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The Jump Manual: Vertical Jump Training System

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Vertical jump program: a Comprehensive guide to learn how to Jump higher and vertical leap training and speed manual for Athletes. You will fine e-book, videos, forum, email coaching. The best guide for Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Dance learners

Do you want to know how maximize your athletic potential? There are stories all over about people who seem shorter, weaker, and slower than you are, yet with better verticals than you. But if you’ve tried everything available to gain inches on your vert, and still haven’t succeeded, then you may be asking yourself: “What do they have that I don’t?”

The difference between those athletes and you! To become an athlete you have to learn to be successful during your workout routine. Most people think trial and error will get them there, but the truth is this: if trial and error were all it took, YOU and everyone else would be DUNKING by now! Instead, most people after struggling for too long finally give up on their dreams. This is really too bad, because it’s actually possible for ANYONE to add 10 inches to their vertical.

Strategy #1: Be Confident.

Sounds simple enough, right? Actually, this is one of the biggest hurdles for vertical jump wannabes. The market is so glutted with products; it takes something special to get the results you want. You need a program that’s not just going to get you 3 inches, or 6 inches. You need a program that will help you add AT LEAST 10 inches to your vert, or you won’t be reaching your maximum potential.

There’s an old quote that goes: “If you’re going to do something, do it right or not at all.” You want to have access to the BEST and most quality program available, that will bring you the most gains.

So to be confident, you have to know that the workout routine you’re giving your time to is based on CORRECT scientific principles.

Here’s someone who must have trained correctly…

Hey, I'm Benjamin Garsia, I'm from Melbourne, Australia. I found Jacob Hillers program on the internet and by reading his site, I immediately saw that this is the program which will make me dunk. I've done air alert and all those other gimmick jump programs and only got minimum results.
I'm only 5'10 and been doing the program for about 1 and half months and I can hang off the rim. I play point guard and sometimes I will out rebound a center because the jump manual has made me quick off the jump and fast for the ball.
Thanks for reading I give Jacobs program 10/10 bye.

Achieving a higher vert is like learning to ride a bike… It’s hard at first but once you’re taught how to do it, you’ve got the knowledge for the rest of your life.

It is out there: the knowledge you need to be the best athlete you can be. And there’s a secret to being the best athlete you can be.

So what is the secret? By basing your workouts on correct scientific principles…the results HAVE to come.

The good news is: Once you start seeing some immediate results, you will find yourself increasingly excited to continue to improve.

Confidence was our first strategy. The best thing about a program based on science, not hype, is that you can have confidence that it will work—it’s been proven. And if you can have the confidence that a vertical jump program is going to work for you, you can invest your time and energy with your all…and you could gain up to 25 inches on your vert.

Strategy #2: Get to Work

You there in the back: stop groaning! Thanks in large part to the latest; most updated vertical leap technology getting inches on your vert is easier than ever. But it’s still going to take some effort. Here’s a list of quick tips to help you pin down where to start.

· First you’ve got to make a commitment to yourself that you are going to dedicate yourself to this. Write down your goals. Write down how you’re going to practice, how many inches you want to gain, and how quick you want to become. Decide NOW, before you even begin, that you are going to give it your best effort.
· Work smart and hard, not just hard. Quality, not quantity, and intensity, not repetition, will bring more results. This little-known scientific principle is ESSENTIAL to your training.

In-Depth Research: Complex Training

In this vertical jump program, The Jump Manual, you’ll learn the Nine Essential Aspects to getting your max vertical. You won’t find an explanation like this anywhere else on the ‘Net. Click here to start getting the vert you always dreamed of NOW:

Are you falling short in what you’re doing OUTSIDE of the weight room? Our last strategy was, ‘Get to Work.’ But if you aren’t focusing on what’s going on outside, not just inside, of the weight room, you should think again. There are several vital things to consider when it comes to the principle of RECOVERY.

You’re not reaching your potential right now because you don’t realize that muscle gain DOES NOT happens during training.

This means you may be missing two of the most essential parts of training. In order to get the most from your workouts, you need a program that will outline for you the correct diet to follow and the correct way to recovery.

Strategy #3: Correct recovery is more important than work outs

A successful athlete knows how to recover from a tough work out. Without changes to your diet and recovery, it will be simply impossible to keep the strength gains you’ve made in the weight room. Here are some suggestions:

· Eat right. Proper nutrition is the number one way to ensure you of proper gains outside of your workout routine.
· Your training is only as effective as its weakest point—don’t let the recovery portion of your workout hold you back from reaching your highest potential.

