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Top Scientific Discoveries: Creators and Abusers

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WHAT REALLY CREATES MATTER? Host dark energy particles are the fundamental creators of matter through cloning. They can accelerate or slow down the expansion of the universe. You can see them in the form of darkness. An immense network of cloned dark energy particles constantly creating new matter. Just like the human body is a network of cloned cells constantly creating new cells.

WHAT ARE REALLY VIRUSES? Viruses are non complex organisms that make copies of themselves at the expense of the cloning power of hosts. The aim of viruses is to generate a virus kingdom where viruses rule. To this end they can remain in the host for long periods and constantly abuse the hosts they have infected with diseases (to make even more copies of themselves), ignorance at birth, aging and death, rape, and so on. Viruses always, eventually, destroy the hosts they have infected, the so called life spans (a short life).

WHAT ARE VIRUS LIGHT MATTER PARTICLES? Virus light matter particles are the second fundamental organisms of this universe. Non complex, like viruses are, and an obligatory intraorganism of hosts dark energy particles for replication purposes (to make copies of themselves). Virus light matter particles become neutrinos in the neutrons of stars

ARE HOSTS AND VIRUSES ETERNAL? We know that hosts and viruses do not really die since they survived the explosion of a star and extreme levels of heat and have been around in the form of atoms for many, many billions of years. Because viruses erase the memory of hosts por power supremacy purposes we don't know if hosts and viruses had a beginning. All we know is that the creator of all matter is dark energy particles and the abuser of all matter are viruses. There is clearly a wretched war going on between these two eternal organisms and there is clearly extreme hate between the two. This universe is a wretched reality.

WHAT ARE REALLY DARK DISKS AND HOW REALLY ARE STARS BORN? Dark disks are an infected cluster of dark energy particles by virus light matter particles. The dark disk has broken off from the healthy dark energy network and have become infected protonselectrons. Virus light matter particles will copy themselves at the expense of host protonselectrons in the neutron to generate the neutrino with heat and that is when a star is born. A star is just hosts protonselectrons with a high fever due to viruses. The healthy dark energy particles will seal the gap generated by infected dark disks and stars with new particles, just like the human body heals a cut with new cells.

WHAT IS A NEUTRINO? A neutrino is a huge cluster of viruses (light matter particles), that live in the infected host protonelectron of the neutron. One virus had managed to become a huge amount with heat in stars using the power of cloning of hosts protonselectrons.

WHY IS THE ELECTRON THE TAIL OF PROTONS? The electron is the tail of proton heads, and that is why there is strong magnetism between them with positive and negative charge. This is also why the neutron is a host protonelectron (head and tail attached) with the neutrino as the viruses. A neutron had been infected and is pregnant with virus neutrino. Tails are everywhere in this universe in most species, and humans have a tail in the womb too.

WHERE DOES COLD AND HEAT COME FROM? The cold comes from hosts, the creators of matter, because the cold unites and networks and preserves. The heat comes from viruses because it separates, tortures and destroys. Viruses know that the only way for them to win this war is to break down the close bond between hosts. So the result is planets with organisms that are strangers to each other, full of viruses (some more than others) and dangerous. Viruses use sexual reproduction to generate their kingdom, hosts use asexual reproduction (cloning) to generate their kingdom.

WHAT IS REALLY GRAVITY? Gravity is the simple attraction between proton heads and electron tails. Eg. The core of Planet Earth has a net positive charge (more protons than electrons because they are heavier). The outer layers of Planet Earth have a negative charge, more electrons than protons because they are lighter, so the positive core attracts the negative outer layers and keeps planets together. This simple principle also applies to the gravity in stars, solar systems, galaxies and clusters of galaxies.

WHY DOES A STAR DIES? The death of a star simply means the birth of neutrinos from neutrons, and that is why a star explodes. Such born neutrinos will then separate into individual light matter particles to infect new healthy dark energy particles. Neutrons are pregnant hosts protonselectrons. Pregnancies of any kind (involving the genetic information of two organisms) is based on the infection of hosts by viruses. But many neutrons will never give birth to virus neutrinos and will remain in atoms, because neutrinos want to remain in the neutron for long periods to control.

WHAT ARE PROTON CORES? Proton cores are wrongly called black holes. Proton cores are simply the core of star packed with protons (because the heat had detached the electron tails from proton heads). Since there is a strong positive charge in the core of a dead star, this attracts the electrons of nearby matter, generating amazing sights that most scientists do not understand. Simple, the attraction between positive protons and negative electrons.

WHAT ARE REALLY PLANETS? After a star explodes, the atoms with hosts protonselectrons and neutrons/neutrinos attract each other and form cold planetary cores. It is neutrinos in neutrons that generate heat and so a lot of matter is ejected into outer layers of the planetary core. This leads to a gaseous atmosphere and in some planets the seas, continents and islands.

WHAT ARE REALLY THE SPECIES AND EVOLUTION? The bodies of the species are built through cloning, the speciality of the host. But viruses infect the hosts and generate pregnancies. Sex is always a host versus virus thing, cloning (asexual reproduction) is always a host thing. The species, eg from bacteria and viruses, turn into other species due to the work of neutrons/neutrinos (hosts and viruses), what some people call evolution of the species.

