! (Because you will lose your case with the wrong info and have to pay hundreds of dollars).

Not here.

Useless products or services, that do absolutely NOTHING for your bottom line, really stink...

So, I want you to know, right off the bat as a personal promise...

That's how confident I am... that's a guarantee based on experience from seeing hundreds of individuals getting their case dismissed with this simple, yet powerful system... it's a proven winner!

Learn Simple, Step-By-Step, And Proven Strategies That Thousands Of Informed Speeders Have Already Used, And...
Get Your Case Dismissed Now!
Before You Continue... Grab My Very Helpful
And FREE 27 Page eBook Called:
"BUSTED: How To Avoid Speeding Tickets"
It has some excellent tips. You will also get an excerpt of Case Dismissed so you can see a sample and get an idea of the quality of my product. Fill in your name and email address now and I'll send it to you immediately.

It only takes 10 seconds... go ahead and get it now, you'll be glad you did. (It's PDF so it works on both Macs and PCs)

August, 2005
From: Jeff Mulligan

RE: The ONLY Proven Way To Beat Your Speeding Ticket
(Even If You Were Speeding)

Dear Fellow Motorist,

his letter is going to shock you, maybe even tick you off...

But it is exactly what I would write to my own son if he got a speeding ticket. My goal is to give you powerful, and little known info that is proven to get your case dismissed without you risking a dime.

If you accept your speeding ticket and just pay it, you WILL LOSE about $851. This is a simple fact.

If you read this letter and act on it, you can keep all those hundreds of dollars, avoid traffic school, and keep your record clean.

First, you need to know a few facts regarding the speeding ticket industry
(this will make it crystal clear why it is in your best interest to fight).

If you got busted for speeding, whether you were guilty or not, you fell into a colossal government/insurance company, money-sucking machine.

Don't feel bad though, because it is a stupid machine that can't stop and fight you properly. There are proven ways for you to "get off the hook", and simply walk away with hundreds of dollars that STAY in your bank account... 100% legally.

Let me explain by giving you:

The Big, Ugly Picture...
Estimates are that over 115,000 speeding tickets are written every single day in the United States.

That's a heck of A LOT of people! In one year, that's nearly 42,000,000 speeding tickets (roughly 21% of all licensed drivers)! Let's do some simple math based on easy to find statistics to put this in perspective...

The average speeding ticket is about a $150 fine (just look at your own ticket).

$150 fine x 115,000 daily tickets = $17,250,000 total daily fines.

If we multiply $17,250,000 daily fines by 365 days, we get $6,296,250,000 (6.3 billion dollars in yearly fines).

That should get speeding ticket fines as an industry into Forbes Fortune 500... don't you think?

6.3 Billion Dollars Are The Yearly Speeding Fines,
But This Money Monster Wants Way More...
It Wants To Suck Your Wallet Dry!
Did you know that insurance companies often underwrite the cost of expensive radar and laser guns and GIVE THEM to troopers? Why do you think they do that? I can assure you it isn't from the goodness of their heart.

They want to rape your wallet!

Those radar and laser guns generate MEGA BUCKS for the insurance companies. Bucks that are about to come out of your pocket if you don't do something about it.

Have you figured out what that speeding ticket and the insurance surcharges are going to cost you yet? You better take a look...

Here's more stats to give you an idea (these are scary):

The average cost for auto insurance for a year is estimated to be $898 (2004 - it's even more now). Now, listen to this...

26% increase on $900 bucks - for 3 years??? Ouch!!! (Are you starting to get pissed off yet?)

If I pull out my handy calculator again, and punch in the numbers, then a very possible insurance rate increase you might expect to pay during the next 3 years for your speeding ticket, is about $701 ($233 more each year).

Look At How Much Money These
Turkeys Make... By Doing Nothing!
Now if we look at how much the insurance agencies make for speeding tickets, we already have $701 as an average per ticket. When we multiply this by the number of tickets issued each year, we get (are you ready?)... a whopping $29,460,480,000 (29.4 billion dollars!!!)

Forget America's Fortune 500 - this now puts speeding tickets as a global industry ranked 135, ahead of Sony, McDonald's, BMW, Ford, and General Motors!

They aren't going to miss your money!

Don't feel guilty about beating the pants off these guys in court and keeping your hard-earned money. The police officer is just doing his job, but he's not going to get paid less when you win!

Don't be a victim. You're the only one who risks taking it in the teeth. Just imagine the big wigs in the insurance offices wringing their greedy hands, and holding closed-door meetings...

"Wow! One new laser gun is worth a fortune in potential income! Get them on the conveyor belt, into a cop's hands, and bust those citizens!

"There's a lot of tickets and money to be made here, let's get moving people... let's donate more laser guns, write them off of our taxes (aren't we generous?)... and make a fortune!"

Ever Felt Like You Are Trapped Between A Monster
"Money Press" And An Insulting Hostile Public?
Think about it (and be honest) - you have probably already been busted for speeding before, as speed traps are everywhere and growing (I wonder why...)

But what happens if you ALWAYS drive the posted speed limit now?

In short notice, you seriously risk "inspiring" some motorist who is stuck behind you to send you "one finger salutes", topped with a few choice comments about your heritage.

Or some dude in a Ford Durango (who is not subtle about wanting you to go faster) will start riding your bumper so tightly that the idea of using your breaks becomes a dangerous thought.

