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Performance Archery Fitness

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Brand New Course, Teaching Archers Optimal Fitness Training For Archery.

FITA World Ranked Archer, Tim Goodwin, Introduces The First Complete Conditioning Guide For The Archery Athlete

Here’s How To Transform Your Shooting
Performance, Maintain Accuracy And
Add 30 Points To Your Personal
Record In Just 8 Weeks

How Would You Like To Achieve Competition Success
Without Spending A Penny More On Upgrading Your Bow?

I know what brought you here today…

For you Archery is all about performing consistently

…shot after shot throughout a tournament weekend.

You take your practice sessions seriously and meticulously prepare for all your competitions.

However there always seems to be an element that you are missing which means your ability to maintain your consistency is challenged.

You may have noticed at those weekend long tournaments, your ability to execute the perfect shot gets harder and harder as you fatigue at the end of the shoot. You start making stupid mistakes, which ultimately ends up costing you points and the competition itself.

Shooting is not the most physically demanding sport in the world, how is it that we get so fatigued?

Have you ever thought it might be your body and not your bow that is letting you down?

You have probably tried including some fitness training in to your preparations before, but been frustrated at the lack of archery specific conditioning programs. In which case you’ve probably tried what many others have done in the past, such as lots of cardio based routines or dropping in to the gym to do some weights, but you’ve never been quite sure that you are doing the right thing?

It wasn’t until I became a fitness professional that I realised how much of a handicap being unfit and carrying too much body fat had had on my performances over the tournament weekend.

The first time I got to the end of the ultra tough FITA field five nations event in Belgium feeling really good, ready to complete the intense round over again, I knew that fitness was as big a factor on my performance as the best arrows money can buy or the latest super fast, forgiving bow.

I know what it feels like to be absolutely shattered heading through the last few dozen arrows wishing that the tournament was over. The more tired you get, the more likely you know that a mistake will happen, or a lapse of concentration will occur, costing you points and placings.

Having competed at the world’s biggest tournaments I know that just a few points lost can mean multiple positions dropped and likely failure to make it through to the next round of competition. Even at a local and national level the field is often extremely competitive and those few points are extremely costly and frustrating.

Just over five years ago I was a very unfit and very unhealthy IT professional trying really hard to make national teams to take my shooting to the next level. A combination of my working environment and my low fitness levels meant that my shooting performances were deteriorating rather than improving.

It took a major change in career to understand the real reasons why.

IMG_255812 months later I had quit my office job and retrained as a fitness professional. Armed with early concepts of optimal posture, as well as understanding the benefits of strength and conditioning, I then started to see improvements in my shooting performances.

Since that time I have spent literally thousands of dollars on more education to understand how performance for many amateur sports people can be improved.

Fast track to the end of 2008 and participation in three world championships with a highlight of a top 30 ranking in the world, I found that my fitness played a huge role in my results. So much so, it is now as important as my skill based archery practice sessions in my preparation for a major tournament.

How is this story relevant to you?

I should imagine you are in the same situation I was in.

You have probably discovered is a distinct lack of health and fitness programs designed with the archer in mind. There have been very few strength and conditioning coaches who have taken seriously the physical demands of archery on a person.

You see most people do not appreciate how simply being fitter in general can make substantial improvements to your shooting performance.

Archery coaches up to now have simply guessed

at what exercises are useful for their archers, often selecting sports specific movement patterns, which often makes your consistency worse rather than better.

You may have tried some of the other options available to you. For years I believed getting fit was all about going jogging or spending hours in the gym on an exercise bike or treadmill. I have since discovered that all I lost was precious time away from my archery practice sessions, I was simply wasting my time with long boring cardio workouts.

Others have tried the traditional body building approach which whilst quicker to complete than cardio, has left your body sore, creates inflexibilities and ultimately causes you injuries.

Going to a personal trainer IS useful BUT…

…it is highly likely they will not understand your body’s specific needs, and you’ll find many trainers will have a one-size-fits-all approach which leaves you with little confidence of its benefit.

Ultimately you are looking for consistency of performance over the course of a tournament where your last shot is technically as good as the first. However, I feel most other people’s attempts at archery specific physical conditioning miss the point in this regard. I have found the biggest improvements in scores have come from increasing your overall strength and fitness, rather than just targeting a few archery specific muscles.