Learn how to get the most out of your hard work at the gym! Click here.

The Jump Manual outlines EXACTLY what you need to do in your diet to get the results you want. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s in the all-inclusive program. Read a recent testimonial from a satisfied athlete:

Hi Jacob,
I received the updated version of your jump manual. I think it is fantastic that you have made it available to past customers. Thanks so much!
As far as results go I was seeing fantastic results. I didn't track inches but I was starting to get that "hanging" ability in the air. Where I was on the way up still as others were on the way down. Never really had it before. In a pick up game a guy actually reached down and said he was checking my shoes for wings. So I know it was working. - Chris W.

Order The Jump Manual within five days and it will include another bonus: a surprise interview with one of the most respected voices in shooting. You’ll hear things you’ve NEVER heard before that will revolutionize the way you see the sport of basketball.

Now that really doesn’t make sense... Not true, my friend. Think about it: Do you think Michael Jordan had all of the gidgets and complicated fads and so on available today? No…I doubt it. The talented guys don’t make it complicated. They just go about it the old-fashioned way: with practice and knowledge of correct principles.

Correct principles don’t have to be difficult. They just have to be correct—based on scientific truth.

Strategy #4: Learn from the Big Guys.

You need to study the way the pros do it. Follow personal trainer Jacob Hiller’s advice, and check out this great improving-your-form tip:

· Exaggerate your last step to effectively lower your body before taking the leap and you’ll be able to fly into the air. Watch the way the NBA players do it and you’ll be shocked.

You’ll learn more about your form and so much more in The Jump Manual. Here’s how this principle helped someone in real life:

"Dear Jacob
I am just starting The Jump Manual. After reviewing the section on improved jumping form I went outside and did something I have never done before. I jumped up and grabbed onto a 10ft ring with two hands off two feet. This is a huge accomplishment for me and I am so excited to get started on the program. I am telling my friends all about the program. Just wanted to say thanks for the program and for always responding quickly to all me questions."
Thanks again, - Konrad C

It’s time to stop procrastinating. Make a decision to be more than an average athlete. Be the best athlete you can be. The Jump Manual will help you learn what the pros already know. You’ll get secrets of how to increase your vertical, inch by inch. Here’s another real life example:

Thank you for the work YOU have done in researching and preparing The Jump Manual. I used the workout for 3 weeks, sticking to the schedule as best as I could. I am 6 feet tall, and from just three weeks of your workout, I was able to dunk two handed. I now know your program works and I can't wait to continue with the Jump Manual. - Richard L.

Why wait? Be like Richard and start becoming the athlete you know you can be, click here.

Isn’t it counterproductive to try and promise results? Everyone’s different right?

Well, of course everyone’s different, but unless your vert’s in the 50’s, science says that you aren’t even CLOSE to reaching to your potential!

According to this website the average vert is 16-20 inches for a male and 12-16 for a female. Do you realize how much potential that means you have to absolutely SLAM on your competition if you got your vertical into the 30s, 40s, and even 50s?

Instead of asking if promising results is counterproductive, consider asking yourself why OTHER programs CAN’T promise at least 10 inches. It’s science, pure and simple. Those who believe otherwise simply don’t realize all the ways to access jumping explosion.

Strategy #5: Flexibility Helps Create Synergy.

Flexibility will help your form. It will help your strength and quickness. And perhaps most important of all, it will keep you from injury. Here’s a tip when it comes to increasing your flexibility:

Don’t neglect your pre- and post-workout stretching sessions. Figure out a routine of stretching that helps you reach your max during the workout. Jogging and dribbling the ball is an example of a low intensity workout to warm up.

Are you unsure which stretching exercises will help you gain the most flexibility?

If you would like some suggestions, The Jump Manual is a powerhouse of exercise suggestions and videos. They’re all included with the program.

Don’t wait; this collection of excellent exercise videos may not be included in the program at no extra charge forever, click here.

"Hey, I finally dunked on my basketball hoop the other day for the first time in my life. It's so cool and one of the greatest feelings and I'm glad to have all of the hard work pay off so quickly.
Anyways, I'm going to keep on working at it so I can throw down some harder dunks.Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas," - James B.

