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...12 Powerful Ways To Claim Your Independence
And Become Healthier, Wealthier and
100% Self-Sufficient, For Life...

The Freedom Blueprints

The Freedom Blueprints is your plain-English, blow-by-blow training program that reveals powerful secrets Washington, Big Oil and Big Pharma don't want you to know.

In it, you'll discover effective strategies for breaking the dependencies that are likely turning you into a "modern slave" - without you even knowing it:

Bullet If you’ve ever dreamed about getting entirely off-grid... being completely self-reliant... and not owing a red cent to the energy company...

Definition of "Freedom:

1. The condition of being free of restraints.

2. Liberty of the person from slavery, detention, or oppression.

3. Exemption from an unpleasant or onerous condition: freedom of self-government.

4. The capacity to exercise choice: free will.

5. The right to unrestricted use; full access: the freedom of the research facilities.

6. The right of enjoying all of the privileges of membership or citizenship: the freedom of the city.

7. A right or the power to engage in certain actions without control or interference."

Bullet If you’ve been secretly fantasizing about seeing the wonders of the world but always lacked the money or the time to do it...

Bullet And if you've ever felt that it's about time you took control over your own health... cut on expensive pills that simply don't work... and enjoy a life entirely free from illness and pain...

Then you simply need to know more about the Freedom Blueprints!

Here's just a glimpse of what you will achieve when you go through the program:

Bullet You'll be able to get out of the most severe debt... while creating multiple streams of passive income, to make you financially free - forever.

Bullet You'll literally "fire your doctor" - and never have to pay Big Pharma another dime... by using proven, unconventional remedies to stay healthy, energetic and fit.

Bullet You'll learn an almost unknown method that will allow you to banish the energy company from your home... and generate FREE solar and wind energy with affordable, 100% home-made systems!

Bullet You'll save up to 67% on transportation costs - and also help protect the environment - by tapping into an endless supply of clean, reliable source of car fuel (and if you're thinking "biodiesel", you're wrong!)...

Bullet You'll finally put your life into high gear, by escaping the deadly emotional and social traps that prevent you from being everything you've ever wanted to be...

Bullet And so much more!

The foundation of the Freedom Blueprints is 12 monthly modules. Each month you will receive a new module. And each one is designed to introduce you to several “key” concepts and show you exactly how to use them - so you can claim your independence right now!

And by the end of each module, you'll have a new weapon in your arsenal. One that will allow you to break free from the invisible captivity.

And by the end of each module, you'll have improved knowledge and power in your arsenal - that you can use instantly to become more self sufficient.

Here's exactly what you'll find inside the Freedom Blueprints:

Module 1: Financial Freedom
- How To Escape The Rat Race

Look: if there's a recession going on... it doesn't mean you have to be a part of it.

Right now, Americans owe over $1 trillion in credit card debt alone. That's 25% more than merely 5 years ago.

And by the looks of it, paying off this debt gets harder day by the day.

This means thousands of people are getting tied to jobs they hate... with bosses they despise... and no hope for a turnaround.

That's why it's critical to achieve financial freedom NOW.

This doesn't mean just the eradication of debt. It's also about finding the resources to pay for your dreams.

And you can read all about it in Module 1 of the Freedom Blueprints:

Bullet The one most important thing you must do right now is to remove all the negative blocks on your path to financial freedom

Bullet The deadly - yet frequent - misconceptions about money and finances. Get this part right, and you’re halfway there.

Bullet How to take the easy way to erasing all your debt... and sneaky way to pay-off your debt with zero interest

Bullet Why paying off your mortgage could be one of the worst ideas ever

Bullet The difference between “good debt” and “bad debt” - and how to spot which one is which

And that’s just half of the equation...

Because in this same module, you’ll learn the actual mechanisms that allowed thousands of former “wage-slaves” to become financially independent, and enjoy the lifestyle of their choice:

Bullet How to add new, recession-proof streams of income to your monthly earnings

"Today, We Are Both

"In February of this year we became completely debt free (including the mortgage on our house). We were over $135,000 in debt and I was getting ready to retire.