There is also one secret that nobody has covered before with archery training programs, and that is the need to identify specific postural and movement based dysfunctions commonly found with the amateur archer.

The cause of these problems is NOT related to archery!

Most archers spend their normal working week in an office environment, sat in front of a computer screen. These factors alone have more of an impact than you would imagine on your ability to execute the perfect shot time and time again.

It is too easy to ignore exercise in your preparation because you don’t see immediate benefits, like you would with help from an archery coach. You just don’t know what the true cost of avoiding physical training is on your performance until you experience what it really feels like to be on top physical form.

Is It Time You Changed Your Approach To Training For Archery

You could continue to do the same type of training relying on the outdated methods that have produced so little in the way of results.

But think what your potential could be with a training approach that not only makes you shoot more consistently, but ensures that your mental clarity is maintained through out the entire tournament.

Shouldn’t this be your priority and not that new set of arrows?

So what is the solution to all this…

Your physical conditioning really does play a large part in your shooting consistency so it would make sense to start following a program that works to improve your strength and cardio vascular fitness.

And really that is why I felt compelled to create a program that combats many of the issues you have read about here.

But rather than create just another general health and fitness training program that would either get you to train like a marathon runner or pump iron like a bodybuilder, I knew it was essential to develop a program that would address the specific concerns of the performance archer.

So if you are looking for a muscle building program or an endurance based training plan then this program probably isn’t the right one for you. There are already hundreds if not thousands of those programs on the market already.

It is also not designed to be a fat loss program either, though I’d be surprised if you didn’t lose a lot of the stuff before you finish the program.

Are You Ready To Take Action On Your Training?

You see this program is not just a book. It certainly is not one of those theory heavy books that you just read and then not actually do anything with it. I have found that the passive approach that we normall adopt when reading training programs just doesn’t get the results.

workout-webInstead I have designed the program to be followed step by step, going through from an initial self assessment right through to completion of the last workout in eight weeks time. This is achieved with a comprehensive package of “how to” videos, workout guides and regular emails over the next eight weeks to point you in the right direction.

The self assessment part that you’ll start with is essential to the whole program, leading you through step by step to creating a personalised routine that will compliment your skill based training rather than hinder it.

The key sub routines in the program focus on postural adaptation and the emphasis on correcting faulty movement patterns. This means you will start shooting with the right muscles, improving your shooting form, and ultimately utilising less resources during the shot sequence.

The routines included in the program are there to make the big, fast and noticeable changes to your overall physical condition, after all, the most significant changes to my shooting performance came from just being stronger and fitter, and the same will hold true for you too.

Imagine what it would be like to stand on the line next to one of your main opponents knowing that you are fit enough, strong enough and fresh enough to consistently outshoot them, even over the longest and most intense of tournaments. This places you in a stronger psychological position in head to head events, where even the smallest differences can mean being a point behind, or the all important point ahead.

The routines also offer a secondary benefit that is important to anyone performing a physical training program for sport. You’ll actually look and feel more like an athlete. This alone can contribute to that all-important mental edge that can make a real difference at competition time.

So what exactly are you getting from the Triple X Archery Conditioning program?


This is an 8 week online course delivered electronically

  • An online eight week progressive training system designed to massively boost your consistency over the course of weekend tournament, placing you higher in the rankings, moving further forward than any one piece of archery equipment can.

  • A comprehensive self assessment that allows you to understand where external lifestyle factors significantly influence your shooting performance.

  • The exact method I use to teach my clients how to improve their posture and make their body function more effectively.

  • How you can banish long, slow, aerobic routines to history with cardio workouts that take less than 15 minutes to complete. You will burn more body fat and boost your endurance more than any aerobics class or jogging plan ever will.

  • Targeted flexibility routines that stretch areas that NEED stretching and nothing else. This alone will massively impact your posture and improve your shooting form.

  • All the videos, high quality pictures and exercise descriptions that will mean every exercise in every workout is simple to understand and more importantly easy to replicate.

You’ll be happy to hear this is not your usual 400 page epic manual that is all “filler” with very little substance. This program is all about getting you the real results you are looking for, greater consistency and more accurate shooting.