Strategy #6: Success doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, when it comes to your vertical, it’s astonishingly straightforward.

Too many programs out there make it sound like a lot more products and a lot more time needs to be invested than is really necessary. The truth is, you don’t need a weight room, you don’t need $200 a month on supplements, you don’t need platform shoes, and you don’t need a Jacuzzi (yes there are programs out there that say those are necessary). Those are nice supplemental things you can choose to add for your own personal pleasure, but the truth is, they’re not necessary.

· Why try and find your own way to dunking when others have paved the way for you and found the quickest, easiest way to success?
· Why spend a lot of money on things that don’t work? In today’s economy, the value of something that works right the first time is especially appreciated.
· Why look for something that is unusually ineffective, complicated, wordy, confusing, or full of hype when there is a pathway to success that is straightforward and inexpensive?

The truth is, no one has completed The Jump Manual and asked for a refund. It’s how we at the Vertical Jump like a Pro Community can be so confident as to recommend this as the best vertical jump program for ANYONE.

That's right: young or old, male or female, black, Asian, Hispanic or white this program is guaranteed to work for you. 10 inches, guaranteed.

This will also exponentially increase your quickness, speed, and mental edge over your competition—and much more—all for an incredibly low price that probably won’t last much longer… Click here now.

Did you think the answer to add instant inches would be to rub a lamp and speak to a genie? Not exactly

This isn’t magic…it’s just correct principles.

You’re not going to see this issue addressed anywhere else…but it’s so important.

It’s focusing on your form. It’s getting your body in the correct position to slam dunk. You’ve seen this in action—on TV with the NBA pros.

You’ve admired the way the pros make it look so easy, without realizing that it’s in your power to do the same thing.

So what am I supposed to do? Improving your form will automatically give you a couple inches to your vert.

The pros know how to make it look good, but form is doesn’t just to look good, it brings results. Study the following to get started:

Strategy #7: You need a mentor.

A mentor means: A personal trainer who by his or her expertise and experience, has the ability to guide YOU as an individual towards your physical and mental goals. By working with you individually, you’ll have the confidence that you understand the path you’re taking is the correct one. And you can have any questions that you come across answered. Here some other tidbits to mull over when it comes to having a mentor:

· When you start a vertical jump training program, you are going to have some questions, guaranteed. Whether it’s ambiguity in the amount of training you should be doing per day, to the kinds of nutrition you need in your daily diet, there’s no question that having someone around to address those issues will be helpful.
· Ask any number of people to name the most influential people in their lives and teaches, coaches, and mentors will always come up. This is because coaches are as often vital in our lives as they guide us through difficult challenges.
· Not just anyone should be a mentor; it should be someone who has the ability to inspire, teach, and encourage, and it should be someone who practices what they preach.

Read the following testimonial from someone who used personal coaching in The Jump Manual:

Jacob cares about his clients. From day one he has been responsive to my concerns and returned my emails. I coach youth basketball from 6-13 years old and have a winning record of 46-9. I have years of experience in the fitness equipment industry working with consumers, trainers and the commercial buyers. My two boys have been on Jacob's program for two weeks … We have seen huge results for such a short period of time! My 14 year old has gained 4" of verticle jump ability! More importantly both my boys are more EXPLOSIVE! Both coaches have seen big improvements on the court. The boys are actually self motivated to do the program every day. -Jim B.

And another…

"Hi Jacob,
First, I'd like to thank you for your products and videos. It really seems like you're out to help people in their ever ongoing struggle to find gains. I appreciate that you are giving it your all. Producing new videos, being so available to your customers, and having a general helping attitude, is all really extra to what you've already provided. And that is something no other jump program comes close to." -Alec J.

Are you ready to agree that having a free personal trainer is a no-brainer? The Jump Manual stands out in the vertical jump industry as the only program to offer personal coaching with the product at no extra charge for one month. You’ll get to work with a personal trainer who has helped literally thousands of athletes young and old reach their goals. You’ll soon realize the value of having a coach at your fingertips.

By choosing The Jump Manual, you’ll be among the very elite when it comes to improving your vertical. Why? Because you’ll be working with one of the most respected voices in vertical jump training, Jacob Hiller.

To ask questions and learn more about this exceptional coach, click here to visit the website. Don’t wait another minute. Start training now.
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