You must admit that it was pretty scary and my husband would have had to continue working until the age of 65.

However, today, both my husband and I are retired and were able to do so at the age of 55 thanks to the Freedom Blueprints.

Now we're following your plan to build our sources of passive income and it is working exactly as you said."

- Kim Krystian,
- Hawaii

Bullet A step-by-step road map to developing a magnetic mindset - that literally makes you attract money on demand

Bullet 7 profitable solutions to build your financial independence - some of them, with little to no risk... and incredible yield potential

Bullet How to make the most of your real estate, whether you’re buying, selling or staying put

Bullet Do this now, and you’ll have more money at the end of each month - for the rest of your life

Bullet The “zero-investment” business that's responsible for creating thousands of newly-independent “entrepreneurs” (it’s not MLM... and it doesn’t even require talking to people!)

Bullet And much, much more...

A word of warning: you won't find anything here about “how to get rich quick”.

And if you're looking for a way to make a million dollars in one night, with no work and no risks, this isn't for you.

What you’ll find though, are the very same mechanisms that allowed ordinary people to make a constant $5,000 to $10,000 a month... part time... while still keeping their day job.

What’s even better is that some of these techniques are about creating “set and forget” systems - that bring money on auto-pilot month after month. That means you only have to work once at creating the systems, and then they fetch a constant flow of cash to your account.

What will you do when you'll be financially free?

Some people enjoy being able to take long vacations - up to 3 months per year - and seeing places they only dreamed of before.

To others, it's all about having more time to spend with their family.

Module #2: Energy Freedom
- How To Tap Into Renewable Energy For Free -

It's hard to keep a low carbon footprint these days...

More that 93.9% of all the energy consumed in the US comes from non-renewable, highly pollute sources.

You know them: petroleum, natural gas, coal, uranium, propane.

They're all taking a heavy toll on nature... and on our monthly expenses. Meanwhile, the systems required to harness clean energy aren't too affordable either.

A simple 1250W solar panel system will cost you 3,990$ or more, depending on where you're buying it from.

For most, that's way too much... and it means they're stuck paying bills to the electric companies forever.

How would you like to not only pay less to the electric company... but perhaps even get them pay you?

That's right: you can make your own energy... get off the grid... and even sell the surplus!

You can do all that by using DIY systems that take less than $200 to make. And I'll show you exactly how to build your own, inside module #2:

Bullet How you can build a great looking solar panel for as little as $200. Most of these parts can be found around your home or at the hardware store!

Bullet How to use the natural resources of the Earth, and put a final end to consuming energy from non-renewable sources

Bullet Complete diagrams that you can follow in just a few hours, to build your own solar panels and solar-energy system, and save thousands of dollars each year

Bullet How to build your own batteries in order to never worry about days without sun or wind.

Bullet Easy-to-use instructions on how to build your own wind power generator - on a $200 budget!

Bullet And much, much more....

"It's Unbelievable How Much Energy
We Can Save...

"Hiya John,

Just wanted to say thanks. I've been looking for some good information on renewable energy due to the recent price increases in conventional energy sources.

After reading the Freedom Blueprints I made my own solar panel grid, and it's giving us more than enough energy to power our household appliances. My wife is thrilled!

My next step is to build a wind powered system for those cloudy days. It's unbelievable how much energy we can save with these systems! Soon enough, I'll be able to kick out the electric company forever!

Thanks again for giving us the know how to help make this a better world for our kids and grand kids."

- Grozdan Jacobi - Montana

Module #3: Food Freedom
- The Easy Way To Cut Dangerous
Industrialized Food From The Menu

Did you know that industrialized agriculture is responsible for 18% of our carbon footprint?

Did you also know that conventionally grown food is usually contaminated with harmful chemicals that can cause severe conditions - especially in children?

What’s more, by buying industrialized vegetables, only 9% of what you pay goes to the farmer. The rest is swallowed by multi-national corporations.

And when you think that less than 2% of the population is producing food for the other 98%... and that just one major catastrophe could wipe out millions of people unable to grow their own food.... food independency makes perfect sense.