Even if there is no traffic (thus no "bumper pushers" or insulting trigger-finger motorists ready to give you the bird), if you have passengers in the car with you, do you notice that they can often get impatient and irritated with your speed limit driving... "can we go faster?"

Am I right?

Maybe you don't need peer pressure to encourage you to "step on it"... maybe you're late, or maybe you have a really nice car that was built for speed, or maybe "Wild Thing" is playing on the radio...

The point being that, at one time or another, on purpose or inadvertently, nearly everyone speeds.

One recent survey that I just came across said that 88% of those surveyed admitted to speeding at least occasionally (it could easily be higher as not everyone admits "wrong doing" in surveys). And a recent analysis by USA TODAY found that Americans are driving faster than ever.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice this on the road, it's just a part of the natural flow of speeding traffic.

You know what this means (as the insurance honchos plan their vacations)...

Even If You Are Very Careful, You Still
Slip Into The Speed Traps And Get
"Squeezed" For Another $851!
"Oh no! *@&#! Speed trap!" Too late... there he is, right behind you, flashing lights... and that wonderful feeling hits you...

You're busted. Another speeding ticket.

The best part of the game is yet to come... while your heart goes back to normal, and the officer hands you your ticket...

You get to politely thank him for it! Sound familiar?

Sooner or later, it's practically inevitable! They're freakin' everywhere! 115,000 tickets a day means that during an 8 hour day, 4 tickets are dished out every second (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays included).

$blam $blam $blam $blam (like a machine gun!)

Here's Some Really Good News (Your Secret Weapon)
You Will Become A Teeny-Tiny Little Sheep Sly Fox...
And Escape The Monster, Money-Roping "Round-Up"
Here's what I mean:

Over 100,000 people blindly pay their speeding tickets every day... like "good sheep". That's about 4 tickets paid every second (8 hours a day)...
$baahh, $baahh, $baahh, $baahh...

For this massive "round-up" to work... now listen, this is real important... this money-roping machine wants to keep churning out the fines fast AND it has to process them even faster!

Do you know what that means? I'm going to write it in bold and make it big and red because it is so important...

The Prosecutors And Cops Are Counting On
You Being Ignorant, And Blindly Paying, Or Their Money-Machine Slows To A Profitless Crawl!
(They Can't Afford To Catch LEGAL Sly Foxes)
"There Simply Isn't The Time Or Physical Resources
For This Government Machine To Deal With You On
An Individual Basis... That Is, Once You Know The
There is a way out. Interested?

Give me just 5 more minutes and I'll prove to you how this grinding money-machine has fatal, "soft white underbelly" bureaucratic and legal weak spots that it simply cannot defend!

Which further means...

There is an exact path, specifically for you, to easily and legally get your case dismissed...

Yes, get your speeding ticked case DISMISSED!

Even if you were going too fast...

Even if you know nothing about the law...

Even without ever talking to a lawyer...

Even if you have never gotten off before...

When you have the right info and strategies, there is nothing the judges, prosecutors, and cops can do about this... the speeding ticket monster machine is too big, they are counting on your ignorance to mow you down fast.

Look at it this way... you are just a teeny-tiny statistic in the big money picture. No offense, but you aren't worth the effort for them to do what it takes to really knock you down, when you know how to defend yourself.

Announcing: "Case Dismissed"
(How To Beat Your Speeding Ticket)
Case Dismissed has a legal, proven, easy-to-follow strategy that is highly effective in beating speeding tickets. You can literally print out the appropriate section and read it in court. Anyone can do it, and hundreds have!

"I Won In Eleven Minutes!"
"Thanks to the advice in Case Dismissed, my own case was dismissed in eleven minutes. I downloaded the book today, read it, and used the info at my trial this afternoon. Thanks for your speedy service!"

Lamar Stewart - Cleveland, OH

"Thanks To Case Dismissed, I Had Every Base Covered When I Walked Into The Judges Chambers"
"I purchased another speeding ticket book before I found this one, and it was useless! The only way to beat these tickets is with an ambush as you describe, not by telling them in advance of your plans. The fact that you give all the questions to ask makes it simple for ordinary people to fight the system.

I have always tried to fight my tickets, but was never prepared, I always hoped the truth would win out. Now I will never worry again. Thanks for your great system,"

Scott Whitaker - Tampa, FL

"Thank God For Your Amazing Book...
I had Less Than 10 Hours To Prepare
And It Saved My Butt"

Thank God for your amazing book.

I had less than 10 hrs to prepare and it saved my butt.

Basically, I downloaded your book... Then developed my strategy from my evidence. I used the strategy from pages 34-36 and it worked to a T! I found a discrepancy in the tuning fork serial numbers. One tricky bit was the judge would not accept the evidence without me testifying. It was worth it.

I asked for case dismissed, the judge took 1/2 hr to dismiss my case. The police prosecutor was spitting tacks!"

Thank you,
Alvin Crosby

"He Immediately Offered A Plea Bargain..."

I fought my ticket yesterday. This ticket was very important for me to beat because I simply was not speeding. It was so important to me that I rode my motorcycle (currently my only mode of transportation) through non-stop 75MPH freezing rain and snow for two hours each way instead of asking for a postponement.

I live in Arizona, it just HAD to snow YESTERDAY.

