As you start article marketing to sell affiliate products, you will probably run across many different article directories. It’s important to know the best practices for getting your articles accepted, every single time!

The first step is reading the specific submission requirements for each site you join. You’ll find that an article that gets accepted at one site will not get accepted at another site. For example, some require that the content be exclusive to their directory, while othersGet Your Article Accepted do not mind if the article has been posted elsewhere on the web as long as you have rights to it.

Some of the most popular article directories include: Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Articles Base, Buzzle, Idea Marketers, Search Warp, and iSnare.

Of course, the most popular and arguably best article directory on the web is Ezine Articles. If you want your content accepted there, you need to make sure that you have exclusive rights to it. If it has been posted elsewhere on the web you’ll need to be sure it is attributed to you using the same pen name you used for the prior submission. The article should not be PLR or spun content. It should contain original thoughts that read well and are focused on the user. Ezine Articles is very strict about the body of the article having to match what is promised in the title.

Lately, article directories have been trying to improve the content they have on their site, which means that they reject a lot of junk! At Ezine Articles the minimum content length is 250 words — but it’s recommended that you write at least 350-400 words if you want to get your article accepted right away. If you’re not sure how to write a good article, browse through and look at ones other people in your niche have submitted. You’re bound to get a feel for best practices that way!

While we’ve listed the most popular article directories above, you should realize that there are hundreds upon hundreds of these all over the web. This is a great thing for you because you can syndicate your content many times over. You can greatly expand your reach on the Web, which is always a great thing! However, know that it would take you days to submit to many of the directories out there. That’s when you may want to turn to automated submission tools for the lesser known directories.

These tools will allow you to insert your article, title, and author’s resource box, and it will automatically submit the content to a variety of sites around the web for you. This is a great timesaver since everything is so automated! Some of these tools are better than others, so it’s important to do your due diligence before buying.

Some commonly used submission tools include: Article Bot, Unique Article Wizard, Article Submitter Pro, and many others.

If you pay attention to the best practices for your articles, and focus on using a mixture of search engine optimization and writing an article that reads well, you should have no problem getting your article accepted at dozens or even hundreds of article directories.

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