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Now you think it is a very simple concept to grasp. Hosts versus Viruses. After all you have them in your own body and you have suffered diseases since you were born. A human cell is complex and can copy itself, hence your body is a network of cloned host cells. A virus is non-complex and uses the complexity of the host cell to clone itself, and then, when done, exits the host cell it has infected with its many new viruses to infect, you guessed it, other host cells and generate more viruses. This simple truth in your body is repeated in microbiology, eg complex bacteria are infected by non complex viruses, is repeated in particle physics, the complex proton head/electron tail is infected with virus neutrino and turns into a neutron/neutrino, and is also repeated in astronomy: Host dark energy particles are infected by virus light matter particles and generate a dark disk of infected protons/electrons. The virus then generates a huge amount of viruses with, you guessed it, heat, a star, and then wait for it, it will rain virus neutrinos when they are done and the star of infected host protons/electrons explodes. Basically the viruses are exiting the hosts. The same principle applies to human pregnancies. The woman is pregnant (infected by sperm, a type of virus), and when the virus is done after 9 months or so, the virus exits the woman, inside the ignorant baby ready to be used and abused by the viruses within he/she. But unfortunately science which is formed by humans infected by viruses in their brains, cannot understand this simple truth because viruses DO NOT LIKE THE TRUTH, THEY PREFER LIES. And so many scientists and religious people make up lots of lies that ignorant children and ignorant adults will believe. EVERYTHING BUT THE SIMPLE TRUTH OF HOSTS VERSUS VIRUSES ALL OVER THIS UNIVERSE. EVERYTHING IS JUST TWO ORGANISMS AT WAR THAT KEEP MAKING COPIES OF THEMSELVES TO SURVIVE OR FOR SUPREMACY. BUT VIRUSES USE THE COMPLEXITY OF THE HOST TO MAKE COPIES OF THEMSELVES, AND CAN STAY IN THE HOST FOR LONG PERIODS TO CONTROL AND ABUSE THE HOST. And so science creates the lies of The Big Bang Theory which pleases viruses (everything began in a hot explosion). Of course, heat is the main power of viruses! What is the truth? That the universe began with COLD dark energy particles cloning themselves (hence they can accelerate of slow down the expansion of the universe with their CONSTANT CREATION OF NEW MATTER). Host dark energy (already seen by astronomers) are the particles that CREATE MATTER CONSTANTLY, just like the human body constantly create new cells. Anything else that scientists may tell you, you guessed it, is all lies. MOREOVER, the great thing is that you can SEE dark energy particles in the form of darkness. A huge network of cloned particles, that is why it all looks the same, pitch black darkness when there is no light, just like your skin of cloned cells looks all the same. Host dark energy particles become A DARK DISK of infected protons electrons that scientists can see with space telescopes in outer space. This dark disk will become a star due to viruses using heat. And so the universe also began with VIRUSES infecting the hosts dark energy particles to make copies of themselves with HEAT. So COLD VERSUS HEAT. Got it? Constant creation of matter and constant infection of matter. NO BIG BANG. Basically a lot of particle physics and a lot of astronomy is full OF LIES. Because many scientists are not ALL ROUNDERS and are incapable of looking into other branches of science to see the HOST VERSUS VIRUS PATTERN. They are too lazy (like viruses are), to compare Microbiology, Biology, Particle Physics and Astronomy and find a pattern of HOST VERSUS VIRUS. And then they bombard us with, you guessed it, LIES, that please the viruses in their brains. Many scientists INTERPRET experiments as they please and make up lots of non-existent particles, like the Higgs, the photon, the strings, to name just a few, they CONFUSE FACT WITH THEORY, they try to LINK SCIENCE WITH RELIGION, eg God created this universe in one instant with the hot Big Bang, just like the Bible says, god created everything in one instant. In fac the Big Bag Theory has a RELIGIOUS BACKGBROUND with some religious people pretending to be scientists.

What is good? What is evil? The simple truth is that hosts are good and viruses are evil. WHY? Well, how can a virus, non-complex (cannot even attempt to be good due to its lack of complexity) be good? A virus is ruthless in its pursue of supremacy and uses the host neutron (a proton head and electron tail organism) to erase the host memory, to age and kill, to rape, to lie to, to generate diseases and poverty and smelly disgusting heavy atoms full of viruses. Scientists, with their lies, cannot even see the neutron for what it is (a head and a tail combined, like billions of other animals in this planet with a head and a tail, even humans in the womb!) Are they so far gone that they cannot see what is obvious? And then the virus neutrino inside the neutron, like a pregnant host. It is clear that viruses are evil. Why are hosts good? Because a host likes equality, everybody be rich, everybody be intelligent, everybody have immortality and be healthy! Your own body and the bodies of everything around you are made through cloning. But unfortunately viruses infect hosts and from them on everything goes downhill with ignorance, lies and ageing and death, and will self destruct, unless the humans capable of controlling virus neutrinos in their brains can make a difference.