When I got to court I waited outside the courtroom for my name to be called. I decided to wait in the lobby so I could go over my HUGE stack of notes and case law and really be prepared. I was going to hit hard. I sat near the courtroom door so I could hear. Case after case I heard the defendants tell their tale, and defendant after defendant came out and paid their fines.

Interesting thing was that I believed several of them, I don't think they were speeding either (all these cases were from the same cop that pulled me over). Yet the court now has their money and the insurance company will soon.

Unknown to me, it was the prosecutor who was going back and forth to the lobby calling names. He eventually called mine (remember that I was by the door so he saw my HUGE stack of notes).

I closed my notes and walked into the courtroom. The judge announced the case information for the record. I was about to motion for dismissal due to the denial of a speedy trial since it had been 97 days since the arraignment, but the prosecutor beat me to speaking first.

He immediately offered a plea bargain (something I had not hear him do once yet) from 12 over to 10 over, dropping it from criminal to civil, "in the interest of time." This would allow me to take a driving course and wipe the ticket from my record completely - to me this was as good as "case dismissed."

It was clear to me that the prosecutor knew I was prepared. He didn't know what I was going to do, but knew it would take a while and that I was a higher risk than the next guy. And he couldn't have been more right.

Thank you for putting this information together. I feel that despite the fact I didn't even have to go into it, every bit of it was used. Besides, I learned so much in the process.

Then I rode home for two hours with a smile on my face. In the freezing rain.

Again, thank you.

Chris Lambert

ps- feel free to post or email any of this (or not)... Either way I wanted you to know! And keep sending the updates, I would love to hear them

(From An Attorney)...
"The Judge Still Dismissed My Case...
I Had The Biggest Smile Of Anyone
When I Left The Courtroom"
"Jeff, In follow up to previous e-mail, please do not use my last name or e-mail address, otherwise use or edit my story as you see fit. Thanks again. Cheers, Bob"

On 3/5/04 9:08 PM, "Jeff Mulligan" wrote:

>: Hi Bob:

>: Great story. I would never use your name
>: without permission. I'm not that stupid.

>: Especially a lawyer's name :)

>: But, would you let me use this?

>: Thanks so much,

>: Jeff

Original email here:


I am an attorney in California. I purchased your program about 6 months ago. Your material was very good.

However, In California, there is a more recent case (I would give you the case name but it is not in front of me right now) which holds that even if a police car speed odometer is... (secret) that it only goes to the weight, not the admissibility (i.e. that the case is not automatically dismissed).

However, the Judge still dismissed my case when the officer did not have...(secret) with him (all he had was his notes written on the ticket that...(secret) to which I objected.

I did use your material. Anyway, belated thanks as your material helped me to focus on what was important, and I assure you that I had the biggest smile (of anyone there) when I left that Courtroom.


Bob (last name withheld)

(P.S. Please do not use my name without contacting me first)."

6 Myths That Are NOT Going
To Help You Win Your Case
(Avoid This Loser Advice!)
Let’s just debunk a few myths quickly. This should save you from spending money on ridiculous scams and relying on faulty tactics.

Myth #1: I wasn’t really speeding and the officer will have to tell the truth (I have notes).
Nope. He won’t. You can't hope to challenge the officer's recollection of the events.

If there were three other cars and a truck coming down the road at the same time as you, he will say there was only one and he will be believed.

(You don’t think the court is going to take your word, or the word of your biased witness, against his, do you? I hope not.)

Myth #2: There is a mistake on my ticket.
Possible. But it must be a fatal flaw and not an immaterial mistake. If the license plate # is wrong but the officer identifies your car – you lose.

If your name is spelled wrong – you still lose. If the ticket says a Grey Saab and you have a red pick-up – you win that one. (Save your money and don’t buy the book.)

Myth #3: Try to get your case postponed hoping the officer doesn't show.
When the officer does show up, what do you do then?

(There’s actually a book out there that advocates finding out when the officer is on vacation and trying to schedule the trial then. Sure, the cops at the station will be happy to hand out their work and vacation schedules. Why not ask them for addresses and their kid’s schools while you’re at it!)

Myth #4: Claim "Speeding out of necessity", or some other "can't fail" excuse.
(There better be someone bleeding in your back seat to make this one work.)

Myth #5: Plea bargain to go to traffic school.
Why in the world would you want to do that when you can get 100% off? Most pleas fall on deaf ears. These folks go through case after case after case and have heard it all before.

If they are willing to negotiate, they will ask you.

(Unless of course you like pleading with hard-asses and hope to be allowed to go to traffic school as a remote prize).

Myth #6: I can trip up the officer through my clever questions and reduce his credibility.
If you are really, really good, you may catch Officer Stone on some inconsistency. But it is highly doubtful you can beat him this way.

He is trained and does this all the time. Remember, the court is on his side.

So if you thought any of the above tricks were going to get you off, think again.

Gimmicks don’t work.

You better be prepared with a sound, researched and proven legal strategy if you want to beat your speeding ticket.

I've read it all. I actually paid good money to get that junk. And I can't imagine standing in front of a judge armed with that...

At first, some of it even sounded logical. Until I read the information in Case Dismissed. Then I realized what nonsense most of that stuff is.

There Is Only One Reliable
Way To Win In Court:
Sound legal argument... based on the law.