Module #3 shows you exactly how to grow your own food, even if you don’t live at a farm... don’t have too much terrain... or don’t want to work hard.

And it's way better than "organic" or "eco" food....

Here’s what’s inside:

Bullet Got no room for a “regular garden”? You can still build a sustainable container garden - that gives you fresh vegetables and even fruits!

Chemical-Free Bug Repellants That Work:

Home Made Pepper Spray Recipe:

Works great for ants and other small pests.

• Boil 2 or 3 cups of water.

• Add about ½ to 2/3 cup of chopped hot pepper. Let marinate for a few minutes.

• Run the mixture through a sieve to remove the peppers.

• Put the liquid in a squirt bottle and use when necessary.

Be careful not to spray directly on foliage!

And 4 more recipes, only inside the Freedom Blueprints

Bullet How to reduce workload and watering, weed easily and get quick access to your crops... using a hot new technique called square foot gardening”

Bullet A super-advanced method to get yields of at least $3,500 on yearly expenses of just $50! (It’s very simple... and less time-consuming than just about any kind of gardening)

Bullet How to raise chicken without any hussles. It's healthy and it's easy to do.

Bullet The “lazy gardener’s way” to gorgeous vegetables. No hard-work required.

Bullet Warning: this frequently used gardening practice only adds to your carbon footprint... helping destroy the environment!

Bullet The truth about soil fertility... and how to use it to gain record-setting crops, chemical-free

Bullet And much, much more

Module #4: Home Freedom
- How To Build Your Own Dream Home -

When it comes to their personal quest for freedom, many people find it extremely liberating to build their own home.

It's an amazing feeling: knowing that you're living in something you've built with your own hands. Plus... the savings are more than worth it.

And you can build the ultimate home without having to spend a lifetime paying off your mortgage.

But for many of us, self building can easily turn into their worst nightmare. Missed deadlines... exceeded budgets... or costly errors. You don't have to make the same mistakes.

Because in Module #4, you get everything you need to know about building the perfect home for your family... without making costly mistakes.


Bullet Why “sweat equity” may be the best type of equity... and how it pays to build your own home, at half the cost

Bullet Step by step instructions on how to build your home... from the initial permits and blueprints, to the final inspection

Bullet How to find reliable home contractors, so you can finish your project on time and on budget

Bullet What never to do when hiring a contractor (this deadly mistake can easily add an extra 15% to your final bill)

Bullet Four ways professional builders save on costs when they’re building their homes

Bullet 18 things to have in mind before deciding to homestead

Bullet And much, much more...

Imagine how good you’ll feel when you’ll be able to say “Hey, I built this myself”! It’s something no amount of money can buy.

Module #5: Transportation Freedom
- How To Travel The World
Without Spending A Fortune -

More than a hundred years after the popular Ford Model T entered production, there's little improvement in the technology.

Cars still require fossil fuels to run. They still pollute the environment. And driving one can still prove expensive... especially with the fluctuations in gas prices.

The auto industry says there's no better alternative yet. And the oil industry agrees. But you know what?

It's nothing but a bald faced lie.

There ARE cleaner, more affordable and far more efficient technologies.

And one of them has been sitting right under our noses - and it's effective, 100% replenishable, and completely FREE:


As you may know, water is composed of 2 atoms of hydrogen, and one of oxygen. Hydrogen is highly flammable... and oxygen is a required element in any kind of combustion.

And with a simple homemade electrolyzer, you can break water into these two powerful components... combine hydrogen with gasoline... and create an "explosive" mix that propels your car...

... Slashing your fuel costs by more than half!

You can make one in your own garage - with supplies you can get at any hardware store. And with the extensive blueprints I provide, even a child could build one.

Here’s exactly what you'll get in Module #5:

Bullet The simple, DIY way to make your car 67.34% more fuel efficient, and save thousands of dollars every single year, by installing a water fuel system on your car

Bullet A complete blue-print for the most simple and most efficient water fuel system

Bullet How to get the IRS deduction for using a qualified clean-fuel vehicle

Bullet How to boost your engine’s performance while preventing smog and damage on your engine. Your cleaner emissions vehicle will prevent global warming and give you and your family better health.