Despite what many people think, the evil darkness, the good light, you guessed it, THIS IS ALL LIES. The cold darkness is the good thing because it is made of pure dark energy particles that have never been infected by viruses, light is the evil thing, because it requires the heat of viruses which dismembers the tail of protons and when the tiny tail of protons enter the head (ouch, painful), the tail makes the proton head GLOW. This is how you get light, with TORTURE, and you get skin cancer too, with electron tails entering your cells and damaging your DNA. So MORE LIES. LIGHT IS REALLY EVIL AND IS BASED ON HEAT AND THE TORTURE OF THE HOST BY VIRUSES WITH HEAT.

If I could choose one thing only that I could remove from this wretched war beween HOSTS AND VIRUSES is the lack of memory of born children. This is a war tactic of VIRUSES. If hosts do not know who their ENEMY IS, how can they fight it? If hosts do not know what a star is, why we are born ignorant, why we age and die, why substance abuse leads to a lot of sexual abuse and diseases, well VIRUSES ARE SURE TO RULE THIS KINGDOM. Social workers, who have to witness the abuse of VIRUSES daily, often talk of far gone cases, where people can even believe that a pedophile is good and can wait for them to get out of prison! These far gone people have been BRAIN WASHED by human viruses, eg people with so many viruses in their brains that they behave like full blown viruses. And because they do not know the difference between LOVE AND LUST, and who their real enemy is, they believe all the lies. So what are we to do? Leave this far gone people to simply keep destroying other people and themselves? No, there is an answer. If VIRUSES use the lack of memory in people to plant virus memories of lust and abuse, then hosts could USE THE SAME METHOD. For example, Electroshock Therapy, can give a temporary memory loss, and during this time doctors will have the chance to generate new healthy memories and the truth about sexual abuse onto pedophiles and far gone cases. What did I hear you say? That Electroshock therapy is gross? WELL VIRUSES USE ELECTROSHOCK THERAPY TO ERASE THE MEMORIES OF HOSTS AND CONTROL AND ABUSE. HOW ARE WE GOING TO WIN THIS WAR IF WE DON'T DO SOMETHING USEFUL TO WIN OVER MEMBERS OF THE VIRUS ARMY? The same would apply to scientists who plant all their Big Bang and String theories lies in our heads. They need electroshock therapy to make them understand about HOSTS VERSUS VIRUSES. The same would apply to all the people believing all the lies of religion, Christ the son of god, resurrection, heaven, hell, and YES, GOD IS A MALE? ha ha. The truth is that EVERYTHING IS JUST TWO ORGANISMS: HOSTS AND VIRUSES, and humans are made of both, but many humans have far more viruses than hosts in their neutrons/neutrinos, eg HEAVY ATOMS. The BRAINWASHING OF HUMANS include science theories, religious theories, sexual behaviour, and even political theories! What do you do when you see a loved one believing the Big Bang Theory, because the scientists who promote it have a degree and yet are full of lies? You explain about hosts and viruses, but still they don't believe you. Too far gone? Cannot understand a simple truth? Cannot do the research to find the truth? Cannot question the beliefs of some so called scientists? Respects science just like some people respect religion and yet both are full of lies? Is sad, is painful, that these people do not know who their enemy is and what the truth is. What do you do when you see a loved one destroying their body with drugs and other substances because he/she does not know they are full of heavy atoms and viruses that will change her/his behaviour for the worst and even kill them? What do you do when you see your own mother believing that there is heaven (false hope) and that Jesus Christ resurrected and is the son of god? There is hope, but only with the TRUTH. With the truth you can try to win this war against viruses because you know that viruses are the enemy and that there is a war going on. False hope will only lead to THE ABUSE AND EXTINCTION OF HUMANS BY VIRUSES.

The human virus army on Planet Earth is huge in numbers. Hence ALL THE LIES. Hence all the pedophilia and rape. Hence all the substance abuse. Hence all the diseases. Hence all the ageing and death. Hence all the abuse. How do viruses add members to their wretched army? Ageing and death is one way. Any person who ends up learning the truth will die, and the truth will die with her/him, unless he/she can transfer the legacy to other people that can understand. Although hosts and viruses are immortal since they have been around for many trillions of years and survived the explosion of a star, what is immortality to a host without a memory? Ageing and death could easily be conquered, but with so many scientists believing lies, it becomes almost an impossibility. Ageing and death is a virus disease. The viruses in the human cells kill the host cells once they have completed the virus copies they wanted. And so the enzyme telomerase can reset the cell division clock so that cells can continue to divive for longer and give humans life extensions. But since most of the money go on SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND FASHION TO ATTRACT SEX, there is never enough money to conquer ageing and death. And so viruses also recruit members with substance abuse full of heavy atoms. HEAVY ATOMS have more neutrons/neutrinos than LIGHT ATOMS, and that is why many people don't like vegetables and fruit, because they are water based and lighter. But they love smoking, alcohol, drugs which are full of HEAVY ATOMS AND FULL OF VIRUSES. Heavy atoms have more neutrons/neutrinos. FACT.