The gimmicks, schemes and “secret advice” you may have heard from your friend’s brother or some anonymous web page, or worst of all, the alleged "ex-cop" don’t work. They don’t work because they are NOT based on legal precedent and the facts of law.

The authors may succeed in getting your money, like they got mine, but their "tips" won't get you out of your speeding ticket. They haven't done the legal research so they can't give you the techniques based on the law.

Let’s make this crystal clear with an example:

Imagine This Is Your Trial:
What Will You Say?
This is how the evidence against you will be presented in court.
(Radar evidence is used as the example.)

Officer Stone is sworn in, takes the stand and testifies to the following.

He identifies both you and your car

He clocked you on radar: you were clocked at 48 in a 30 mph zone.

He tested the radar gun three ways:

He pressed the button for the internal circuit test and it tested ok

He tested it with a 30 mph and 50 mph tuning fork as per manufacturer’s manual and it tested as being accurate.

Office Jones drove by his location as a test at 30 MPH and 50 MPH. Officer Stone’s radar gun readings agreed with Officer Jones’ readings on his speedometer.

Officer Stone has been on the force for 12 years, was trained on the unit two years ago and recently had a refresher course.

The prosecution rests its case, and smirks at you knowing that...

"Your Goose Is Cooked!"

Now it is your turn to ask the officer questions.

If you have "Case Dismissed", you know the correct legal questions to ask and...

You Can Win This Above Exact Case,
And Cook Their Sorry Goose!
You will be able to print out the relevant case law and exact questions you need to ask the police officer. Sometimes, it only takes a few questions before the prosecutor realizes his evidence won't hold up.

Know what happens then?

The prosecution will motion for dismissal rather than waste any more time.
You WIN!

Very important: If you don't have this information, prepare to reach deeply into your wallet because you are in trouble. Can you take that chance?

Case Dismissed Works Because
It Is Based On The Law
No tricks. Nothing illegal. Nothing unethical. Nothing silly.

It is the fruit of hundreds of hours of research and thousands of dollars in legal expenses. It has taken years to develop Case Dismissed and hone it into the simple, effective formula it has become.

So simple, in fact, that anyone can use these techniques to get their case dismissed.

Edited By An Attorney
Case Dismissed was edited by Attorney James F. Sadler.

Why is that important?

Because Case Dismissed is all about the legal ways to destroy the foundation of the evidence. Legal precedent is the essence of Case Dismissed. This is a matter for experts.

You've got hundreds of dollars in fines and insurance on the line, so you need reliable advice.

Please note: there is no link to his web site because this is NOT a disguised promotion for any lawyer's services like many sites are.

Another Important Note: Case Dismissed provides legal information, but NOT legal advice, which can only be provided by an attorney.

If You Can Print And Read A Page Out Loud, Then You
Can Use Case Dismissed To Win... It's That Easy!
You don’t need legal training. Nothing to memorize. No need for witnesses, pictures, tape recordings, or other gimmicks. Fact is, none of those work reliably.

But you do need to know exactly what to say, and, just as important, exactly what not to say. You need a step by step plan.

Here Is The One Secret Key To
Beating Your Speeding Ticket
You are going to trial, and you are going to "ambush" them. You are going to fight the revenue system that speeding tickets have become. What matters is the evidence. If the evidence against you holds up, you lose. But – if you can prove that the evidence is without foundation - then you win.

And this is exactly how Case Dismissed helps you triumph.

You get the documents, precedent-setting case law, and exact line of questioning to destroy the foundation of the prosecution’s evidence against you.

The judge, though it may pain him greatly, will have to state those words so sweet to your ears, “Case Dismissed”. It's the law.

By the way, I'm not talking here about some bogus constitutional argument against radar or some other ridiculous defense that will never work. You don't need scientists or an engineering site study. Case Dismissed is a proven method that has helped thousands of people beat speeding tickets.

"Case Dismissed" -- 5 Easy Steps
To Win And Avoid Forking Over
$851 Of Your Hard-Earned Cash:
Step #1: Gives you a detailed, workable, layered defense that is trial tested and court proven.

Step #2: Gives you the background on how this defense system works and how to work it.

Step #3: Gives you a feel of how the trial will proceed and detail what questions to ask.
Did you know it is perfectly acceptable to read from your notes (or Case Dismissed printouts) in court?

Step #4: Gives you the winning strategy that you will otherwise not have.
Case Dismissed has detailed legal information and case law that has been painstakingly researched and compiled.

Step #5: Gives you precedent-setting case law to use in your trial.
(You’ll get the files. We'll tell you which documents you need to print out and make 3 copies of: one for you, one for the judge and one for the prosecution.)

These are documents you must have if you want to win and keep your money. They help destroy the foundation of the evidence. There are different documents based on whether you were caught by laser, radar or trooper car pacing you. And we'll show you how research the very latest decisions.

Here's What Case Dismissed Will Not Do:
Won't provide a defense for violations such as improper passing, drag racing, improper turn, D.U.I., or other such violations. Case Dismissed is written solely to help those charged with speeding.

Does not work for photo, airplane or VASCAR tickets - they would require a completely different strategy and I have not found one as effective as those in Case Dismissed. I don't pretend to have a one-size-fits-all product here. I know what it works for and what it won't work for and I don't want your money if I can't help you.