But that's not all. Being free is being able to see the whole world... without having to worry about how much it will cost.

That's why in this module I also share:

Bullet Strange opportunity created by the crisis allows exotic trips at up to 51% off. Listed inside: 5 countries to travel on a budget... while living like a king!

Bullet 10 affordable ways for you to see the Eifel Tower in Paris, the Big Ben in London or take a gondola trip in Venice... without paying a fortune

Bullet 5 ways to get someone else to pay for your vacation (this will blow you away!)

Bullet How to get free lodging... even free organic meals... in some of the most incredible vacations of your lifetime!

Bullet How to spend a full week at a cottage in the English countryside without paying a dime!

Bullet And much more...

Module # 6: Heat Freedom
- How To Heat Your Home For Free -

We've talked about how there are some really cool ways to power your home... but why not go a step further?

Most of the heat from the utility company is created by burning fossil fuels.

These not only pollute the Earth... but they're also expensive and their prices fluctuate much too often.

But you don't have to let the utility company burn the atmosphere on your money.

As a matter of fact, there are some very affordable ways to heat your home... using nothing but replenishable energy sources.

The Sun is one of them. The Earth is another. Both are endless - and free.

And with my detailed instructions, you'll be able to harness this energy... transform it into heat... and never have to pay another dime to the utility company!

Inside Module #6:

Bullet How to save up to 33% on utility bills, building your own solar water heater...

"I Know I'm Doing
My Part To Save The Environment"

"My 14 year old son always tells me how we need to recycle more and how we should help save the planet.

I stumbled upon your website and decided to give it a try. So we started this father-son project of building our own solar hot water heater.

We had an incredible time doing it: lots of fun, and it was really easy to build. Now I know I'm doing my part to save the environment, and I want to thank you for that. "

- Ken Jameson - California

Bullet PLUS: the full list of materials that you can find at your local hardware store (this way, your home made water heater will be extremely affordable)

Bullet Step by step instructions on building your own solar oven for less than $10 (cook delicious, juicy meals... and at the same time, feel good about keeping a low carbon footprint)

Bullet An inexpensive gadget you can get from your local hardware store that will knock as much as 15% percent off your utility bills, in one blow

Bullet How to use the infinite energy of the ground to heat your house... using nothing but cold water and a little electricity!

Bullet And much more...

Remember: by heating your home with renewable energy, you offset approximately 40% of the CO2 emissions generated by the average car.

This way, you’re contributing to the protection of the environment... and saving money at the same time!

Module #7: Disaster Survival
- Your Own Personal Insurance
Against Catastrophes -

Imagine that the big one strikes - an earthquake, a hurricane, a forest fire or even a man-made disaster.

You suddenly have no electricity, no running water, no natural gas, no heat and no telephone service.

You’re in your home, and it’s not safe to leave. And there’s no cavalry coming to the rescue... at least for a while.

With disaster being so common in the US... and with the rapid changes the world climate is going through, we can expect them to come more frequently in the not-so-distant future.

And being “free” is nothing else but the ability to care for yourself and your own family.

That’s why it's vital that you be prepared for a worst-case scenario.

A “Level One” survival plan will allow you to live entirely off-grid for at least 72 hours. I'll show you how you and your family can resist for much more than that.

That will give you plenty of time to be rescued - and you'll have that “edge” so many people need in case of disaster.

Here’s what you can find in module 7:

Bullet How to make a sturdy storm shelter that withstands the most powerful tornadoes or hurricanes

Bullet More important than food and more vital than water. An essential element of the emergency kit that most people miss.

Bullet Warning: 5 types of food that don’t belong in your survival kit.

Bullet The one important thing most people never prepare for - and why it’s essential for you to want to go beyond level 1 preparedness...

Bullet The safest place in your home in case of earthquake is not under heavy desks or tables (knowing this can really make the difference between life and death)

Bullet What you should never eat in case of emergency

Bullet How to deal with extreme cold: survival tips from the veteran survival experts

Bullet And much, much more

Module #8: Health Freedom
- How To Prevent Costly Illness -

There's an elephant in the living room. And we've been pretending not to notice it for far too long.