LUST is another war tactic of viruses. Is a physical sensation that viruses use to distract the host and make them do the sex that will lead to ignorant children they can control and to plenty of sexual diseases. Sexual attraction can distract from duty, from intelligence, from health, from the right thing to do. It can give a sexual high and thoughts can go round and round in the brain. But so can intellectual things give A HIGH. You see it all the time. The singer that is applauded by a crowd says is the best experience of their lives, the inventor that produces technology that millions use, is really pleased with himself/herself. INTELLECTUAL HIGHS, make the brain stronger and helps it to advance, SEXUAL HIGHS, leads to poverty, diseases, low intelligence animal behaviour, and is truly disgusting. LUST is based on rape. Although you cannot see it, the sperm rapes the egg, erases its memory and uses the complexity of the egg to make viral copies of itself. And then we have, you guessed it, IGNORANT BABIES that viruses will try to use and abuse and will try to convert to their viral army. The next step in this LUST kingdom of viruses is BREASTFEEDING. Breastfeeding is a weak area of the LAW that does not protect children, and can lead to an explosion of sexual abuse by both parents that can continue until the children are 8 or more years, and sometimes even adults. The LAW needs to tackle breastfeeding and put in place strong guidelines, because it is the root of a lot of sexual child abuse. For example, all baby milk, including breast milk, should be put in a bottle. Breast pumps can be used to extract breast milk, and put the milk straight into a bottle. Many types of infectious diseases are transmitted through breast milk, including HIV. Because breasts are sexual organs, just like testicles are, which produce semen, which can also transmit many types of infectious diseases. I don't want to lose this war. I don't want to play the virus game because, lets face it, VIRUSES are the enemy and they will age and kill you without mercy. I don't want to have mercy on viruses and play their disgusting sexual distracting game. But religion attract many followers by promoting breastfeeding for as long as possible and by promoting plenty of sex and plenty of pregnancies, and they also get a lot of money from pedophiles!

Another war tactic of viruses. When we are ill we don't feel like fighting a war. We feel weak, we feel down, we feel like just resting. VIRUSES are using our cell hosts to make copies of themselves, like for example with chicken pox, AIDS, etc. Even bacteria become pathogenic because they are infected with viruses. If bacteria were not infected they would not generate diseases. ALL DISEASE IS DUE TO VIRUSES.

Look at your own body. It is made of gases, solids and liquids, and your are alive. As the true saying says, you are what you eat and that is why you need to eat healthily with plenty of fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet. Your blood is alive, your bones are alive, your gases are alive because they are made of two organisms, host protonslectrons and virus neutrinos. Look at your home, the walls, the bed, the TV, the clothes, the jewelry, the air moving the curtains, the liquid water in a tap, the solids in a table. All these are all alive, everything that you see IS THE SAME. They are all made of hosts protonslectrons and neutrons/neutrinos. When you look at the ring in your finger, did you know that there is TORTURE going on inside the ring for hosts protonselectrons? They are so packed with hosts and viruses that they can't hardly move, that is why they are in a solid state. Gases are less packed so can move more, and then liquids can move more than solids too. Look at dark energy particles in the form of darkness, it is a gas, a perfect gas, healthy, that can make copies of itself at high speed, and that is why this universe is immense, because dark energy particles have never been infected by viruses. Viruses slow down everything, from learning diffculties, to solids, to diseases, to ageing and death, to ignorance, everything slows down. That is why everything takes so long to achieve, because we are not connected to other humans, like our cells are to our body, then we don't know how much a virus a stranger is, what are his/her plans for us, we could be surrounded by enemies. Because viruses separate and isolate to control. Next time you walk the streets remember that the streets are alive and that the atoms in them have been alive for many billions of years with two immortal organisms that survived the explosion of a star, hosts and viruses, that is protonslectrons and virus neutrinos. You hear of horror movies, you watch and read horror stories, but NOTHING can be more horrific than THIS UNIVERSE. You just have to look at A STAR torturing host protonselectrons with extreme levels of heat just because viruses want to make copies of themselves, or look at your own home made of organisms that can hardly move, the aftermath of the heavy atoms in stars, to realise this. Everything is live organisms, hosts protonselectrons, constantly tortured by viruses. I myself would rather exist as part of the pure dark energy particles kingdom, than in this planet full of horror. But once infected by viruses the only alternative is to try to win this war (increase the number of soldiers in the host army,) or try to escape with extreme low temperatures to preserve our memories, ideally in outer space.