Won't work in a Kangaroo court where the judge or magistrate doesn't care about the law. These are the extreme cases where Case Dismissed customers could lose. (You could also lose these cases with a $1,000 an hour lawyer at your side.) BUT – we provide you the basis for your appeal – which you will most likely win based on the first trial’s outcome. You just need to be properly prepared – which Case Dismissed will help you do.

Case Dismissed does not provide legal advice - it provides legal information. If you want legal advice, you should pay to get an attorney.

For USA only - because the strategies in Case Dismissed are based on US law, they may not work in other countries.

Here Are The DETAILS Of What You Learn Inside, To
Hear That Gavel Drop, And Save Hundreds Of Dollars
Discover the 5 critical things that you need to look for on your speeding ticket, and the 4 special directions you need to follow to avoid unnecessary complications (pg 7)

Learn 8 basic legal rules you must know before going into court, and the one thing you absolutely should not do, no matter how tempting. (pg 10)

See the 3 kinds of evidence that you will be fighting, and the one fatal flaw the prosecution is going to make to allow you to get your case dismissed. (pg 11)

Quickly and easily learn 12 basic courtroom practices, specifically regarding speeding trials, that will make you feel like Perry Mason, with an impenetrable defense. (pg 13-15)

Easily avoid the 7 deadly mistakes that can make you lose unnecessarily, and be 100% ready for any sneaky tricks that the prosecution may try to pull on you. (pg 16)

Discover the secret strategy of a "Trial By Ambush" that by its nature alone, will set up the prosecution to be totally unprepared and make a fatal mistake. (pg 16)

Know the 7 simple things you need to do to be fully prepared for your trial (hint: most are simply printing out what you need to read in court - pg 18)

Get an insiders glimpse of what your fast trial will be like, and the one thing you need to listen to from the police officer when he testifies. (pg 19-20)

Learn the very first thing you need to say to the Judge (and do) when your case is called. (pg 21)

vDiscover exactly what you need to do and say immediately if the police officer fails to come to your trial, otherwise you will be casually scheduled for another day. (pg 23)

How to take advantage of an unprepared prosecution and not let them get away with postponing your trial, so they can get ready. (pg 23)

Print and use, word for word, the 3 case-dismissing objections you need to know when the prosecution comes unprepared (pg 23-24)

See with your own eyes, an actual transcript of a trial in which Case Dismissed strategies were used - and won! (pg 50)

Discover the strategy to beat your speeding ticket when there is no prosecutor (bonus supplement)

Trial questions to use if you were caught by a pace car (pg 28)

Trial questions to use if you were caught by radar (pg 34)

Trial questions to use if you were caught by laser (pg 39)

And lots more great info on every page!

Here's More Great Results And Thousands
Of Dollars Saved From Normal Folks Like
You And Me Who Used "Case Dismissed":
"I Got My Speeding Ticket Dismissed Today... And Instead Of Having Two Tickets, I Now Have None!!!"

Chalk another one up for the good guys.

I got my speeding ticket dismissed today! I subpoenaed the patrol officer but luckily he was a no-show. However, the prosecutor was bound and determined to get a chunk of my hard earned money and screw up my driving record at the same time.

She tried to get a continuance, meaning hold off the trial until the officer could be there but I calmly objected and read my “notes” from Case Dismissed to the judge and he said the words we all like to hear: Case Dismissed!!!!

Thank You so much: I had a deferment ticket from last year that hasn’t expired and instead of having TWO tickets I now have NONE!!!!!

Thanks so much for the great info: it was well worth the investment. I also loved the look on the prosecutor’s face when I happily walked out of the courtroom after punking her out!"

Andrew Ludwig
Renton, Washington

"The Best Money I've Ever Spent"
"Hi Jeff, if you need a testimonial I'm your man.

I went to court today and questioned the officers (omitted secret) and she (the officer) was dazed and confused. I live in a very small backwards town (see kangaroo court) and the judges usually side with the officers no matter what the facts are. Mississippi has a long way to go with regards to judicial prudence.

The judge said if I could find a technical manual or case law that proves the (omitted secret) he will dismiss the case.

I submitted your case and a couple of other and the case was dismissed. I'm sure this is a once in a lifetime occurrence but it worked and I didn't pay the ticket and my insurance is none the wiser.

Thanks for the help, once again it was the best money I've ever spent.

Capt. Michael Cambre
Merchant Marine Officer, (Ret)
Braxton, MS

"I Was Accused Of Doing 75 In A 50...
Never Made It To Trial"
"Sure. Go for it. Good luck. Scott

-----Original Message----- From: Jeff Mulligan [ [please contact me for website address] Sent: Friday, March 05, 2004 10:26 PM To: 'Scott K' Subject: RE: Scott - speeding ticket info

>: Awesome deal, Scott! Would you mind if I use this?

>: This happens a lot and a story like yours helps people get
>: prepared for it. Often, when the prosecution see that you are
>: prepared, they don't want to waste the time fighting.

>: Jeff

-----Original Message----- From: Scott Kelly [ [please contact me for website address] Sent: Friday, March 05, 2004 9:19 PM To: Subject: RE: Scott - speeding ticket info


My case came up and never made it to trial. I was accused of doing 75 in a 50. The prosecutor came by to talk to me before trial.