I'm talking about the billion-dollar industry that relies solely on us being sick. Have you noticed how most conventional "remedies" only treat the symptoms... and not the causes?

That's because there's money to be made in "repeat customers". And that's exactly Big Pharma's plan: to keep us addicted to their expensive pills... never completely healthy... and always wanting more.

In module #8, you'll discover the answer to living a life free from illness.

It's entirely possible - especially since 80% of all health problems come from less than 20% of known conditions.

Focus on these conditions - and you'll be healthier, fit and more energetic than almost everyone you know.

And here's what you'll find inside:

Bullet Why they don’t die from coronary disease in Iceland: simple strategies that slashed mortality by a massive 80%!

By How Much Would You Like To Lower Your Cholesterol?

By 16%? Two large apples a day keep the cardiologist away (Their pectin keeps your stomach from absorbing fats. And cholesterol is a fat.)

By up to a whopping 42%? Your ridiculous inexpensive "prescription" is just half an avocado a day. (The secret is its heart-healthy unsaturated fat and 13 essential minerals)

By 7%? Four garlic cloves a day, if you please (and see inside the Freedom Blueprints for an easy way to take them)

By 11%? Two raw carrots a day are just what the doctor ordered (or, at least, what he should have ordered)

By 22%? Just say "nuts". Walnuts, to be exact.

And another 3 powerful ways to slash your cholesterol... only inside the Freedom Blueprints

Bullet An all-natural pectin powder that leans the plaque around your arteries... even if you’re on a fast-food diet!

Bullet How to banish the most common allergies with a surefire, all-natural defense used by the US Army...

Bullet The un-common wisdom that allows doctors to stay well while treating sick people all day

Bullet The health insurance disaster that didn’t happen: 9 powerful secrets insurers don’t want you to know

Bullet The top 12 places to go for cheap, yet reliable healthcare. (The answer could probably save you from bankruptcy or worse!)

Bullet Probably the most valuable nutrient on the planet - that energizes your body, maintains normal blood pressure and eliminates sleep problems - and how to get it for pennies

Bullet Add this to your morning orange juice, and you'll literally "unclog" your arteries!

Bullet What to eat urgently if you’ve been exposed to the swine flu

Bullet How to get rid of high blood pressure - just adding this simple ingredient to your salad

Bullet The tiny, tasty seeds you can eat to flush away fat forever. This almost forgotten trick has been used by ages to shed unwanted pounds - fast!

Bullet An Asian wonder-plant dubbed "The Medical Breakthrough Of The Century" that turns diabetes sufferers from insulin dependent to NON DIABETIC in 6 weeks!

Bullet And much, much more...

Module 9: Emotional Freedom
- How To Protect Yourself From Emotional Warfare

You don't need to put someone in chains, to make them your slave. It's enough to own their thoughts.

It's how the most dangerous cults operate... but they're far from being the only ones.

Politicians are masters at it. Corporations do it too. And so does most of the media.

But how do you gain control of someone's thoughts?

Easy... Through emotion.

Their weapons: fear, greed, hate, desire and panic.

When "seeded" with fear, greed or hate, the human mind is much more "open" to anyone's agenda. Whether it's about buying their products... casting a vote... or making a simple decision... they own our actions.

The recent swine-flu scare is a good example of that. Each year, more than 36,000 of persons die from the human flu.

Swine flu casualties so far? As I'm writing this, they're less than 90. Yet it's all over the news - and people are panicking like it's the end of days.

It's nothing but a ploy to distract our attention from more important things - like the deteriorating economy, or the bankruptcy of Chrysler. And it's working.

Truth is most people have no defense against this sort of warfare. But I'll show you how to build not just flimsy defenses... but an entire a fortress around your mind... surrounded by a 10 feet-deep moat.

All, inside module 9:

Bullet How to keep the perfect balance between physical and emotional health - so you can experience greater mental and emotional well-being

"It Has Changed My World..."