WHY DO WE REALLY AGE AND DIE? Because viruses are involved in pregnancies, the species age and die. This is due to the virus copy number. When a virus infects a host, it dictates how many copies it wants to make of itself and will gradually destroy intrinsic cells once the copy number has been reached. This leads to aging and death since organisms cannot eventually repair themselves with new cells.

WHAT REALLY HAPPENS AFTER WE DIE? We are eaten by other species, eg bacteria, flies, beetles, and so on, and turn into memoryless lesser species that virus neutrinos can control and abuse. If you prefer to be cremated (incinerated), you will turn into gases, liquids and solids. The gases and liquids go into the atmosphere, the solids, being heavier, remain in the incinerator.

WHY ARE BABIES BORN IGNORANT? Ignorance in babies is a viral disease. Viruses want to rule over hosts and so they make protonselectrons in babies be born ignorant. Babies are then at the mercy of many diseases, pedophiles and plenty of abuse from evil, virulent humans.

WHY DO PLANETS DIE? Once virus neutrinos have finished shifting matter from the core of a planet into outer layers, the planet will die and a long hybernation of hosts and viruses lasting many billions of years will take place.

WHAT IS REALLY LIFE? Life is everything in this universe, gases, liquids and solids. All is made of the same thing, hosts and viruses, two fundamental organisms. A human being as well is made of gases, liquids and solids. But gases alone are alive, liquids alone are alive and solids alone are alive, the only difference is that gases and liquids can move more than solids because they have less protonselectrons and neutrons/neutrinos. A common mistake is to say, will we find another planet with life? All planets are alive, every inch of their size, because the gases, the liquids and the solids of all planets are made of hosts and viruses. When we look at a stone, or a river, or breath the transparent air, is all made of live organisms.

WHAT IS REALLY CLONING? The grass is green due to cloning, the skin cells all look the same due to cloning, the air all look the same due to cloning and so darkness all look the same due to the cloned network of dark energy particles. Cloning is the most fundamental way of reproduction in this universe and hosts are the creators of matter. Unfortunately viruses use this cloning power of hosts to make copies of themselves. Cloning is the identical copy of an organism which leads to harmony and a strong bond.

WHY REALLY THERE IS SUBSTANCE ABUSE? Substance abuse is a virus thing designed to weaken humans and get them to have unprotected sex for pregnancies of ignorant babies and also for disease. Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes all have more neutrons/neutrinos than say fruit and vegetables because they have heavier atoms. It is a chemistry fact that the heavier the atoms the more neutrons/neutrinos they have.

WHY IS THERE A VIRUS CONSPIRACY? The wretched reality of this universe is that viruses infect and then use their diseases like ignorance, ageing and death and even drug addiction in the hosts to control, abuse, make copies of themselves, and destroy. Viruses are the real devils. There is no heaven, nor hell. Just hosts and viruses.

WHY RELIGION AND SCIENCE ARE FULL OF LIES? Because many people have more than their fair share of viruses in their brains, viruses make sure they spread lies and the poor ignorant hosts end up believing them. Lies like Virgin Mary, Big Bangs, particles fleeting in and out of existence, heaven, hell, and so on. All there is in this universe is hosts and viruses and the creators of matter are hosts.

WHY ARE PLANETS THE VIRUS KINGDOM? The wretched reality is that planets are virus kingdoms simply because viruses although non complex use the complexity of the host to control. Is like some evil, wretched, disgusting creature, infiltrating the genetic information of a complex organism to make plenty of copies of itself and then staying in the host to control. An example of this is when one virus infects one bacterium, and what was one virus becomes hundreds of viruses. There are plenty of viruses around living in hosts and that is why they can control planets. Once hosts are infected by viruses the future looks bleak due to the sheer number of copies of viruses controlling the brain and bodies of the species.

ARE THERE REALLY OTHER UNIVERSES? Ideally there should be other universes where viruses do not exist, but then we will never know since our memories were destroyed by viruses, just like we will never know why this universe was so unlucky to be made of two opposing organisms, one good, the other evil.

CAN WE REALLY DEFEAT VIRUSES? Support research to conquer ageing and death with the enzyme telomerase opposed by apoptosis, so that you never forget what viruses are and can fight them. Support human cloning research (asexual reproduction), to counteract sexual reproduction and achieve more harmony and unity as a species.

WHAT ARE THE MAIN WEAPONS OF VIRUSES? The main weapons of viruses are sex addicts, diseases, ignorance in babies and adults, substance abuse, rape, pedophiles, breastfeeding, environmental disasters, ageing and death. Viruses are THE PLAGUE. They attact us from all directions and are in everything. You can say NO to your neutrons/neutrinos and allow your protonselectrons to have a stronger say. A neutron is a host proton head/electron tail infected by a virus neutrino.

HOW CAN YOU TRAP AND PUNISH THE VIRUSES WITHIN YOU? If aging and death is not conquered before you die you could use low temperature physics, eg the extreme cold can preserve the human body and can trap and punish your own viruses so that they are not released with your death to carry on their evil deeds in other organisms. To this end the fields of cryogenics and low temperature physics could help trap and punish your viruses and preserve your memories and body in case you can be resucitated at some point in the future when science has progressed more.

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