I spoke with her and told her I was prepared and had the pertinent case laws. She immediately asked if I would settle for a non-moving violation, which I did.

Instead of paying a $235 ticket, 4 points on my license, and an increase in the cost of insurance, I ended up paying $30 court cost and a $20 ticket.

Total $50--without a fight. I consider it a great deal.


Scott Kelly

"My Case Was Dismissed!!!"
"Hi Jeff,

Well I ordered your the book Case Dismissed and I took my lap top with me to court.

I listened to the officers statements and from the quick read I had done of your book I knew he was not prepared.

I opened my laptop and started reading the questions right out of the book. Guess what? There was no log of (omitted secret)... the judge was going to delay for 2 weeks so I didn't accept this one, but then on the question about (omitted secret) at the end of his shift the officer answered "No" he had not done this.

The judge asked "Officer are you required to recheck the unit at the end of your shift?" Yes you honor. "Did you do this?" No your honor. "Why NOT?" No answer your honor. My case was dismissed!!!



"The Judge Said 'OK' And That Was It...
It Was Worth Every Penny"
"Hi Jeff,

Here's how my case went. I was charged in Louisiana with 77 in a 55 and was facing $155 fine plus the insurance going up. I was very prepared with all of the materials. When I went to court, I checked in and watched every single person plead guilty to a variety of charges reduced by plea bargains and were paying fines plus court costs.

There were so many cases, it was obvious the prosecutors were not prepared to have any trials at all. The Defendants table was so full of stacks of folders, there wasn't any where for an attorney to even lay down papers even if there were a trial.

I remember you mentioning that if they offer a reduced charge, it would be better to accept it rather than antagonizing the prosecutor or judge. I felt that if they offered a reduced charge, the total with court costs may be as much as my original ticket so I was prepared to refuse and fight it anyway.

The prosecutor met me before I was called and saw that I was the only one in the courtroom with a suit and tie and that I was ready to go to trial.

He asked if I was an attorney. He then offered a reduced charge of no seat belt. The fine would be $25 with no court cost. I called my insurance company and they said it would not go against my insurance at all, so I agreed.

When I went before the judge and pleaded guilty to no seat belt, he first imposed a fine of $50 plus court costs. The prosecutor then told the judge the agreement was $25 and no court costs. The judge said ok and that was it.

I felt that being totally prepared for every possible contingency including the possibility of a plea bargain gave me the confidence that I would be able to avoid the high penalties.

Thanks for your information. It was worth every penny.

Rick Trevino

If You Are Holding A Speeding Ticket,
You Only Have 4 and 1/2 Real Options:
Do nothing but pay the fine and insurance surcharges.
Hire a lawyer and fight.
Look around for other solutions.
Invest in Case Dismissed
Before we look at these four choices, you are probably wondering, "what the heck is my last '1/2' choice?"

Well, it's more like a safety net, a "backdoor option" protecting you when you decide to go with choice number 4, and invest in Case Dismissed, here's how it works:

"I Absolutely, 100% Guarantee That
Once You See "Case Dismissed", You
Will Be Convinced It Is The Best Info
Available Anywhere To Help You
Beat Your Speeding Ticket"
"I'm So Confident, That You Get My Unconditional Money Back Promise!"
Hear me say it enthusiastically! Click the audio button below...

Here's what I meant earlier when I said you have a last "1/2" option:

Buy and read "Case Dismissed"...

If you aren't completely satisfied with the info in "Case Dismissed", you can contact me for a full refund. And even though I doubt you ever will, you can keep everything!

That's actually a 200% guarantee proving beyond the shadow of a doubt how certain I am you'll be totally satisfied with this info.

That's right -- you will still be able to use Case Dismissed. I will simply remove you from my email list, and you will not get any future updates as they come out.

You get your money back, plus you keep the product.

I know this can save you a lot of money that you WILL have to spend otherwise, and I am willing to trust that you will be honest with me.

Here's Three Important Reasons Why My
200% Guarantee Is So Ironclad, With
ZERO Chance Of You Risking A Penny...

This sale is processed by ClickBank®, you could get a refund from them even if you couldn't get one from me. Which of course I would never allow... it would hurt my reputation, possibly endanger my ClickBank® account, and mar my relationship. I can't let that happen -- this is how I feed my family.

Though I am sure you won't want to use the refund, I know you feel better if it is here.


I recognize that you are putting your own time and effort into this info and you should reap those rewards no matter what. So once you grab your copy of "Case Dismissed", you will keep your copy and you can learn from it's 32 years in the making no matter what happens.


I realize that by investing in "Case Dismissed", you are trusting me to help you succeed. And though I CAN NOT GUARANTEE a specific trial outcome, I promise to give you the best info available anywhere, that gives you the best shot.

All I ask is that you read through it and think about how it will help you.

How's that?

This "1/2" option, as you can see, is just a "safety net" to allow you to check out "Case Dismissed" risk free, and if you want, explore one of the other three options, like...

You Gonna Just Roll Over And Pay
Your Fine Without Trying To Fight?
Good way to flush about $851 down the toilet... I guess if you are filthy rich, and your time is worth more than $500 an hour, economically speaking, it's a viable choice.

But you are still just giving your money away to the insurance leeches, and letting yourself be suckered into their carefully orchestrated "sting" operation.

Maybe it's my fiery nature, but that "just don't go down well with me!" It's an issue of principle... and indigestion!