"I love the Freedom Blueprints - and especially the module on . It has changed my world after working through more limiting beliefs than I care to remember.

I now have more money and a better lifestyle and things continue to keep getting better."

Lisa Wulf - Dallas, Texas

Bullet The one-minute-a-day trick they teach them at Harvard to effortlessly flush stress out of your life

Bullet A 4-step meditation that brings instant peace to your life

Bullet 13 steps for having complete control over your emotions (miss one and you’re in trouble...)

Bullet The 4 most dangerous obstacles to achieving true emotional freedom

Bullet The simplest, most effective tool you can use to clear out emotional blocks, energize your life and experience

Bullet A technique dubbed by some “the acupuncture without needles” - that’s already helped hundreds of thousands people to erase stress, anxiety and other serious emotional problems

Bullet And a lot more...

Module #10: Social Freedom
- How To Surround Yourself With Great People -

Do this exercise now: Take a pen and paper. Write down the names of the 10 people you spend most of your time with.

Friends, family, colleagues... it doesn't matter.

OK. Now you’re going to give them grades. A 10 means “I absolutely love everything about this person, and I want to be just like them”.

And a 1 means “I can’t stand anything about this person, and I want to be as different as possible”.

Grade each one on your list and then add it up. How much did you get?

If the final score is above 70, you’re doing better than 95% of all people. That’s because you’re probably surrounded with people who enrich your life... and can help you become everything you’ve ever wanted to be.

But if your score is lower than 70 you’re probably in the wrong company. And keep a simple thing in mind: if those around you aren’t helping you grow, they’re definitely taking you down with them.

Knowing who to surround yourself with is vital if you want to live a happy, fulfilled life. That’s why I’ve dedicated an entire module to Social Freedom.


Bullet 7 ways to surround yourself with the most enriching, enlightening & empowering people

Bullet The seemingly harmless mistake that can jeopardize your relationships

Bullet The safe way to end a relationship gone bad

Bullet How to make lots of friends and influence people

Bullet And more...

Module #11: Stagnation Freedom
- How To Move Yourself Towards Your Goals -

The world is constantly changing. We live in a time when even giants like Chrysler or General Motors can go bust.

And they have billions of dollars of Government back-up to support them.

For us, it will take a lot of running to be standing still. This might scare some... but it's good news.

Because while most people are afraid to lead or to change... those few who know how to adapt shall inherit the Earth.

And if you want your freedom to be complete, this is the ultimate skill: being able to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams, even when the landscape is changing.

Learn it, and you can say you've mastered life. You will be head and shoulders above everyone else.

You will always be fulfilled and happy. And no corporation - no government - no propaganda will be able to take this away from you.

Module #11 is probably the most important in the Freedom Blueprints.

Inside, you'll discover:

Bullet Lance Armstrong’s secret for developing an iron will and a bullet-proof resilience (no, he wasn’t born like that...)

Bullet 5 deadly mistakes that keep most people from achieving their goals

Bullet How having a crystal-clear vision can actually “attract” positive things to your life

Bullet How to recreate your life - and re-discover yourself

Bullet Most people know it takes 21 days to break a habit - but what are the specific ways to do it? Here are 6 powerful steps you need to take - described in full detail, inside

Bullet And much more...

Module #12: Putting It All Together
- A Fresh Start -

There's a powerful principle according to which many of today's leaders guide their lives.

It's called The Pareto Principle - and it's based on examining one of the most curious facts of life.

During his researches, the Italian economist Wilfredo Pareto discovered an amazing fact: roughly 80% of the entire wealth in the world is concentrated in the hands of just 20% of the population.

What's more, this percentage also applies to just about everything in life.

It's very simple: 20% of our problems create 80% of our stress. In 80% of our time, we wear just 20% of the clothes in our wardrobe.

And 80% of our fulfillment, happiness and freedom come from just 20% of our actions.

And if there's one idea I want you to remember from this report, it's this one: You can control 80% of your life by focusing on just 20% of your actions.

Bullet 80% of your money comes from just 20% of your money making efforts. Find out what activity brings you the most satisfactory results... focus on it...and you'll make 4 times more money!
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