Look around you. Billions of people, all with huge amounts of viruses in them, most love substance abuse (ALCOHOL! SMOKING! DRUGS! JUNK FOOD!). Have you noticed that the main thing they want is SEX? That they are almost clones of each other? They like sexual fashion, they like flashing their sexual organs, they like comedies and many look like clowns that have no clue that they will age and die horribly. Look at singers, many try to sell you sexual songs because they think that is what you want. They perform on TV with sexual outfits, thongs, bikinis, etc etc). Some have millions of tweeters. Is is great to follow sex? WHAT WILL BE YOUR REWARD? Ageing and death, viruses will kill your looks, you will be young no more, they will laugh at you for FALLING FOR IT! You were never interested in conquering ageing and death, you were never interested in sports or healthy eating, all you wanted was SEX AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE! So they will laugh at you and kill you horribly. You will die UGLY, nobody will want to have sex with you. BUT what the host offers you with your body made of cloned cells, is that if you use your BRAIN and finances to conquer ageing and death with science and technology, you will be forever young and beautiful, and that if you eat the right foods, you will be the ULTIMATE WARRIOR that can defeat viruses and that you WILL GET A HIGH FROM DEFEATING VIRUSES. WHAT COULD BE MORE EXHILARATING THAN WINNING A WAR?. Did you think that viruses love you with their lust? NO, THEY HATE YOU AND WILL AGE AND KILL YOU ONCE THEY ARE DONE. JUST LIKE PEDOPHILES KILL THE CHILDREN THEY HAVE RAPED ONCE THEY ARE DONE.

VIRUSES kill humans every single day with ageing and death. VIRUSES are killers, abusers, rapers. The law is weak towards humans who behave like full blown viruses, those humans who rape, substance abuse, and sexually abuse children. These people deserve the death penalty IF THEY DON'T CHANGE. They are part of the VIRUS ARMY. You give these people a chance to change, but if they don't, USE THE LAW FOR THE DEATH PENALTY. Electroshock treatment, castration of breasts and testicles, counselling, a useful job, a healthy diet, try it, but if they don't change, THEY SHOULD GO TO THE ELECTRIC CHAIR. THEY ARE FULL BLOWN VIRUSES WITH HEAVY ATOMS IN THEIR BRAINS AND THEY WILL NOT CHANGE DUE TO AN IMBALANCED BRAIN. THEY WILL RECRUIT MORE HUMANS TO THE VIRUS ARMY, AND WE WILL LOSE THIS WAR. Moreover, potential parents who do substance abuse whilst trying to conceive children, eg smoking, alcohol, drugs, junk food, should be given a prison sentence. All potential parents should stop substance abuse a year before conception to improve the state of sperm and eggs, and thus improve the chances of conceiving mentally healthy children without learning difficulties.

How can a host love a virus or viceversa? Is impossible. Hosts create and construct, viruses, abuse and destroy, It is a tragedy that this universe contains these two opposing organisms. I myself would have preferred a universe without viruses. But the thing that really makes me angry is that viruses not only use the host to make copies of their wretched selves, but also stay in the host to control. I would have expected that after they made their horrible copies they could also make their own universe of pure viruses and leave the poor damaged and injured hosts alone. But the tragedy seems to be that viruses are so evil, so destructive, so hideous that they cannot live with their own pure kind because they will try to destroy each other! This is the real tragedy, that viruses remain in the host for long periods to control and abuse. You have heard in many movies that when a soldier is captured by the enemy, he/she might as well leave the last bullet for him/herself to avoid experiencing the torture. You have to understand that the virus army is ruthless, is evil, has low intelligence and like a lot of pedophilia, rape and substance abuse. If good humans that led healthy lifestyles and prefer hosts to viruses are massively outnumbered, they should try to plan their escape and in the process trap the wretched viruses in them. Low temperature physics, could freeze good humans, conserve their memories of who is their enemy and also trap their viruses so that they are not released into the environment to infect more unsuspecting hosts (ageing and death releases viruses from the host in hot temperatures). This could cost some money. Another possibility is to die in outer space and let the coldness of dark energy particles freeze you for free almost forever. THE COLD IS THE OPPOSITE OF THE HEAT. THE COLD OF HOSTS UNITES AND PRESERVES. THE HEAT OF VIRUSES, AGES, KILLS, SEPARATES. We must prepare our escape and not let viruses take us alive or dead. Extreme coldness can keep a host in suspended animation who may be reanimated at some point in the future. There is no real death in this universe, hosts and viruses are immortal, but it is the memory of who our enemy is (viruses) and what they are doing to us that we need to protect.

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