You Gonna Hire A Lawyer?
Of course, you could go out and hire yourself a lawyer for hundreds of dollars… (and by the way, you will pay him or her whether you win or lose – so what incentive do they have to spend time on your case?)

Hmmm... not very appealing, is it?

How About Looking Around Some
More For Other Solutions?
If you decide to look for other options, I can certainly respect that. But for your sake, please also get this book and compare the two info sources before you go to court! Choose the best one.

Also, I'll tell you right now, you might save a few bucks on a cheaper product than Case Dismissed, but not much! (It's hard to save much when you spend little!)

Don't be penny wise but dollar stupid with info that has to do with fighting seasoned prosecutors. If the prosecutor trips you up because you don't know what you're doing, you might as well get out your checkbook and pay up the BIG bucks.

In any case, do yourself a huge favor and bookmark this site. After you see what’s out there, you’ll want to make sure you can find us again.

Also - be sure to sign up for our FREE BUSTED eBook by clicking here.

"My Son's Case Was Also Dismissed
Your Book Is Super!"
"Hi Jeff!

My son's ticket was also dismissed. The officer did not show up. His case involved a visual estimate of the speed. Even though he did not have to use the information, he felt totally prepared to give it a go. We feel we have this info if it happens again....and it better NOT.

Your book is super!

Have a great day!"

Marilou :)

"The Information Is So Easy To Use, A Kid
Can Do It... And I Got My Case Dismissed!"
"You can use this for your testimonials

THANK YOU JEFF! You rock, your system rocks, and I think you might be charging too little. The information is SO easy to use, a kid can do it. Well here it is.

I got a ticket for doing 75 in a 65. I was nice to the cop, did everything by the book (engine off, hands on the wheel, smiled, no smart ass comments) and he was still a pompous cop. Full of himself and doughnuts.

Anyways, he gives me the ticket after spending 15 minute on his cell phone while i am already late for my dad's birthday. So I go to court, the cop lies through his teeth. He mentions that he had gotten his (secret omitted) days before the ticket. The Judge then asked him for the papers, he had nothing. I asked to have the case dismissed. Judge says that sweet, sweet word "Dismissed" and drops the gavel.

VICTORY, it was great! I rode the elevator down with the cop who wrote the ticket. He told me "We NEVER bring those papers, nobody comes that prepared." I was laughing all the way to my car and back to work. Got the gratification of rubbing it in the face of all the doubters, and I got my "Case Dismissed"!

Thanks a TON!

Good Luck,

Mike O,
Simi Valley, California

"The Judge Even Said The Words 'Case Dismissed'... I Wanted To Say Thank You"
"Dear Jeff,

Thank you. I purchased a copy of your case dismissed booklet after I got a speeding ticket and wanted to fight it. I followed your instructions, I requested a contested hearing and subpoenaed the arresting officer. I had to move the court date a couple of times because I'm in the navy and they kept scheduling court dates for days I would be underway.

I prepared for court by making 3 copies of the important case law for a radar defense and printing out the questions you wrote. Then I went to court early to watch a few cases. When my turn came up the officer was not present and I got the case dismissed. The judge even said the words "case dismissed".

Without your book I probably wouldn't have fought the ticket so I wanted to say thank you."

Steven Blomgren

"You Have Done A Tremendous
Service To The Public"

Thank you very much. I can't tell you what a blessing in disguise getting a speeding ticket was for me! I know you don't give legal advice, but I have learned so much about the law, how the court system works and how to navigate the whole thing since I purchased Case Dismissed.

You have done a tremendous service to the public in helping us to understand the legal system.

Now, can you tackle the tax system next?"

Karl M Stearns

"Case Dismissed Saved Me
Exactly $258.05 In Fines"

I Beat a radar ticket in the classic "revenue raiser" small town. I looked up the Texas Rules of Evidence on the internet, and found that judicial notice is mandatory when requested.

When I showed the judge copies of the case law printed from Case Dismissed, and I asked for judicial notice, he granted it. (By the way, the prosecutor walked in carrying nothing but a pad of notebook paper.)

Everything went almost exactly like Case Dismissed described it. The judge did deny my request for dismissal one time, but I kept hammering on the (omitted secret) and the case laws.

Actually read most everything right off my note sheet.

Case Dismissed saved me exactly $258.05 in fines (not to mention insurance).

Vic (Full name withheld by request)

"Even A Kid Can Do This"
I love that testimonial from Mike O. who beat his speeding ticket (listed above).

You can do it too. These strategies are used successfully by all kinds of people. You don't need to be some loudmouth, confrontational blowhard to use Case Dismissed.

In fact, because we teach you to go after the foundation of the evidence, you are never even challenging the officer. It isn't his fault. His system let him down.

So don't think you have to argue with anyone or be so clever as to trip someone up. You are asking simple questions about the EVIDENCE. Not what the officer did. He could have done everything perfectly, and you will still get off.

Important reminder: It is perfectly OK for you to refer to notes during your trial. You don't have to memorize anything.

We detail your exact questions, depending on the method by which you were caught, so it is easy to follow. We give you those questions to print out and take with you. In most cases, you will only need to ask two or three key questions to destroy the evidence foundation and win.

So even if you are a quiet, reserved person, you can win. A little preparation is all it takes. And we've got things so well organized that following the system is a breeze.