I have not left anything out of this program. You will get ALL the information I tell my one on one personal training clients. If you were to be trained directly by me for exactly the same information I would be charging you 100 Euro per hour (thats over 130 dollars). Over the same eight week period you’ll have to pay me 1600 Euro (2137 US dollars) for exactly the same information.

videos-webThe only difference between this program and having me as your personal trainer is I will not be standing with you while you do the training. Even so the videos in this product will mean you’ll have me telling you exactly what to do as if I was actually there.

There are other training programs out there, but as I have said before there is nothing directly associated with the archer in mind, and certainly nothing that personalises your training based upon correcting your specific postural and movement dysfunctions.

If you don’t try this training approach, where will that leave you in eight weeks time? Probably struggling along with your shooting performances as they are now, frustrated at the lack of consistency and wasting you money on the latest equipment that rarely produces the boost in performance they promise to deliver.

Just imagine where you’ll be in just eight weeks if you do adopt this training approach. Not only will your posture be improved, your competition consistency at an all time high, but you’ll probably have a new set of personal records that you’ll be proud to announce to all your team mates and fellow competitiors.

When my clients first come to me for personal training, I never talk about their training as a cost, or a luxury. They quickly realise the coaching they get from me is an ‘essential’ where the price is not a factor. Even so the actual cost of the product, if you were to spread it over the eight week period, would actually cost just over 1 dollar a day. You can’t buy a coffee for that these days!

I am not one for the hard selling tactics of some other training programs you’ll find on the internet, you either want this program or you don’t. I hope this site has portrayed the inherent value in what this product can give you rather than trick you in to buying a product that you don’t want or need.

No Brainer Full Refund Policy?

Even if there is a small amount of doubt in your mind of the true value of this program I am going to reverse the risk completely.

You probably have never come across my name before and I don’t expect you to trust me either having only read this web page, so why should you trust me?

For that reason I am giving you the opportunity to access the product, watch all the videos, read the full manual and provide you support for the entire 8 weeks. But if for any reason at all (and I do mean ANY REASON) you don’t like the program I will honor a full refund.

bundle-webSo it just leaves me to tell you how to get started.

Ready To Start Your Triple X Training?

Before you dive in and blindly click the “add to cart” button below I want you to


It is just too easy to get excited by a new training concept or a the ‘Next BIG Thing‘ for archery. I have been a victim of those brilliant sales tactics of the manufacturers of archery equipment and authors of books promising the ultimate in shooting performance and that you’ll become the next world champion and all that craziness.

I really don’t want to be like them, I am *just* a Personal Trainer who does archery who has discovered a very different approach to conditioning for my chosen sport.

Ultimately I want you to make an informed and reasoned decision to buy this program. I am just not in to all this high pressure sales tactics and “marketing spin” you’ll have come across before.

So please make sure you have read ALL the available material, before you click the ‘Add To Cart‘ button below.

Warning!! Do NOT Buy This Product if…

Finally I should warn you that simply buying this product does not mean you’ll achieve amazing success with it. Those that have used these techniques have experienced fantastic improvements in their shooting as well as a better conditioned body, but it does require EFFORT on your part.

So please do not buy this product:

  • If you are NOT willing to put in any effort.
  • If you are afraid of trying a different approach to training to what is commonly “preached”.
  • If you are just one of the whining forum posers who just want to preach their “gurus’ method at everyone.

You do actually need to take action on the information you receive.

Obvious I know, but you’d be amazed at the number of people who read books or sign up for training programs but never actually do anything. But I know that you’ll not be one of those guys!

Supporting Just The SERIOUS Buyers

Anyway you’ll see in the button below that there is a “regular” price and a “today’s” price.

Once again this is REAL, not one of those ‘hurry, buy me now‘ tactics.

Ultimately the information here is worth more than a set of tungsten points… but the fact you’ll NEVER lose this product’s information in the stand of the buttress…

…well you get my point!

I have set this price at just $97 at this time to encourage those REALLY serious people to start using the training program right away, and so I can support them personally with any problems. Because this is NOT my full time business I can only devote a certain amount of time and energy to supporting it.

So I will raise the price of the program on December 6th.

This is NOT A Physical Product!

You will NOT get a physical package in the mail, as you will have access to the product immediately online.

If you are now READY just click the button below and you’ll be taken to a secure payment screen, as soon as you have completed the payment you’ll be taken to a private page in order to register for the product itself which is available in a private area on the website.

You will not have to wait for a physical mailing of this product as it is delivered 100% electronically. As soon as you have made payment you’ll get immediate access!!
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