What? You Don't Have A Ticket?
If you don’t have a ticket right now, but you’re the kind who likes to be prepared (maybe you already have a few points on your license – or you’ve got a high performance car), you can get your copy of Case Dismissed now to avoid any future price increase.

Or you can bookmark the site to be sure you can find us when the time comes.

Let's Wrap This Up... Here's What
You Get And How Much It Costs
Case Dismissed is available for immediate download as a pdf file, viewable on virtually any computer with the free Adobe Acrobat reader. You get:

The 55 page Case Dismissed ebook manual..

Case law from 43 relevant speeding/radar/laser cases, in their entirety - you don't need to know all this, but many of our customers find it interesting reading to understand exactly how Case Dismissed works. In pdf format.

Special precedent case law to print out and bring to trial - we tell you which cases to bring depending on what kind of ticket you have. In pdf format.

Special report on how to handle a trial with no prosecutor (magistrate)

The best possible chance you can have for beating that speeding ticket

Ever Earned $28 By Spending $1...
As A Return On Your Investment?
It's pretty rare. Maybe if you are a psychic gambler, or a Wall Street wizard with some serious insider player connections, it happens, but most of us don't see those money trees very often in our lifetimes, if ever...

Well, that's roughly the kind of return you can expect by investing in Case Dismissed.

You will have to pay your speeding ticket fine if you don't fight, and as my cold statistics showed above in this letter, the average total cost for one ticket (fine + insurance hikes) is $851.

But I'll let you have access to this incredible info, and get a way out of paying those $851 for only $29.97. That's a return on your investment of over 28 to 1.

If you've got a ticket and you want to fight it, this is your best chance.

Over 32 Years In The Making, And You Have
To Pay Less Than $1 For Each Of Those Years?
We want this info to be accessible to all, that's why we charge so little.

Over 32 years in the making and continually updated, Case Dismissed is a rock solid piece of work. $29.97 is simply a steal... that wouldn't get you 15 minutes with a lawyer, and just so you know, lawyers come to us for guidance, and buy this book.

Plus, with a 100% money back guarantee, you've got absolutely nothing to lose!

In fact, just check it out now. Order your copy and thoroughly review it. Then you can decide to keep it or not, but at least you have the full facts.

Proceed to the bottom of the page for secure ordering!
Go get 'em!

Jeff Mulligan

Click Here for questions

P.S. If you are scared about the prospects of fighting your speeding ticket... don't be! People do it every day. It's your right in the American Justice System. At the very least, review Case Dismissed and then make your decision. You can always return it if you don't want to fight, and prefer instead to fork over a lot of money.

P.P.S. Special FREE Bonus if you order now, but hurry!:

Full Access To
($29.95 Per Day Value!!!)
Through an incredible, limited arrangement I have made with, you can gain access to their law research search engine. This enables you to do research for your specific state if you want to. (Some people want to know every possible detail. Others just want the strategy clearly laid out as it is in Case Dismissed. Researching CaseClerk is not necessary and is purely optional.)

Using CaseClerk is simple, and very interesting. You can do searches on things like, "radar ticket" or "speeding ticket" or "laser" for your particular state appellate court. Realize that Case Dismissed includes lots of case law, but not every single pertinent law for every single state. (That would drive the cost through the roof.) With CaseClerk, you can see what the laws are, and how appeals have been decided.

I will also include directions to make CaseClerk super easy to use.

PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS A LIMITED OFFER: Due to my special license agreement with them, there is a limit to the CaseClerk access passwords I can distribute. If you are reading this, I have not reached that limit yet. When I do reach the limit, this P.S. will simply go away.

If the offer disappears, please do not email me and ask for the password. I can't do it as that could jeopardize my agreement with them.

CaseClerk normally charges $29.95 per DAY, so this is an incredible deal for you because you will pay ZERO. If you are the least bit interested, I urge you to take advantage of this while the offer is still here.

Second Extra LIMITED FREE BONUS if you order now:

"Confessions of Trooper X:
State Trooper Reveals All"
Order now and you will receive a special report called, "Confessions of Trooper X: State Trooper Reveals All". Just like Case Dismissed, "Confessions" will only be available from this web site. We will charge extra for this report soon - it's that good. But if you order Case Dismissed now during this marketing test, I will include it with your download.

Here's what's in Confessions of Trooper X:

What makes the Trooper decide to pull someone over?

What you should say to increase your chance of getting a warning?

What you should not say. Make this mistake and your chances of a warning go out the window.

Quotas, are they real?

Which cars get pulled over more, luxury, sports or beaters?

Excuses, which work and which NEVER work?

Candid advice on avoiding tickets.

If you are new to ordering products online, click here for more info.

Note that Case Dismissed is legal information, but it is not legal advice, which can only be provided by a licensed attorney.

Yes, I Want My Case Dismissed!

I want all the information on how to beat speeding tickets.

I want the relevant case laws.

I want the special bonus password to the CaseClerk research site where others are paying $29.95/day .

I want the Confessions of Trooper X Bonus

I do not want to pay outrageous fines or insurance charges.
I do not want more points against my license.
I do not want to pay ridiculous insurance surcharges for no reason other than to make the insurance companies rich.
I understand my purchase is 100% guaranteed with a full money-back policy.


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